How to Lose Cheeks Fat Fast Simple Exercises

Posted on Updated on 21 February, 2018

How to Lose Cheeks Fat Fast

The face is the most important part of our body, and every one of us is concerned about our looks. If you owe chubby cheeks and want to reduce the fat accustomed in your face, it is possible with the help of diet and exercise. The key point to lessen the fat from any portion of your body is by hooking up the adequate exercise and a proper diet in your daily schedule.

get rid of cheeks fat fast

How to get rid of cheek fat

To get rid of fats from any part of your body the intake of good nutritious diet and avoiding the consumption of unhealthy food containing unwanted fats is must. Only making the adjustments in the diet cannot work alone but it is to be followed by regular exercise.

If we want to consider only the cheek fat there are a lot of facial exercises that can prove to be helpful. The overall reduction in weight can also help in decreasing the cheek fats.

  • Traditional Facial Exercises:
  1. Chewing gum:

Making a habit of chewing gum after every meal contributes to reducing your chubby cheeks. You can do the exercise without making extra efforts and also relax your nerves and freshen up your breath.

  1. Cheek lift:

Shut your eyes and put some strain on the ends of your mouth to lift your cheeks up and then get hold of the position for minimal 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise for n number of times to get the desired results.

  1. Taking up X-O Exercise:

X-O exercise can be done by just pronouncing ‘X-O’ continuously in one breath for 15 to 20 times and then taking a break and again repeating the exercise for 3 times. The movement help to improve the strength of your jaw and reduce the fat in your cheeks

  1. Smile:

Smiling is the best and the easiest exercise that can be taken up into the routine. You can practice the exercise by smiling and holding the lips in the same position for 10 to 20 seconds and loop the procedure for several times. You can follow the exercise anywhere, anytime whenever you are ideal.

Once you complete with the facial exercises, you can gently massage your cheeks and jaw by moving your fingers in circular motion. Massaging along with making you feel relieved to add up to proper toning and tightening of your facial skin.

Alterations in Diet Intake:

Taking up with heavy meals including junk foods, extra oil, sweets always been the primary cause of the increase in weight. Exercise also doesn’t help much if the diet is improper. To reduce your cheek fat making certain adjustments in the diet is advisory.

  • Increase the intake of Calcium. Calcium rich food helps in losing weight and is easily available in milk products like curd, cottage cheese,
  • More and more consumption of fruits and vegetables as they are fibrous and have adequate water in them to keep you hydrated. It helps in reducing the chubby cheeks as it will retain the water to your cheeks.
  • It should be in practice to intake a good amount of water. One of the reasons of puffy cheeks is a lack of water or inadequate intake because when you don’t drink enough water the water is stored by the body in cheeks and around eyes making them look puffed up.

Losing up your weight with proper exercise and diet and keeping your body hydrated can help you lose your cheek fat quickly.