Makeup Brushes Every Woman Should Have

Posted on Updated on 2 June, 2017

One of the most important tools in your makeup kit is makeup brushes. The brushes are essential tools for makeup in today’s modern life. These are basic tools used to apply makeup on your face. It is beneficial to use a brush rather than your fingers to apply cosmetics. One can get more coverage, better polish finish and flawless look using a brush. The brushes are classified into two categories i.e. natural and synthetic brushes. One can use any brush according to their requirements. There are various kinds of brushes to apply different makeup material. For instance, the foundation brush is only used for the foundation mineral. The available brushes include flawless face brush, flawless angled face brush, flat top face brush, wet/ dry shadow brush, thin layer shadow brush, etc.

A quality makeup brush is essential to make your skin look flawless. Women spend their money on foundation but forget to take the correct brush to apply it. Choosing a perfect makeup tool among all available brushes is necessary. One can go online to order a high-quality brush. There are lots of brushes available on e-commerce site by different manufacturers having unique features. It’s a great idea to invest in an excellent quality brush even if it is costly. Here, is a list of some brands that one should own:

MAC Professional

This is a 12 pieces professional set that handles all makeup needs of individuals. These brushes are an excellent choice, whether you want to go for a natural daytime look or a dramatic one for the evening. The brushes are very soft, comfortable and perfect for studio, personal and professional use. One can also get free complimentary additions such as compact and blush with the brush set. The brushes come with a handy portable zipper case and detachable snap case.

Mieoko Makeup Brush Available Free

The brush kit contains 18 pieces that are perfect for medium to heavy coverage. These are one of the high-quality designer makeup brushes that can help women of all age to redefine their natural beauty. Brushes work well with all makeup including liquids, cream, powders, And does not soak excessive amount of product like other brushes.

The best thing about this brush is – it’s provided for FREE by American Beauty Association. Amazing, right? Click her to get your free trial for Mieoko Makeup Brush.

L.F Brush

This is a high-quality makeup brush set containing 12 best brushes. The set is good for the individual who applies makeup every day. One can bring out the natural beauty and reflect their style with this combo pack.

Bobbi Brown Basic Collection

Your search for basic brush set that will cover all your needs is finished This portable black case includes six brushes, which are perfect if you are just starting out with makeup. The various brushes are the foundation, concealer, eye shadow, eye liner, face blender, and eyebrow brush. This is one of the best everyday use products. The brush set gives you subtle and fine finish.

Sigma Round Kabuki Brush

Are looking for a foundation brush? If yes! Then this kabuki brush from Sigma is an ideal choice. This brush is good in handling all skin types. The brush spread the foundation on the skin.

Shany NY Collection

This is new in the market but is one of the fastest selling makeup brushes. Shany NY collection includes 22 brushes in the kit. All of them are made of natural and synthetic fiber and are an ideal choice for soft makeup looks. These are an excellent choice for beginners as well as for professionals.

Bdellium Tools Professional

Bdellium tools include 12 brushes in an attractive pouch. This will fit into a small purse without revealing any bulges. The brushes are made of eco- friendly material and are antibacterial as well. These are perfect for flawless application. They have features including bent head, and pointed tips, provide easier and clearer access to the eyes during application. 

Zafos Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set

The brush set comes with 12 pieces including eyebrow brush, powder brush, cheek brush, highlight brush, nose powder brush, concealer brush, eye liner brush, Each brush is made up of highest quality material, high-quality fiber hair and is soft as velvet that creates a smooth uniform makeup effect.

Coastal Scents Brush Set

This brush set is a complete collection of luxury makeup tools. The coastal scent includes 22 brushes like powder buffer, concealer brush, shadow blender, eyebrow brush and much Each brush is perfect for all the looks you want to adopt. The brushes are made of synthetic material, nylon, goat, and pony haired brushes. If you love to use two shades for your eyes, it’ll be the right brush for you.


Sigma is one of the best makeup brushes as it meets individuals end to end makeup need. This contains 12 brushes which are affordable and of superior quality. If you want a shiny makeup finish, then stop looking for any other brush kit, this is the best choice. 

Emax Design Brush Set

The brush set contains 20 pieces. These brushes are made of synthetic fiber material that provides an incredible touch and feels. This cosmetic brush set will show your natural beauty and leave a flawless finish for the entire day. Emax design brush set includes foundation brush, eyeliner brush, mascara brush, lip brush, concealer brush, eyeshadow brush, for daily use. And these brushes work well with liquid, cream and powder to give you beautiful eye and face makeup. 

Lottie London The Best Brush Collection

This is a five pieces multicolor makeup brush set. This pack contains the best of the Lottie brushes that work with foundation powder, eye shadow, and blending, The brushes are soft and best for the bold look. 

BS-Mall Brushes

The brush set contains 14 pieces of which 4 are big face makeup brushes, and nine pieces are for eye makeup. Each brush is soft, silky to touch and is shaped well. These are available for high quality and great price. The brushes are black in color and have synthetic brush hair. 

Vega Brushes

This includes ten different brushes for eyes, lips, and cheeks. These brushes are made of sturdy materials to last for a long time. One can create desired beauty look using Vega make-up brushes. The bristle of brushes is made up of high-quality.

Natio Foundation Brush:

Natio is one of the fastest growing, top performing skin cares makeup brand. The brush is made up of high-quality material which is hygienic and safe to use. It helps to blend foundation quickly while applying.

PAC Master Stroke Brush Kit

The kit contains ten highest quality, innovative makeup brushes for the makeup lovers. The brushes are made up of fine synthetic fiber that gives a perfect finish in each stroke. These brushes are of different shape and size that suits your requirements to achieve the flawless makeup.

Which one did you like the most? Let us know through your comments. Suggest more makeup brushes which you like the most. We’ll add them to our list if they are too good to own.