Home Remedies to Treat Milk Allergies

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Get Rid of Milk Allergies Naturally

People with milk allergies have a slightly complicated life since most of the things these days have milk ingredients, and knowingly or unknowingly they are at risk of getting affected every time they try something outside. The milk related allergies could be life threatening sometimes. The affected people must either opt to eat only home cooked food or else take lots of precautions when eating outside. There are few home-based remedies which could treat milk allergies permanently. Some of them are listed below.

milk allergies

Honey to Treat Milk Allergies

Some studies show that locally made honey helps in curing seasonal allergies. It works as it contains local pollen grains and with time grows the immune system of the human body when consumed regularly. In a similar manner, it has some anti-inflammatory effects which help in treating the allergies against milk products. It doesn’t have a proven scientific record behind it that it could help treat the allergies, but that doesn’t mean we should completely ignore its effect. Take a tablespoon of honey every morning to keep the allergen molecules down.

One should avoid too much intake of honey if he is diabetic or overweight and trying to lose weight.

Ginger for Milk Allergies

Ginger is widely known as God’s food for its known health benefits. It helps in keeping your heart healthy, can reduce muscular pains, cure and prevents disease like Alzheimer’s and Cancer. It’s considered good for the heart and is known to treat acute, chronic disease. It can be taken in many forms however when mainly caught in medicine it’s recommended that dry ginger powder should be mixed with some warm water and should be taken.

It consists of gingerol which results in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This inherit ownership of ginger helps it heal many kinds of allergies as it controls the allergen effect on blood platelets.

Turmeric to Treat Milk Allergies Naturally

Milk allergy is one of the sorts after food based allergy for which there is a directive by US government that all the product which have milk or its ingredients in it should be explicitly mentioned on the packages. It could be fatal in case it’s not treated on time. Many people who have milk related allergies must always carry their medicines with them.

Turmeric like other home based remedies has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that are helpful in treating and controlling many allergies and is sometimes found useful in treating milk based allergies as well. You can take turmeric daily as a spice in your daily vegetables or else just mix a pinch of turmeric in a glass of warm milk and have it during night. It will not only help you regain from certain allergies but will treat you completely internally and will also boost your immune system.

Intake of Milk and Related Products

One of the best methods to build your immune system against allergen is to introduce them to your body in tiny amounts and slowly build it up. Take milk and related products in tiny quantities in the beginning and then increase its intake with time. This must be done under medical supervision to avoid any fatal incidences. Slowly our body will start building immunity against the allergen and will cure the allergy.

This can be a cure, but until healed completely it’s recommended that you eat home based food items only. Or in case you are eating outside, you must watch the food labels carefully to avoid any risk of taking milk based products. Always carry your medicines with you.

Vitamin C

You can supplement your diet with an intake of vitamin C which will help you fight against this kind of allergy. It has healing effect against all allergies. It induces anti-inflammatory properties which build your immune system and helps fight against allergy symptoms. You can either take it in tablet form, or you can fulfill it by incorporating a citrus fruit in your diets like oranges and tomatoes. You can bring them in the form of juice to be more efficient but do not overdo it. Be careful if you have diabetes. Often diabetic people are asked to stay away from juices due to its high sugar content. They then must be taken in the form of whole fruits.

Vitamin C contains a component called histamine which is responsible for its anti-inflammatory property.