Is CBD a Good alternative to Conventional Pain Killers?

Posted on Updated on 1 December, 2018

Most people switch to CBD gummies in order to reduce their pain instead of going with conventional pain killers. But are they safe? Can we really depend on these alternatives when it comes to our health?

Hemp or CBD products are totally legal, but you will not see any doctor prescribing them for your pain. Despite scientific evidence that these products are safe and may be more powerful at removing pain, doctors go with conventional medicines only.

But contrary to that, CBD products may be better and safer! They are truly a good alternative to traditional medicines.


Most people use CBD for its many benefits and minimal side effects. It is not addictive. You can use CBD which may improve your health ailments without having to worry about addiction.

CBD oil may provide natural pain relief for your body. Those who take prescription medications for sports injuries and headaches are likely to get addicted to them. However, CBD is risk-free from addiction. This means that you can enjoy your daily life without getting dependent on any external product.

CBD vs Prescription Medications

How do you think prescription medications remove your pain?

They prevent the release of a chemical called GABA, which controls the dopamine supply to your brain. After that, the medicines shoot the brain with a large dopamine supply which may cause a high in patients. These can have side effects as well, such as nausea and vomiting. Overdose on these medicines can also cause harm to the body.

CBD, on the other hand, does not cause any such rush. It provides natural relief. Patients have also reported no side effects from consuming CBD products. Therefore, you can safely say that CBD products are a much better alternative to prescription medications.

How Does CBD Work?

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, and that is the reason why these products may be helpful in relieving pain. The swelling of your cells is reduced, which in turn prevents a lot of the pain that would have happened otherwise.

Along with that, CBD may help reduce pain signals to the brain. While the body part is not cured fully, you may experience less pain because the brain is not receiving those pain signals.

Not much research has been conducted on the benefits of CBD so far. But judging from the scientific evidence that we have now, CBD may be highly effective when it comes to relieving pain. Not all cases may be treated with CBD. You might have to switch to a traditional medication if CBD isn’t effective for you. However, in most cases, CBD is a very helpful and better alternative.