Cure Mange in Dogs Naturally

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Mange is a disease found in animals, reptiles, and birds that affect the skin. The cause of mange is parasitic mites. The dogs catch mange easily. It is called canine scabies and is infected by very light color, oval sized micro parasites which are known as Mange.

Commonly, dogs are with demodectic mites that they get from their mother while playing. However, most of them are not affected by these parasites when their immunity is high.

mange in dogs

General Symptoms of Mange:

The severity of mange depends upon the type of bugs infected in dogs:

  • Demodectic mange:

This mange causes Scabs, hair loss, bald spots, and sores. Human beings do not get affected by demodectic mange.

  • Sarcoptic mange:

This mange causes severe itching that causes anxiety and discomfort. There are skin redness and hair loss. The parasite infects face, ears, elbow and legs. But many times it can also spread throughout the body. Sarcoptic mange can be transmitted to human beings, if you’re infected you get a red bump like a mosquito bite and if your pets are infected with this parasite, it is advisable to keep them isolated until they are cured.

Apart from medicines, home remedies also prove helpful in getting relief from irritation, itchiness, and soreness of the skin.

Home Remedies for Mange in Dogs:


Water in combination with soap is an inexpensive home remedy to treat demodectic mange. A beautiful and lengthy bath will decrease the inflammations and wash away all the dirt and kill the parasite.

As a water remedy, Take a tub full of warm water. Bathe your dog with soap, apply on the entire body and scrub thoroughly and then wash off properly with water. Dry the dog immediately with a towel.

Garlic and Lemon Water

Garlic smell suffocates the parasites, and it also has anti-inflammatory properties. The lemon aids as antibacterial and also offer fragrance. Hence a combination of lemon and garlic can get rid of mange.

To use this remedy, just take 30 cloves of garlic peeled, one chopped fruit, and around 6 used the lemon skin. Take a big and add 4 liters of water to it. Now place garlic and lemon in it and boil the mix for some time. Let the water come to room temperature. Now, apply this water on the entire body of your dog. Follow this procedure for at least ten days.

Borax Powder

The borax powder contains boron, sodium, and oxygen that is useful to destroy mites of mange. It goes deep into the epidermal layer where the mange mites thrive. However, borax powder in itself is adamant for your pet’s skin, so mix it with water and hydrogen peroxide.

To apply this remedy, mix 1 percent of hydrogen peroxide solution with one teaspoon of borax powder and half a glass of water to make a paste. Let all the contents mixed well. Bathe your dog with water, apply this solution and lather with it. Do not rinse off immediately and let it dry on its own. After some time it will dry and form a white layer that you can brush off. Then apply moisturizing cream on your dog. For better results follow this procedure for few more times to get relief from mange.

  • Borax powder ingestion can make your pet sick. Be careful that they don’t lick the solution from their body.


The most common symptoms of mange infected dog are discolored and crusty discharge from their ears. Yogurt has a strain of bacteria known as acidophilus that inhibits the release of discharge and gives comfort in itching.

For the application, you need to take one teaspoon of plain yogurt without any sweetener or flavor in a bowl. Dip your finger and take yogurt. Apply it well and massage on scabbed area infected by mange in the ears. Let it remain whole day, at night remove with a wet cloth and clean the area.

Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice can effectively kill the micro-parasites which cause mange and make the healing process of skin damaged by mange faster. Mites apparently abhor the citrus smell. Therefore, it will try to get rid of your dog’s body. But if the infection is intense then dilute it with water and use.

Take a small bowl put ¼ cup of water, add one teaspoon of lemon juice and mix properly. Now get a sponge and soak it in the lemon water. Rub the sponge on the body of your dog. Follow this procedure every day till you don’t get rid of mites.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera has anti-parasitic and antiseptic properties that kill the parasites causing mange and efficiently heals the infection. It also has an anti-inflammatory substance which calms the itching and irritation.

Take a leaf of aloe vera and take out the pulp of it. Apply the extract on affected area and leave it to dry. For better results use aloe vera every day.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

The acidic temperament of apple cider vinegar is considered to destroy the parasite and bacterial causing mange.

To go for this remedy combine a half cup of vinegar with a half cup of borax powder and a half cup of water. Soak a clean cloth with this mixture. Apply and rub the paste with this cloth on the entire body of your dog. Allow it to dry naturally. Borax powder is harmful when ingested, so make sure your dog does not swallow it. You can also incorporate a teaspoon of vinegar in your dog’s diet.

Some more ways to prevent mange in your dogs:

  • Avoid packet food and always feed your dog with fresh food.
  • Bathe your dog regularly with medicated shampoo and soap.
  • Make sure that its diet has the proper amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B complex, and lecithin.
  • Brush your dog daily to maintain the cleanliness of its skin.

Mange most of the time should be treated with home remedies as all the necessary things are easily available as mentioned in the method above. But if the infection is severe it is advisable to consult your veterinary surgeon.