How to Induce Miscarriage Naturally?

Posted on Updated on 10 October, 2018

Miscarriage, also known as Spontaneous Abortion is the loss of the fetus in the womb due to several reasons. It happens during the first 22-23 weeks of pregnancy. Reports say that miscarriages can occur in almost 20 percent of pregnancies in which 80 percent of these abortions was occurring before the 12 weeks of gestation. There are several complications related with miscarriages like brutal pain, mood swings, etc. When an abortion happens, some residual tissues are left behind which if not removed can cause infections and various health issues which can ultimately lead to life-threatening risks. There are both natural and surgical procedures to complete a miscarriage. But, the surgical procedure is not followed by many women as the doctors suggest that surgical procedure can lead to various side effects and complications causing terrible pain. Therefore, most people prefer natural home remedies to complete a miscarriage. Here are some ways to induce miscarriage naturally.

An Intense Workout

This seems to be one of the easiest ways to induce miscarriage naturally at home. During pregnancy the body of a woman becomes fragile. This is because her uterus is growing timely and her body is trying to keep up with all the bodily fluctuations going on during pregnancy. Also, her entire body is busy maintaining the fetus in a healthy state. Most of the miscarriages happen as the pregnant woman tend to carry some weights or pull something heavy up doing household chores. Thus, one of the best methods of failure is lifting heavy things. It will drive the fetus out of the body. An intense workout seems a better option.

Longan (Litchi)

longan fruit

Longan is a healthy fruit popularly known as Litchi in India. Its strong flavor and smell, the white fleshy pulp adds to this fruit’s attributes. But the fact is, there are many complications of consuming longan during pregnancy. It can act as a natural miscarriage agent. Pregnant women always feel hot from inside and are prone to digestive problems like constipation. Consuming longan can make that hot feeling much warmer which results in causing symptoms like internal bleeding, abdominal pain, fetal derangement and damage to the uterus. All these symptoms listed acts as a catalyst to increase the possibility of miscarriage in a pregnant woman.


camellia fruit

Camellia has a bit of sweet and sour taste with a pungent smell, and it is recommended for those who want to induce miscarriage naturally. Although most of the people recommend this fruit for pregnant women suffering from morning sickness, the fact is camellia is known for making the uterus excited resulting in improving the pulsation of the uterus. It can lead to symptoms like internal bleeding, abdominal pain, fetal derangement and damage to the uterus and ultimately may result in premature birth and miscarriage.

Green Papaya

raw papaya

Green papaya is the unripe papaya and contains latex as well as a lot of other enzymes. Green papaya contains protective properties which can lead to miscarriage. It functions in a way that all the proteins and latex present in green papaya causes gestational contractions affecting the fetus. This can result in fetal derangement and damage to the uterus. It also consists of prostaglandin and oxytocin which is given to a woman when she goes into labor. Thus, consuming green papaya can be a natural way of inducing a miscarriage.


raw cheese

A study has found that Mexican cheese and other brand cheese consists of some miscarriage-inducing agents. So consuming foods like burgers, hot dogs and meats during pregnancy can lead to induce miscarriage naturally. As the bacteria present in cheese like feta cheese, cheese rocopho and others directly attacks the gastronomical region of a pregnant woman which leads to symptoms like gestational contractions and fetal derangement. So, it is one of the common methods to try if you want to induce miscarriage naturally.



Even moderate consumption of caffeine-rich food items can increase the risk of miscarriage in pregnant women. A study conducted found that consuming two-three cups or coffee or drinking four to five cans of caffeine-rich carbonated drinks increases the risk of miscarriage in a pregnant woman. Although, it doesn’t give any assured chances of inducing a miscarriage naturally.



Acupuncture is used widely by many doctors during the delivery of the baby. But, using it at an early stage of pregnancy can cause damage to the fetus. Massaging provides relief for a pregnant woman, and it is necessary to massage to increase the blood circulation in a pregnant woman. But, applying pressure on certain areas can lead to cause damage to the fetus. Thus, it is an ideal natural remedy to induce a miscarriage.



Crabs are a very rich source of calcium and other vital nutrients necessary for the strengthening of bones and teeth. But on the other hand, cholesterol contents in crabs are very high. Consuming crabs during pregnancy increases the blood pressure which ultimately affects the health of the fetus and can lead to miscarriage. It is also one of the preferred ways to induce miscarriage naturally.



Drinking pineapple juice during the first two-three months of pregnancy can lead to gestational contractions and can ultimately lead to miscarriage. Pineapple is rich in a compound called bromelain. It is responsible for softening the uterus and surrounding the fetus with compounds which suffocate it to death. Therefore, pineapple is a fruit most of the pregnant women consider to induce miscarriage naturally.



Pomegranate consists of uterus contracting chemicals which has contraceptive effects on the uterine. Consuming pomegranate can lead to the risks of abortion and miscarriage. The seeds of pomegranate directly attack the gastronomical region of a pregnant woman which leads to symptoms like gestational contractions and fetal derangement. If a pregnant woman tends to consume pomegranate during pregnancy, the chances of miscarriage become higher. Studies have found that pomegranate contains abortion-inducing properties and in ancient times, its seeds were used as a contraceptive agent to prevent pregnancy. Thus, pomegranate might prove to be one of the best ways to induce miscarriage naturally.


Hence, these were some of the natural ways which can result in failure. Though few surgical techniques are also available which can help you in abortion but being natural will lead to no side effects. Healing methods can be highly painful and full of complications.