Induce Vomiting Naturally For a Safe Life

Induce Vomiting Naturally For a Safe Life

Vomiting is a medically proven way of removing menacing substances from your body. Even though the action can be wearing, it is crucial to settle for this remedy to intercept severe injury or to overcome a life-threatening situation. It may seem to be an extremely nasty process to a lot of people. However, it can eliminate nausea and help in discomfort. Opting for natural ways to succeed in your mission is the smartest decision to make. Consult the following list on how to induce vomit naturally along with the preferable situations for the method to be performed. However, make sure to check whether self-induced vomiting is at all the right road for you to take. Also, never try this method in case of alcohol abuse, morning sickness, and consumption of poisonous material.

How to Vomit When Nauseated

When you feel nauseous and a lingering discomfort in your chest, it makes you feel sick. The situation cannot be avoided. The sickness aggravates when you get up after sitting for a long time. The entire world around you starts to move, and your vision gets blurry. You may faint as a result.

Before the situation deteriorates, you should consider stimulating yourself to throw up. However, make sure you choose a natural and harmless way for that.

You can opt for either of these following methods.

1. Finger and Gag Reflexes

It is one of the most effective techniques to stimulate vomit. The process includes a lot of contacts with saliva and mucus. So, it might feel nasty to a large number of people. However, it does not involve taking any substances. Thus, it is one of the safest methods to apply.


Start by putting your index finger in your mouth. Then push your finger farther into your throat. Try hitting the back wall of throat region to stimulate the gag reflexes. When the gag reflexes are activated, you might feel a gagging sensation. Get your finger out of your mouth immediately. After a few gags, if you start throwing up then you know you are lucky. However, if it does not happen the first time, try redoing the entire thing.

2. A Toothbrush is a Handy Tool

The toothbrush technique is quite similar to the finger technique. However, in this case, you do not have to worry about mucus covered fingers. Its effectiveness depends upon your gag reflexes. Anyhow, it is a safe method to choose.


You should start by washing your toothbrush in water. Make sure the bristles are wet. It may cause injuries inside the mouth otherwise. You have to aim for the back of the wall again. Agitate your gag reflexes. Remove the toothbrush as soon as you anticipate a gag. Remember to put your head down at all times. You might get choked otherwise. Repeat the process as required.

How Should You Vomit in Food Poisoning?

Sometimes you feel a shooting pain in your stomach, and it does not go away. It might indicate that you have consumed more food that your stomach can handle. Another possibility is that your food was contaminated. If the pain is accompanied with constipation, then vomiting might be the only way out for you. Choose any of the following methods.

3. Drink Coca-Cola for Relief

Coca-Cola is the most satisfying method of inducing vomit. Coca-Cola is mainly a carbonated beverage. The fizz present in the drink is mostly useful in gastronomical problems. However, the decarbonized water can stimulate nausea and make you throw up.


Buy a Coca-Cola and break the seal of the bottle. Leave it open without the lid for some time. You have to drink it after the fizz has died out. Drink the beverage simultaneously with some water. Take turns in sipping the drinks. This process can easily cause distress in your stomach and help you puke.

4. Drink Plenty of Fluids

When you have an upset stomach, it is essential to make your stomach rid of the substance that’s causing it. In which case, the most efficient way is to vomit it out. Drinking lots of water or fluids will fill up your stomach and make it easier to throw up. Besides, water can also aid in dissolving the upsetting contents of your stomach. Moreover, it helps make up for the loss of fluids during the vomiting. It also gives relief to the throat and makes the vomiting less strenuous.


Drink any fluid or water to the point when you can feel it in your throat. Do not try to vomit immediately after drinking the liquid. Sit back and wait for some time. You will soon feel the vomit coming to your throat.

5. American Herb Sanguinaria Canadensis (Bloodroot)

The Bloodroot herb is favorite among Native-Americans to cure cancer, fever, etc. However, they found the grass handy in inducing vomit during an upset tummy. This herbal remedy can be very toxic if overdosed. It may result in death, in some instances. Thus, make it a point to use the herb in minimal quantity. Some side-effects may be seen after the usage. These include pain in your feet, tunnel vision, etc. Consider consulting the doctor about the dosage.


You can prepare an extract of the Bloodroot herb manually. Get a bowl and pour a cup of water. Put some roots of the grass. Boil it on a medium flame for some time. Let the potion cool down for a few minutes. Drink the liquid in one sip immediately. However, in case you cannot get your hands on the herb, you can consider buying the manufactured extracts or powder of the Bloodroot. Mix the recommended amount in water and drink it. This herb can quickly induce vomit.

6. Stimulate Your Senses

Manually vomiting is all about triggering that part of your brain that makes you throw up. That’s why you feel like throwing up when you see someone else throwing up or when you watch something that disgusts you. These stimuli can trigger vomit in you. Sensory stimulation is an efficient way. However, this method might not work for some people who have a high-tolerance for these stimuli.


You can watch videos or movies about the things that disgust you. It may cause you to gag and result in puke. You can also imagine people throwing up. You can watch someone throw up. Another efficient way is to expose yourself to places with foul smells that make you sick. This process should be considered when trying to vomit naturally.

Ways to Vomit After Taking Benign Pills

Doctors mainly suggest avoiding vomiting after consuming poisonous substances. However, puking is the safest way to remove benign pills from your system. Salt contains Sodium Chloride. An abundance of Sodium Chloride in your stomach can trigger the vomit easily. This method is applicable only if you have taken a medicine mistakenly and the medication does not contain poison. Vomiting can eliminate other substances like heroin, cyanide, etc. Choose the correct method suitable to your case.

7. Warm And Salted Water

Drinking warm and salted water to induce vomit is the most natural methods of all. Salt water works like an emetic drug manufactured at home. If you drink heated salt-water in a breath, it will make you puke in the quickest way possible. Nonetheless, extreme intake of salt can prove to be fatal for your body. This method every person must avoid with a high blood pressure.


Prepare a bowl of lukewarm water. Pour a glass of it and add three teaspoons of salt to it. Drink the entire solution in one breath. You might not need to puke right away. You should wait for 20 to 30 minutes for the Sodium Chloride to start acting up.

8. A Potion of Mustard

Some irksome taste can make you vomit faster than anything. The mustard water is such a solution that causes discomfort to your taste organs and makes you feel sick. This potion is also considered to be a natural emetic. Mustard can be found in every kitchen in the world. Thus, it is not hard to acquire. However, this method may not work for sure people depending on their taste.


You will need a glass of warm water and some mustard powder or paste for this process. Add a full tablespoon of mustard powder or paste in the warm water. Stir the mixture till the mustard is dissolved. Drink the mixture which is very useful. Let it settle in your stomach for at least half an hour. The disgusting smell and taste will do the trick. If it doesn’t, then try mixing it up with the finger technique. You will get faster results.

Some Additional Ways to Throw Up

Other than in these widely everyday situations, you may find yourself in need to throw the upsetting substances up. In that case, try to opt for natural and harmless ways. The following list contains all the other method to induce vomit.

9. Egg Whites and Gargle

The method is as gross as it sounds which is incidentally beneficial for you. This process is the most efficient way to induce vomit. The menacing taste and smell are enough for anyone to throw up. This technique has been applicable as a first-aid of poison consumption. The unbearable taste of raw eggs does the trick for the majority of people.


Take two to three eggs for the method to work. Crack open a small part of the egg-shell. Take a bowl and pour the whites carefully into it. Make sure you do not let the egg-yolk get mixed. Beat the whites to make a potion. Now put the solution in your mouth and start gargling. Continue till you feel the gags. You should be able to throw up as soon as the gags start coming. However, if you don’t succeed at first, try repeating the process. Do not choose this method in case of an upset stomach.

10. Spin Yourself into Nausea

You enjoyed Roller-coasters as a child even though it made you nauseated. Spinning at a higher speed can make you feel light-headed. This feeling can churn the stuffing inside your stomach and make you throw up. Most of the people in the world suffer from motion sickness which comes handy in situations like these. Motion sickness makes you dizzy. However, you should not overdo it or might result in a black-out. This method can be applied in almost all the cases of self-induced vomiting.


You will need a free place to sit for this process to work. A revolving chair may prove to be the most efficient choice in this case. So sit on a revolving chair. Try spinning for some time. Stop the spins and sit for a minute. Try to stand up and walk a few steps after that. It will make you dizzy, and you start throwing up. If it does not work, try the method again. Try to spin faster this time. Repeat as required and make it faster every time.

Proper Care Required After Vomiting

Vomiting is the safest way to get rid of toxic substances from your body. However, the method shouldn’t be applied without a doctor’s consent. The upper digestive section can be easily affected by extensive puking. Thus, your body should be in proper care after the removal of the substances.

Always puke in an appropriate place and clean up after yourself. Wash your mouth thoroughly. Make sure to rehydrate as vomiting involves a significant loss of bodily fluids. However, self-induced vomiting should never turn into a habit as it may lead to severe consequences, including Bulimia Nervosa. It can lead to other fatal risks as well. If the vomit finds its way to your lungs, it can cause aspiration pneumonia. Throwing up in a frenzied manner can cause a tear in your esophagus. Vomiting can also create a burning sensation in your nasal ducts and throats as well. Following the correct ways is mandatory.