Is White Rice Healthy if Eaten Every Day?

Is White Rice Healthy if Eaten Every Day?

When we are talking about White Rice, we are simultaneously talking about the majority of the population that depends on White Rice as their staple diet. How can we miss on the part where White Rice is the main ingredient to so many wonderful dishes that restaurants serve? But the question that people always ask is whether eating White Rice every day is healthy or not. Before we get into healthy or unhealthy facts, we must also address the fact that people believe that eating White Rice every day will make them fat.

What is Rice?

Rice is a grass which is cultivated like any other food items are, and there are lakhs and lakhs of people who depend on this grain as their main food.

Does eating White Rice make us fat?

This question has been of prime importance to people who are on a diet or are fighting through weight issues. Well, rice is not at all fattening all you have to do is consider eating small portions of it or portions that would suit your body. Rice is indeed a good source of Vitamins and Minerals. So, one can eat it daily without worrying about their increasing weight because rice is not going to contribute anything to eat.

Is White Rice Healthy?

After rice is harvested, it undergoes processes that remove the parts that are indigestible. Then comes the portion that is keenly referred to as Brown Rice, and it, of course, is nutritious. White Rice, on the other hand, is the polished version of Brown Rice. It is true that some nutrients are lost when the rice is polished, but it doesn’t make the White Rice, an unhealthy option overall. As the White Rice which is now refined becomes lighter and is easily digestible. Eating small portions of White Rice or instead, we should say eating a portion size that is recommended, makes it an always go-to healthy option for people who consider being on a diet.

White Rice has adequate fibres that proves to be beneficial for our health, so you can consider it eating with other Healthy options like dal or add loads of vegetables to it while cooking the rice. There are plenty of choices of eating White Rice considering taste buds as well as health conscious. It adds to the overall nutrients level.

What makes White Rice unhealthy for some, if Eaten every day?

White Rice has a high amount of starch present which breaks down the glucose present in the body, breakage in glucose means an increase in the insulin levels. Now people suffering from Diabetes cannot afford to have a rise in their insulin levels, so they shouldn’t eat White Rice every day or rather avoid eating it. Similarly, White Rice is high in glycaemic index which further increases the blood sugar levels of the body causing trouble to someone who has sugar problems.

One can anytime switch to Brown rice if they can adjust to its taste as it has always been a Healthy option. But for someone who is fond of White Rice, you can continue to have it provided you are not diabetic.