How to Lose Chest Fat

Posted on Updated on 21 February, 2018

Before opting for fat loss along your chest, you should first know about your body. You should confirm with the doctor that the enlarged chest is because of the gland growth or is it a result of fat accumulation.

If it is due to fat build-up, you can quickly lose the fat by diet and workout, but if it is a result of only gland growth, then workouts also can’t help. Let us discuss few techniques that can assist you in losing your chest fat:

  1. Weight Training:

 To shed the fat deposit in your chest, you should focus on weight training just keeping a small thing in mind that the number of repetitions should be high and the weight on the machines or if using rods or dumbbells should be held quiet. Higher frequency and less weight is the key to the fat loss with weight training.

  1. Circuit Training:

Circuit training is a combination of cardio exercises as well as strength training. You can take up with rigorous cardiovascular activities for 10 to 15 minutes and then include some strengthening exercise for 2 to 5 minutes.

In the case of fat loss from the chest, some of the chest relevant exercises like pushups, chest press, bench dips, etc. can be included. The survey tells that circuit exercises are more beneficial because it helps you to burn 30% extra calories as compared to cardio exercises taken alone. These activities are thrilling and engaging. And you perform it with excitement apart from monotonous and boring exercise routines for a long duration. And above all the results are better and faster.

  1. Diet:

Diet plays the most important part in losing the fat from your body and shedding your weight. A diet which is high in proteins, low in carbohydrates, low in fats and rich in fiber along with weekly detoxing is considered the best for your fat loss and helps you to stay fit.

Some of the exercises that contribute to providing the proper tone up to your chest are listed below:

  • Pullover:

Pullover or dumbbell pullover is an excellent exercise to shape up your upper chest. You just need to hold the dumbbell above your chest with both the hands and your elbows bent a bit and then slowly move your hand down above your head to feel the stress on your chest. Make 10 to 12 repetitions with the weight and repeat the set for three times

  • Bench-press:

Bench-press can be taken on an inclined bench, flat bench or a recliner focussing on different portions of your chest being upper chest or lower chest. It tightens up your skin and removes the sag giving a perfect toning.

  • Pushups:

Normal pushups and declined pushups both are helpful exercises to build up your chest and lose its fat deposit.

  • Rowing Machines and Elliptical Trainer:

Both the cardio machines include complete body workout. It helps you to lose upper body fat and provide toning to your lower body. Thus, it helps you gradually to lose fat from your chest and arms.

It has become imperative nowadays to stay fit and healthy to survive and cope up with this fast and competitive world. So, it is better to eat good and workout on a daily basis to live a stress-free and fun filled life.