How to reduce your Television Addiction?

Posted on Updated on 12 January, 2019

Television has been rightly called an Idiot Box. People easily get addicted to TVs and the best part is that nothing of what they see is useful.

Those who only like to see news, do not get addicted. But those who love watching some serials or movies, find addiction taking hold of them very soon. This is extremely bad. Not only is it bad for your eyes, you mind is also never at peace. Moreover, all the negativity that you continue seeing on the television takes a toll on you and you tend to follow the bad path.

So, what can you do to curb this addiction? Since TV is bad for your health, and you should reduce watching it, we can help you out in some ways. Here are few tips you can count on, if you really want to get back on the right track of your health.

Cut the cable connection

When you won’t even have any cable connection, how would you watch the television?

Therefore, get your cable or Dish TV connection cut, so that you won’t be able to watch the TV at all. You might feel extremely crazy in the beginning, wanting to get it back. But if you can control that for just few days, you would be all right. This is just like getting rid of any other addiction.

It takes time to go, but it definitely goes away.

Make a schedule

Instead of watching TV the whole day, make a schedule about when you have to watch TV. For example, you can fix any day of the week as a Movie day. Now, avoid watching movie any other day of the week. Similarly, if you want to watch any of your favorite serial for some duration, don’t watch the Television at any other time. Instead, go out and give your eyes some rest from the screens.

This schedule will greatly help you limit your TV addiction, and you won’t even feel crazy much.

Make your Time Productive

When you are at home, use that in doing something productive. When you are completely free and have nothing else to do, then watch TV. For example, you can watch your favorite serial or movie while you are commuting to office. Or, let’s say you are from Denmark, and you are traveling abroad, then watch Danish TV outside of EU when you are commuting.

This way, you will get plenty of time to do something productive, which you had been always complaining about. Watch TV entirely in your free time. And try to make good use of the time when you are at home.