Get Rid of Neck Fat with Home Remedies

Posted on Updated on 3 May, 2018

With changing patterns in the lifestyle, the intake of unhealthy and processed food has increased a range of problems in the body. Does your neck fat stab or prick you every time you look yourself in the mirror? Have you been trying to get rid of your swollen neck but are unable to?

There are a lot of people, who make sure that they will get relieved of their neck fat because it looks embarrassing going in the public with the neck fat. Though they have tried some medications and separate ways to reduce the neck fat they have ended up having a neck that they are not too proud of.

Why do You Get Neck Fat?

The cause of the neck fat varies from person to person. Sometimes the person loses the elasticity of the skin and gets neck fat, while sometimes the age is the only reason behind neck fat. Some face neck fat problem as a genetic issue, whereas some face due to overweight. Overweight is the most common reason behind the ‘turkey neck’ or neck fat.

The best remedy to get rid of the neck fat that lies beneath the skin of the neck is doing weight loss practices and regular exercises to tone your neck. Although the exercise takes the time to reduce the neck fat, along with exercises, there are certain home remedies too to achieve the toned neck.

Home Remedies to Lose Neck Fat

So, if there are any simple trick and exercise which can help you relieve neck fat with great ease? Yes, there are certain home remedies to cure neck fat. Want to know how? Then don’t miss this post!

Always Take a Balanced Diet

You must always follow a balanced diet to reduce neck fat. Include lots of fruits, whole grain, and dairy products in your regular diet.

Make sure that you always eat your meals in small portions, for this; you can even take a small plate during your lunch or dinner time.

You cannot control your body weight until you keep a check on the food you eat. An individual should follow a proper balanced diet, and this can only accomplish by preparing a chart. Balanced diet food plays a crucial role in toning your body.

It’s a psychology that by looking at a small plate filled with food will make you feel that you have a lot in your meal; this will encourage you to control your diet.

Go for Healthier Carbohydrates to Lose Neck fat

Avoid packaged food products as they contain refined carbohydrates and do not offer much nutrition. Instead, consume whole grain carbohydrates which are rich in fiber and help you in losing your weight as it doesn’t make you feel you crave for longer hours. Make sure you switch to right carbohydrates by eating whole grains.

Whole grains contain more fiber and other necessary nutrients than refined grains. Choose brown rice, barley, quinoa, whole wheat pasta, etc. in your regular diet.

If not carbohydrates, you can also have some leafy vegetables in your food. Leafy vegetables provide the required amount of fiber in the body.

Take Low Intake of Saturated Fats and Reduce Your Calories

Saturate fats only put on the weight; they never provide nutrition to the body. The best way to say no to saturated fats is not eating frozen foods, desserts, fast foods and pre-packaged foods.

Decreasing the total daily calories will help you in reducing your weight. It is advised to use food journal app to help you count your daily calories. Try to decrease your total daily calorie intake by 300-500calories daily. As a result, you will notice about 1-2 pound of weight loss per week.

Do Not Slump While Sitting

Your posture plays a significant role in getting rid of the neck fat. A wrong position may cause you various problems. If you slump while sitting, it affects your neck and chin muscles and makes them weaker. Slouching while sitting is a bad position that is responsible for highlighting fat around the neck. It is advised to sit in a straight position keeping the head held high. Sitting in an accurate position works very fast and smoothly reduces the fatty creases around the neck.

Initially, you can take help of a posture chair to become habitual of sitting up straight. A right position always provides various health benefits by nourishing your muscles and also assists in relieving neck fat.

Milk Massage Removes the Dead Skin Cells

Milk is the best yet common ingredient that is used widely to cure various skin issues. It reduces the free radicals and acts as an anti-aging agent. The mineral content and a proportion of lactic acid in milk help in reducing the neck fat. Milk also maintain the elasticity of the skin and boost collagen production in the skin making it tight and active.

Prepare the mixture:

  1. Take half cup milk and add 2bsp of honey to it.
  2. Make a uniform paste by mixing the two ingredients.
  3. Massage your neck fat with the paste prepared and allow it to leave for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Wash it off with warm water.

Milk massage tightens the skin and removes the dead skin cells.

Wheat Germ Oil Tightens the Skin

Rich in phosphorous, magnesium, Vitamin B6, E and Vitamin B, Wheat germ oil massage reduces the accumulated fat near the neck. Also, it is also rich in minerals and folic acids that tighten the skin and reduces the aging effect too.

Prepare the mixture:

  1. Take 3tbsp of wheat germ oil and with the help of cotton ball spread the oil around your neck fat area.
  2. Massage near the neck fat area and allow it stand for overnight.
  3. Wash it off with the warm water.
  4. Use the paste regularly to reduce your neck fat faster.

Repeat daily to soon notice the change in the appearance of your double chin.

Eat Chewing Gum to Lose Neck Fat

Chewing gum as a home remedy to lose neck fat may come as a surprise to you. But yes, it’s true chewing gum is very effective in relieving neck fat. Chewing gum tones the muscles around the neck and works as an excellent remedy to treat neck fat. It exercises the jaw muscles and tightens the area under the chin.

To get rid of neck fat it is requisite to keep your facial muscles in good condition. One of the excellent ways to do that is to eat chewing gum. It would be better if you pick sugarless chewing gum so that it also helps you in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

You may chew gum once in a day for an extended period. You may have to do this until you see the results. But remember that eating excessive chewing gum can have some adverse effects.

Take Adequate Amount of Water

Water is necessary to maintain the smooth functioning of the body.  Ample amount of water keeps your skin hydrated. When you don’t have sufficient amount of water, it becomes next to impossible for your body to lose weight. Water plays a major part in eliminating toxins from the body and lowers your appetite. Drinking adequate amount of water is a proven way to lose neck fat.

Not only water, but you can also add juices, soft drinks, unsweetened fruit juices, etc. in your diet. On the contrary, you are advised to eat fruits rather than juices because the water content in the original fruits has its natural taste that provides appropriate nutrients to the body. But make sure you don’t put your hands on coffee, alcohol, and Gatorade. Take 9-10 glass of water every day. Intake of water also allows skin to stay hydrated and more elastic.

Add Lean Meat in Your Meal

Lean meat such as fish and chicken are a good source of lean protein that boosts the muscles. Avoid fatty meats like beef or red meat in your meal. It is suggested that you focus only on foods that are packed more with proteins and minerals rather than fats.

Eating fresh lean meat, instead of canned is better as it contains fewer sodium extracts; because a higher proportion of sodium develops water retention in the body which doesn’t allow the body to lose weight around the neck.

Make sure you remove the traces of fat while taking the pieces of meat. While having chicken, you might have to remove the skin to get rid of unwanted cholesterol.

 Increase the intake of Green Tea

The intake of green tea helps in shredding the extra kilo fat by boosting your metabolism. Excessive dosage of Caffeine may cause neck fat. Green tea has comparatively low levels of caffeine, but it is rich in amino acid L-theanine. For instance, a cup of coffee has 150mg of caffeine whereas a cup of green tea has only about 30mg of caffeine.

The antioxidants in green tea help in removing the toxins from the body. Drinking green tea thrice a day delivers the quickest result. This way, you can benefit the loss of weight as well as you can get relieved of neck fat too.


Glycerin improves the elasticity of the skin; hence it is used as one of the best remedies to treat neck fat.

  • How to make a glycerin mask
  • Mix one tbsp of glycerin and ½ tbsp of Epsom salt and few drops of peppermint oil.
  • With the help of cotton, apply the paste on the neck and chin area.
  • Allow it to stand for some time so that it absorbs into the skin.
  • Rinse the mask with cool
  • Do this 4-5 times in a week for fast results.

Conclusion –

Even some people have undergone with the expensive treatments to reduce their neck fat. High-cost treatment is not everyone’s choice. But trying out home remedies for the same problem can turn out to be beneficial for you.

If the above home remedies are followed in a strict way, the time will come when you will have a firm and flat neck that you will be glad of.