Learn How to Increase Sperm Count Naturally

Posted on Updated on 3 January, 2019

There is an important part played by the foods in maintaining the health of male fertility. Having a clean and nutritious diet result in boosting the sperm count that directly affects the fertility rate. There are lots of other factors that have their role, but the things you eat hold a special place. You can add some foods to increase sperm count naturally without having any side effects.

So, it is essential that you should evaluate your diet to improve sperm quality and fertility rate. Making simple lifestyle changes can help you and your partner in conceiving the pregnancy. In this post, we will tell you certain foods through which you can make your sperm count better. Check out each of them and add ones that suit your taste and habits.



It is one of the most common foods to increase sperm count that available in almost every household. There is an abundance of lycopene in the tomatoes that have a reputation to boost the fertility rate in males (1) and make the sperm motility better (2). You can think about adding this vegetable to your salad or cooked vegetables.

Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seeds

If you are want to improve testosterone level, then start eating pumpkin seeds on the more frequent basis. It has phytosterols nutrient that increases the semen volume and sperm count simultaneously (3). Also, these important fatty acids make the blood flow to the reproductive organs better. All these factors directly help to increase male fertility rate.



The individuals who are a non-vegetarian should be already eating this food. It has a significant quantity of an antioxidant named Coenzyme Q10 (4) that promotes the semen quality in males who are infertile. It directly increases the chances of pregnancy.

Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate

No research can deny the fact that dark chocolate is one of the best foods to increase sperm count and its motility (5). It is not only tasty, but everyone likes to eat it. We believe you won’t face any difficulty adding this delicious food in your diet.

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It is a fantastic food that everyone can add to their diet due to its top-class benefits. The Spinach is a rich source of folic acid that directly affects the quality of sperms. If its level drops in the body, then it will start producing malformed sperm that reduces chances of conceiving an egg. You can add the spinach in your green vegetable salad or cook it. It will be good for your sperm count (6) for sure.



Garlic is one of the most useful vegetables offering a great variety of benefits that no other food provides. When it comes to sperm production (7), there is an excellent amount of vitamin B-6 in this vegetable that directly boosts the male fertility rate. You should add its moderate quality in your diet for inhibiting your sperm production.



There are many vital nutrients in the Avocados that make the fertility and sperm rate better. One of them is Coenzyme Q10 known for offering great protection to the sexual energy and sperm (8) rate. On the other hand, you will find L-carnitine in this food that assists the sperms to create energy for maintaining the pace of development.


walnuts shell powder

Do you know there is a need for omega-3 and some other polyunsaturated fatty acids for maturing the sperms and make them work properly? You can find all of these nutrients in the Walnuts that is readily available in the market. So, you can give a boost to your sperm count (9) by eating two or three walnuts daily. Also, they come with twice antioxidants available in other nuts.

Goji Berries

goji berries

There is a great amount of sperm produced by the scrotum available in the Goji berries (10). They also help in maintaining the body temperature at the right level. That’s not all; the Goji berries help in boosting the sperm production by making the blood circulation better and offering protection from the radical damage.


egg white

Almost every other person has eggs in the diet due to its rich nutrients and benefits. It is one of the must-try foods to increase sperm count as eggs offer protection to the sperm cells and help in increasing sperm count. They are full of protein along with the vitamin E that makes your sperm stronger (11) and healthier.



Eating bananas on a regular basis will maximize the quality of your sperms and allow them to increase their numbers. It has a rich enzyme known as bromelain that has been scientifically proved to regulate the sex hormones. Additionally, there is a high amount of vitamins in the bananas that directly affect the body’s ability to increase the sperm (12) count.



Lentils are another source of natural folic acid-folate that directly affects male fertility as well as female fertility. There are many types of research show that the low level of folate in diet can create obstacles in the creation of sperms (13). So, it is vital that one should maintain the standards of this folic acid in the body.



There is an abundant amount of anti-inflammatory nutrients in the blueberries like resveratrol and quercetin. You can find plenty of studies that prove quercetin can improve the sperm count and motility (14). You can quickly add some blueberries to your daily diet as they are tasty to eat raw or whizzed up in a smoothie.



Pomegranate is not only nutritious food but also very tasty to eat. It can make your sperm quality better and boost its quantity. You can call this one of the best foods to increase sperm count (15) without following a complicated process. There are adequate antioxidants in the pomegranates that protect the semen (16).



We will end our list with an exciting green vegetable with the name asparagus that has an enormous amount of vitamin C. This nutrient is known for affecting the sperm count (17) at an adequate rate. Also, it offers protection from free radicals so that sperm productivity can increase.


Adding the foods mentioned above in the diet will make your sperm count better than ever. These are our top choices that everyone can easily access. If you have a query about this post or want to give a suggestion, then tell us in the comment section.