Get Rid of Small Breast Size & Increase It Naturally at Home

Get Rid of Small Breast Size & Increase It Naturally at Home

Your body, personality, and looks when combined portrays your first impression before everyone. Each one of us chases for Pinnacle appearance and make different efforts to achieve the same. A human body undergoes considerable changes from childhood to teenage and then to a grown-up adult. The transformation taking place in the female body is more noticeable. The primary transfigure happens to be in breasts.

Breast is the asset in women that plays an important role in the enhancement of overall looks and personality. Round, Firm and perfectly shaped breasts are what every woman wishes for. Some of you might be having small breast size, and others may have loose skin and sags which would have always been a matter of concern for you. Though the small breast size is not a problem, you might not like your figure and appearance because of that. It may belong to enhance them and gain fuller breasts. The size of your breasts is completely a hormonal play, and the size may vary from person to person. Along with hormones, several other reasons determine your breast size.

Reasons for Smaller Breast Size

The smaller size breasts are the result of several consequences. Few major reasons are listed below:

Hormonal Disbalance

Estrogen and Progesterone are the two primary and important sex hormones in the body of women. The size of your breasts highly depends on these two hormones. To maintain the desired ratio of the two hormones is an utmost requirement. The disbalance in the quantity of presence of either of the two hormones adversely affects the growth of your breasts.

The sufficiency or deficiency of estrogen due to decrease and increase in of progesterone respectively restrict the growth of your boobs resulting in small breasts size.

Improper Diet and Deficiency of Vitamins

The breast development is majorly dependent on the fats stored in them which are possible with the help of the hormone estrogen.

Lack of vitamins and nutrition in the body leads to inappropriate secretion of these hormones and as a result the growth of the breasts is stopped.

Heredity and Genetics

One of the other reasons for the reduced size of your breast may be hereditary. The size of your breasts may be somewhat like your mother’s size or the close ones in your family.

Tips to Improve the Size of Your Breasts with Simpler Home Remedies

The innovations in the field of science have provided us with various methods that lead to the artificial growth of your mammary glands with the help of pills, injections, and surgeries but these methods are very expensive and may have certain other side-effects in the long run.

The best ways to improve your breasts naturally is with the help of implementation of effective home remedies. Home remedies give 100 percent results just it needs your patience. As taking up any home remedy requires its regular practice and extra time to display the outcome. Some of the home remedies to increase the size of your breasts are described as follows:

Massage Your Breasts Regularly

breast massage
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Breast massaging for enhancing the size of the breast is the traditional age-old home remedy that is practiced by many women and also blessed with the results. The positive outcome is achieved by massaging as it increases the circulation of blood in your body and also stretches and strengthen the breast muscles.

If you regularly massage your breasts for approximately 30 minutes in a day dividing it in a schedule of twice a day that is in the morning and at night just for 2 to 3 months. You will achieve what you expect.

For the considerable change in size, you should do the massage in a specific way that takes the oil in your palm and rub it gently for few minutes and when the heat is generated place your palms on your breasts and massage in a circular motion around your breast in inwards direction. You should make around 300 to 400 movements twice a day.

The Increase in Body Weight

Lower body weight may also be the cause of smaller breast size. If you increase your overall body weight, then the fat will accumulate along your breasts too resulting in a comparable increase in the size of your breasts.

Including Fenugreek Seeds in Your Daily Routine

fenugreek plant

Fenugreek Seeds highly contradicts its taste and results. The bitter seeds serve you with delicious results when used as a home remedy to improve the size of your breast. It is helpful to make your breasts enlarged as it is a phytoestrogen herb that produces progesterone and estrogen hormone that is highly responsible for growth and development of your breasts.

Fenugreek oil and Fenugreek pack (made by mixing water and Fenugreek seeds paste) are used to massage your breasts serve you with excellent results. If you can stand the bitter taste of Fenugreek seeds, you can have better results as you can eat it in sprouted form or you can also take it as a pill or eat its powdered form. It will provide you with results in every form it is used.

Practicing Breast Exercises

breast exercises

One of that makes your breasts look smaller in size is the sag in the skin under your breasts. Adding particular breasts exercises in your daily routine can help you get rid of your small size breasts and assist in improving the size. As exercise is the best way to tone up your skin. Breasts exercises like push up,

Chest Fly, chest press, etc. engage the movement of your arms and shoulders leading to build the firm muscle tissues and tighten the skin in and around your breasts making them appear larger in size.

The only care while taking up the breasts exercises is to take care of your body postures and make sure you do the exercises properly. The exercise shall be implemented for 30 minutes a day and shall be taken up at least five days a week to see the longing after effects.

Use of Fennel Seeds

fennel seeds

Fennel seeds are readily available in every kitchen and is a useful ingredient in your daily cooking. Along with adding flavor to your food it also enhances the milk for breastfeeding mothers and also stimulates the size of your breasts.

It can be either consumed in the form of drink by making fennel seed tea or by heating the fennel seeds in cod liver oil and using the oil to massage the breasts.

The remedy must be followed twice a day for minimum 2 to 3 months to achieve the results. For better results, you can include both the procedure that is having tea and massaging with oil in your day to day life.

Drinking Red Clover Tea Regularly

red clover tea

Red Clover is a very useful natural herb that is helpful in increasing your breasts size and also make your breasts toned and firm. It is combined made up of around four phytoestrogens which are responsible for making your breasts fuller.

The method of consuming this herb is very simple. You just have to add dried red clover herbs to a hot cup of water. The quantity of herbs being one or two spoon. Allow the herbs to rest in water for around 25 to 30 minutes. This will make just a herbal tea for you.

Then strain the tea and consume at minimum twice a day. The drink should be regularly taken for 5 to 6 months, and you will get the desired results.

Daily Household Activities

Nowadays the daily household chores which were earlier done with the use of your hands, with the advancement in technology are accomplished with the maximum use of machines. The result is nothing but the minimal physical activities involved in the daily routine.

Enforce yourself to take up most physical activities by doing the household chores manually that involves your maximum arm movement. It is the best exercise to enlarge your breast size.

Plan Your Diet and Include All the Nutrients in It

As stated earlier the reason for the smaller breast size is a lack of vitamins and essential fats in the body. If you organize your diet and include all the essential nutritious food and drinks in it and follow it regularly, the breasts will consume the required fats, and balance would maintain in the body, and the breast size will improve. The essential foods to be included in the diet to increase your breast size are listed below:

Drink Milk Daily


Tissues of your breasts are compiled from fats. To add the fats in your diet is essential to increase your breast size. Milk and its by-products are good sources to introduce fats in your body as well as they are beneficial for the health.

The milk shall be consumed in the form of whole milk that has a specific amount of fat content and not the low-fat milk. You can also refer to dairy products like cheese, butter, etc. Just keeping in mind to limit the quantity else you may gain extra pounds.

This home remedy may let you adjust the size of your breast to a great extent.

Protein Intake

protein foods

Make your diet rich in protein. Include eatables like whole grains, nuts, pulses and soya bean in your diet. You may also prefer soya milk. The protein content of the food has isoflavones present in them in high amount. Isoflavones can play the role of estrogen in your body and thus help you increase the breast size.

Foods that Stimulates Estrogen

Along with the fats and protein, regulate the food in your body that releases the estrogen. Estrogen is the essential hormone for growth and size of your breasts.

There are several natural things including some fruits and veggies too that are readily available at your home and can increase the estrogen in your body. Some of the examples are pomegranates, oats, garlic, apple, pumpkin, and dates, etc.



Radish has the very rich presence of astringent in it and it. It also has a critical property to enhance the flow of blood in the tissues of various parts of the body.

If you regularly eat radish the flow of blood to the local tissues of your breast portion will be increased to a great extent which will result in the growth of the size of your bust.



Bananas are very rich in the content of potassium and magnesium. It has the content of several nutrients in it, and it also provides fiber to your body, which is helpful in a natural increase in the breast size of women.


woman doing yoga

Yoga is the cultural exercise of our country, having thousands of benefits and the solution for almost all the health-related issues is available in Yoga.

There is no adverse effect of this remedy all it gives you is a healthy body. There are several postures in yoga like Bhujangasana, Ushtasana and much more that helps you to improve the size of your breast.

Flax Seeds

flax seed

Flax seeds commonly referred to as ‘alsi ke beej’(Hindi name) are a good choice to increase the size of your bust. Flax seeds contain Omega & fatty acids, flavonoid and also release lignans. All these mimic estrogen and thus help you to do the needful.

Flax seeds can be taken in any form either you can chew them directly, gulp it with water, get it grind along with your flour and also include in your salads.

Not only including in diet but regular massage with flax seed oil also helps you to gain your breast size. It is not preferable for pregnant women or nursing mothers.


There are various supplements and pills available in the market nowadays that are herbal and made up of natural products. The supplements have beneficial results in enhancing the size of your breasts.

Moreover, due to the presence of natural ingredients in it, it does not follow up with any side effects and is cost effective. This is the easiest and most convenient method to improve the size of your breast.

Oils and Masks

You can make several masks with simple ingredients available in your home rather kitchen that enhances the breast size, some of them are:

Onion Mask

Squeeze out the fresh onion juice and add some honey and a little amount of turmeric to it. Mix all the ingredients well and apply all over your breasts.

Let the mixture rest there for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash off. For favorable results apply the mask every day. You should not wear tight clothes when you use the mask as it blocks the circulation of air rather opt for some comfort size innerwear that allows the mask to do its work properly and give you results.

Honey Mask

A honey mask used for achieving benefits on several body parts, and it imparts you a better look, for example, it is used on your hair to get the smoother hair, it can be utilized with the mix of egg white to apply on face to achieve glowing skin, etc.

And now if you use raw honey and apply it as a mask over your breasts you can come across the increase in its size. You can also use a mixture of Honey and olive oil to massage over your breasts. Taking up this activity regularly you can attain the improvement in small-sized breasts.

Including some special oils for applying it to your breasts adversely helps you to attain your desired size of breasts.

Olive Oil and Sesame Oil

Using olive oil on your breasts for massaging purpose increase its size naturally by enhancing the blood circulation. Sesame oil is applied after making it warm. It helps to tighten the loose skin on your breasts and help you achieve round, firm and toned breasts.

Some Additional Methods To Enhance Your Breasts

  • Take up the exercises daily without any skip in between
  • Avoid eating junk food on a regular basis.
  • Cut off the intake of carbonated drinks and
  • Take proper rest and a minimum 7 hours of sleep it is as important for your body as the physical activities. You will not achieve the results of any exercises and diets for your health unless until you manage a proper time for your rest too.
  • Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. A minimum of 12 to 13 glass in a day to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Include right food in your diet. Take up the intake of herbs, dry nuts, proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Be alert while eating fat-containing food, the need of your body is only the monounsaturated fats that can evenly spread all over your body and also around your breasts to boost up its size in comparison to saturated unhealthy fats that will only lead to body weight gain.

You can fulfill your wish of having appealing busts of a right size easily taking up the home mentioned above remedies regularly in your routine that too without any ill effects and spending a significant amount of money.