Know How You Assert A Part Of Yourself When You Dress

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2019

“First impression is the last impression.”

All of you must have heard this but how many of you actually take the saying seriously?

In fact, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” also stands true for a person’s moral fiber and not looks. You live in a world where what you wear transmits an idea of how you want to show yourself and how you want your image to be. You need not be a true fashion person to understand that what you wear has a lot to do with how others perceive you.

This is why we want you to have a true sense of what your fashion sense and clothes say about you and your personality. Here are some fashion psychology points that you need to know to understand what your clothes project to others.

  • Fashion isn’t gender specific. We live in a world where women are believed to be more fashionable than men, but the truth is that men are found to be more fashion conditioned than we think they are. Fashion sense and how others project them influences men more than women.
  • If you prefer masculine clothing and want everything to your fittings, it interprets that you are quite aggressive and energetic. This psychology helps interviewers to form a perception about the applicant and the ones with masculine clothing received favorable results.
  • Fashion sense also embodies personal taste and wealth. It is said that clothing items and their brands determine status in the society. The clothing item and its brand that you wear, be it long skirts or midi skirts, jeans or pants, depicts your status and gives an idea of prosperity or recession.
  • Fashion sense helps you to express your individuality by your ability to choose outfits. A male peacock shows off its colorful feathers to attract a female peacock. Same is the case with humans. Your choice differentiates you from others and brings you to the notice of those who then get attracted to you. On the other hand, dull and boring clothing can blend you with the crowd and leave you unnoticed.
  • Colors reflect culture and this cultural preference is reflected by your clothing. Cultural differences exist, and your clothing gives an idea about your cultural values.

Keep these psychological tips on clothes in your mind and revamp your fashion sense accordingly. Show what you actually are and don’t let others form a wrong perception of you!