Inverted Nipples Causes & Treatments

Posted on Updated on 29 June, 2018

You might be surprised to know that out of ten ladies one experiences the ill effects of inverted nipples, and thus they require the treatment of inverted nipples. It can occur when the tissues present in the nipple starts to retract with the tissue of the breast rather than pointing outwards.

This can be changed to the original position spontaneously by the stimulation of the nipples, but in rare conditions, this can remain inverted indefinitely. This can indeed be a concern for a lot of people as it doesn’t create a perfect look on the breast and thus it may not look natural.

Mothers you are having a problem with inverted nipples can potentially have an issue while they are breastfeeding their children. Women may check for the inverted nipples by squeezing the nipple between the thumb and a pointer. If you have an inverted nipple, then it may crumble with the breast while a regular nipple would project.

Let us now move to the causes, symptoms, and treatment that are associated with inverted nipples.

What are the causes of inverted nipples?

Having inverted nipples from birth.

Around 10% of ladies have inverted nipples. The number is less for men however they can have them as well. At the point when present from birth, inverted nipples don’t represent any wellbeing hazard and does not show any sign of potential illness.

Inflammation and disease

One of the reasons behind the inverted nipples could be disease and inflammation of the breast tissue. After a period of time, the aggravation and contamination could lead to scarring which might finally turn into nipple reversal.

Sagging of breasts after pregnancy

Breastfeeding after pregnancy can cause a lot of damage to the breast of women. Due to this, the breasts can get droopy and hence cause a lot of problems.

Fat Necrosis

It is one of the unfavorable breast conditions which can occur at any place in the breast, and it can happen to men as well as women for all age group. In this, the skin around the region gets red, dimpled and wounded. Also, it can also lead to breast growth.

What are the symptoms of inverted nipples?

Inverted nipples can be divided into three types based on how nipple is pulled out.

  • Many women are suffering from grade 1 variety. In this condition, the nipple comes out quite quickly once it is held between index finger and thumb. The milk ducts are not affected at all and hence breastfeeding is quite
  • In grade 2 type, the inverted nipple is pointed out manually, but as soon as you release the pressure, it starts to retract. Breastfeeding in grade 2 is little tricky, but it can be done.
  • In the grade 3 types, the inverted nipples are permanent even after you put pressure on the surrounding tissues. You cannot pull it out manually and breastfeed in the following form is not possible at all. In addition, the women may also suffer from the problem of rash and infection.

What are the Inverted Nipples Treatment?

There are a lot of treatments available that can help to treat inverted nipples. All these treatments, if being used in a right way can give useful results. Here are the seven procedure that you can follow:-

Breast pump vacuum machine

It is one of the best methods that you can use to treat inverted nipples. It can be used before breastfeeding, and the process involved in this is quite rapid as it only takes a little time to extend the tissue. In addition, it is not very difficult, and it is quite easy to use.

Breast cups

It is also one of the effective natural treatments that you can use for inverted nipples. In the following way, cups are put inside the bra just above the breast having a little opening present in the middle which helps the nipple to get out of it. Due to this, the hidden tissues are extended and hence they are treated.

Nipple enhancer

It is an excellent inverted nipples treatment device which consists of a syringe having an adaptable tip present in it. This device can be put into transient use before you put the baby into the breast.


This one is another useful natural treatment of inverted nipples that is used for continuous adjustment, and you can use this at a decidedly less cost without any worry. In addition, it can also be used for minimizing nursing that may happen after pregnancy.


It is an effective inverted nipples treatment that can bring out the nipple before the baby is latched on the breast. It doesn’t perform consistent suction, and hence it cannot be used for the perpetual arrangement.

Supple cup

If you are looking to treat inverted nipples, then supple cup can be one of the best choices that you can make. If you have level nipples, then it would work in a much better way. It is clinically proven, and it works by sucking the nipples.

Cosmetic surgery

This choice might be costly but by doing so you can lose the capacity to breastfeed, and at the same time it cannot be used for the perpetual arrangement. However, it can be useful, and it can help you to treat the problem effectively.