13 Proven Ways to Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise

Posted on Updated on 21 February, 2018

It’s important to understand how our body works to lose weight. It’s like a factory which processes the food we dump into it to produce energy. We, humans, were once living in jungles where there was not enough freely available food on a daily basis like it’s available today in our socialized colonies. So our bodies have got the tendency to store excess food regarding fat. On the days we don’t eat much, our body utilizes that food to produce energy for functioning.

Our bodies have a calorie intake value to meet our day to day energy requirements. It’s around 1500 for females and 2100 for males. If we take an excess of it, then we store it regarding fat, and if we take it, then our body consumes already available fat stored in our body thus making us slimmer. This is what we do when we diet, reduce the calorie intakes and when we exercise we burn out extra calories than usual and thus lose weight.

You don’t usually have to intentionally diet or exercise; there are certain habits which you can inculcate in your lifestyle helps you remain fit in the long run. These lifestyle habits are also healthy to lose weight rather than going on crash diets.

Few of Such Habits are Listed below for Your Reference: –

Chewing Properly

Don’t ever rush to eat your food, munching your food rigorously helps you with proper digestion and makes you full with less food. A good digestive system is your first step to having a healthy body.

Use Small Plates

Smaller plates tend to look fuller with less food. It’s a significant say that man eats with eyes before he puts his food into his mouth. So using small plates for healthy food fills up your appetite more with less and hence helps you retain your fat loss goal. Rather using red plates help, for red is naturally a color that alerts your brain and helps you eat less.

Take Proper Amount of Protein

One of the facts that like fat, our bodies are not trained to store protein. Hence a high protein diet does not mean more storage of food into your body. Our body utilizes whatever protein it needs and excretes out the excess hence helping people who cannot resist food until they feel full.

Store Unhealthy Foods Out of Sight

You cannot stop yourself from munching that fries packet or swallowing that chocolate bar. Just keep them out of sight, and your brain would stop triggering you to take it.

Eat Fiber-Rich Foods

Most people preach to have salads while they are on a diet, and there is a reason for it. These salad foods are rich in fiber and hold fewer calories. So, you can eat more to feel full with fewer calories intake. Fiber rich foods are easy to digest and helps our body keep toxin free. It’s a good habit to eat a full plate of salad before you sit for the main course.

Drink Water Regularly

Water is the best way to keep yourself hydrated, and if you drink a glass of water half an hour before your meal, it will tend you to eat less and feel full with less food.

Serve Yourself Smaller Portions

Eat in small intervals and smaller portions. This will keep your brain engaged that you have just taken your meal and small pieces help you keep healthy.

Eat Without Electronic Distractions

Ever have you seen children who eat in front of a TV or a computer watching the screen? You may put any food in front of them, and until it touches the extreme, they will never complain and keep eating it. It is called unmindful eating.

When you are eating in front of your TV, you don’t keep track of what you eat and how much. So it’s recommended to eat on your dining table where there is no distraction. Eat your food with full concentration, chewing it completely and making a careful decision in choosing what you put into your mouth. It’s also recommended to eat with dim lights and soft music to keep you calm while you eat.

Sleep Well and Avoid Stress

You must take full rest; you may think that if wake up and work that extra hour, it would help, but believe me you are less productive with a tired body. A body which takes its complete rest is more productive and able to do much more than you achieve in working that extra hour with a tired body.

Also, if you do not rest ultimately, you tend to build stress in your body which have difficulties in concentrating. You tend to binge on food mindlessly to get those energy spikes to keep down the stress levels in your brain. And slowly this becomes a habit which is tough to break. So it’s best to sleep complete eight hours a day and avoid stress.

Eliminate Sugary Drinks

You must always eliminate sugary drinks from your diet completely for they are empty calories that you are taking. A small bottle of it has as many calories in it as your complete meal would and that too without adding anything beneficial to your diet.

Replace Your Grain-Based Breakfast with Eggs

Replace that basket full of white bread and fruit buns and put a basket of eggs instead. Grains have more harmful fats while eggs add a right amount of protein to your diet. As explained above you tend to store excess fats intake in your body however if you intake extra protein instead then your body tends to excrete it away.

Inculcate Salads as Part of Your Diet

Eating foods with a low energy density and lots of fiber make you feel full with fewer calories. Salads are those foods which have low calories and high energy, and you can take it in large quantities.

Use Coconut Oil

Replacing your cooking fats with coconut oil can boost metabolism and reduce appetite. Coconut oil tends to have less unsaturated fats and hence is considered healthier for people trying to lose.