Protect Your Nails from that Ugly Yellowness

Posted on Updated on 1 May, 2018

Nails are considered to be one of the beauty-related aspects of the human body and especially when it comes to the feminine choices. Women are fond of decorating their nails with nail arts, and nail paints as these tend to enhance the beauty aspect of the nails. However, they do not realize that these temporary beauty things are only adding to the ugliness by imposing a negative impact on their nails. Like turning them from pretty pink to an ugly yellow and this they realize when the beauty chemical has already done its job in this extended span of time, and you never realized their undercurrents.

Nail polishes cannot be blamed alone. Yellow nails may also be the result of excessive consumption of nicotine that takes its origins from a cigarette. So if you dream that your beauty of the nails should return then quit smoking today! Just like smoking can impose negative impacts on your respiratory organs, it can also have far-reaching implications for your nails as well.

Sometimes, even the fungal infection may also turn out to be the root cause of yellow nails, and in such a dire case you need to seek medical help immediately before the condition worsens due to prolonged waiting. Yellowing due to fungal infection is termed as onychomycosis, and it is a malady that attacks the adults in more substantial number as compared to the children. It may be the leading factor behind yellow nails, dirty yellow patches and in the worst cases: black nails.

But every issue has a solution, and you need not worry about it. In this piece of exegesis, bring you the answer to your anxious question: how to get rid of yellow nails? So if you wish to get rid of that dirty yellow feeling, then all you need to do is to simply go through this article and dig-out the solution of your problem. The piece flourishes you with some methods that you might find useful to remove that yellow peel from your nails and get that ‘pink’ complexion back.

Rendering solution against yellow nails for it is time to get your yellow nails back!

Underneath are specific pointers, following which you can be successful in gaining, back your pink nails and move out from the clutches of the yellowness. Let us have a look at these home remedies to get rid of yellow nails.

Lemon Juice to Cure Yellow Nails

Lemon Juice

If you can only spare just a few minutes to immerse your nails in the lemon juice then that dirty yellowness can be guarded off without any impediment. The process is going to consume just 10 to 15 minutes of yours per day to supply you with enriching results.

Whitening Toothpaste


In case you wish to remove the stains that are the result of nail polish, then the whitening toothpaste can be your immediate However, it might not come to your aid in the long run. Just apply the toothpaste on a brush and rub it gently on your nails for better results.

Light Buffing

The yellowness actually rests on the topmost layer of your nails and with the help of light buffing; the uppermost layer can be rescued from it quite easily. This methodology is actually functional for the removal of yellow peel, but it is not recommended in a significant amount because it might give you the drawback of weaker nails. In case you wish to opt for this alternative then do not forget to use clear strengthening polish later on.

Baking Soda Combined with Peroxide

baking soda & hydrogen peroxide

Mingle the hydrogen peroxide with the baking soda and with the help of the cotton, cover your yellow nails with the solution that has been formed. Rinse the entire thing after a lapse of like, three minutes. This method must be diligently repeated in every six and eight weeks without fail for the sake of arriving at better results.

Some Medical Solutions to Get Rid of Yellow Nails

The issue of yellow nails can be treated with the aid of some medications, either prescribed by the doctor or the ones framed at home. The doctor will render you the treatment for yellow nails depending on the fact that is causing this malady in you. In different persons, the reasons for yellow nails might differ a lot. For instance, if your yellow nails happen to be the cause of the fungal infection then most probably your doctor will be advising you to go for some anti-fungal medicine to cure it.

Few other medications that can be useful in bringing you relief from yellow nails are as follows: Zinc, Vitamin D-3, and vitamin E.

To a certain extent, antibiotics can also aid in the removal of this issue because they can lead to the fabrication of such antibodies that can ward away the infections that might be prevalent in the body, say, pneumonia.

Prevention is Better than Cure!

Though you can never stop the infections from attacking you, it is always possible that you can exercise preventive measures and stay at bay from such ugliness causing maladies. Underneath are mentioned specific prevention steps that you must follow if you want to keep your nails looking healthy and bright for a more extended period and reduce the frequency of yellowness or the infection. Continue reading ahead to know more:

  • Try to keep your nails dry and clean. Avoid dampness and wash them often to keep the dirt out of them.
  • Avoid wearing dirty socks. It is important that you wear clean socks every day and the germs on the dirty socks attack your nails as well as the foot skin.
  • It is important to understand that you let some air pass through your shoes after doing some rigorous activity so that your shoes remain clean and dry and they are not damp and stinking due to sweat.
  • As far as a pedicure is concerned, make a correct choice! Also be careful and make sure that the professionals in the salons are sanitizing and altering water for the pedicure purpose and are not using the same water for different customers. Using same water is one of the major causes of infections.
  • While trimming the nails, cut them in a straight line and the nail cutters that you are using must be clean. Wash it using a sanitizer before you can use it.
  • While selecting footwear for yourself, be very sure that you are making a pick of the correct size. A wrong size will only add up to your problems. Get a professional to aid you in knowing your actual foot size in case you are not sure about it yourself. It must be noted that that alteration in the foot size may arise as an outcome of weight loss, weight gain or even during the time of pregnancy.

The above-mentioned remedies and preventive factors will help you in keeping your nails safe and sound, and their beauty will be kept intact as well. Small steps and precautions will take one a long way in life and keep him at bay from several diseases. Being cautious and adopting the healthy lifestyle is also beneficial in the long run for they aid you in keeping your health safe and sound.