How to Get Rid of Water Bugs Using Home Remedies

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Get Rid of Water Bugs Naturally

Water bugs is an umbrella for all the bugs found in our home which like cockroaches and makes your house an unpleasant place to live in. They born in drainage water and enter your houses through drainage pipes to feed on the leftovers especially in the kitchen. You can see them in action during night hours in your kitchen and bathrooms. It is tough to get rid of them as they keep coming in. You can take certain precautions while building your houses to avoid them entirely.

Some commonly found water bugs are: –

  • Water Scorpion
  • Back Swimmer
  • Giant Water Bug
  • Water Boatman
  • Water Striders

A clean house and surrounding are only remedied to avoid them altogether. Keep you sink holes sealed. Avoid any water clogging in or near your houses like birth bath or hole in old drainage cover are the perfect place to hold water for their cultivation. If your house or locality have a swimming pool remember to keep it dried up when not in use or just mix the appropriate amount of chlorine in the water.

Keep your house clean even during the night before you go to sleep as water bugs are attracted towards food items leftover on your kitchen slabs and sinks. Add a few cups of distilled vinegar to your drainage system to keep it away from water bugs.

There are various home based remedies that you can do yourself to keep your house away from water bugs intruding.

  • Diatomaceous

diatomaceous earthIt’s a natural insecticide created from fossilized remains of tiny, aquatic organisms called diatoms. It is the best way to treat your house with any insects and its safe for your pets and babies.

It is a white talc-like powder. It attaches to the skin of the insects causing them to dehydrate and finally die. It is food grade so safe for pets in the house. It can help eliminate bed bugs, house dust mites, cockroaches, water bugs, ants and fleas in your home without using any harsh chemicals.

Brush and vacuum your house or the area you wish to use this product on. Sprinkle the powder in the area. If used on carpets rub it gently to reach the bottom of the carpet where bugs live. Let it sit for at least twelve hours in that area and dust it off. Repeat this process once every three weeks to keep your house free from water bugs or other insects.

It is environment-friendly and does not add any harm to birds, fish and dogs. It is found in large quantities in oceans and seas and considered non-harmful to most species. It is also used a growing medium for potted plants as a soil additive and helps the soil to retain water and nutrients. It helps replenish soil so that plants and food can be grown for livestock and human consumption.

Diatomaceous earth comes in three forms. First one is granulated DE which is a raw material made up from crushing of silica that is usually safe for human consumption and helps build healthy bones. Second is micronized DE which is very fine in consistency and used in pesticides and insecticides. The third is Calcined DE which is heat treated and activated form and used in water filtering and explosives.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar found on our kitchen shelves is a most apt form of home remedy to ward off water bugs and disinfect the area they have invaded. This is organic in nature and safe for the environment while it helps get rid of water bugs. It does not kill water bugs, but the anti-bacterial property in them makes it difficult for water bugs to stay in the place where we have sprayed vinegar.

To make a strong solution mix three part so water to one part of white vinegar and keep it ready in spray bottles to use in affected area. You can make it a daily habit of spraying your kitchen area and your bathrooms after use to keep them clear of water bugs and other insects. It is not only effective to ward off water bugs but also help clean house from slugs, moths and ants. You can also safely use it in your gardens to keep your plants healthy. For a serious problem of insects, you can pull up the concentration of spray to 50-50 percent each vinegar and water and use it to treat your house.

Acidic nature of vinegar may not make it apt to consume when sprayed on vegetables and fruits, so one must be careful to wash them apply before use when you are using this highly concentrated spray in your kitchen. There is a much stronger form of these sprays commercially available in the market which can be used to treat any insects and bacteria.

  • Boric Acid

Boric AcidWater bugs are widely found home insects which can contaminate your food and cause health related issues especially for small children and even adults. It is crucial to control them and keep your house free from their terror. A sprinkling of boric acid in your kitchen and bathroom area may be an effective way to get rid of these water bugs. Sprinkle especially near to their opening, from where they intrude It would check them at their entrance and avoid them from contaminating other areas of your house. When they meet boric acid, they will inhale it, and poison will flow through their windpipes and blood vessels thus ultimately sending them back to their water source where they originated. And in some time, they will be killed.

In case you don’t know from where they are intruding your house, just sprinkle a mixture of sugar with boric acid as bait. The sweet fragrance of sugar will attract them and thus ultimately kill them when envisioned.

Follow below steps to keep your house free from water bugs this summer. Clean and dry up your kitchen and bathroom every day before sleeping. Add a cup of vinegar in all your drainage entries in the night daily at least for next one month, and then you can reduce the frequency to twice a week. Don’t let food leftovers remain on your kitchen slabs especially in the night. Wipe it off with a wet wipe and clean the wipe as well with water after use. Preferably don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink area. This will not only help you get rid of water bugs and other insects but also will help you reduce your work time in the morning, and you will have clean kitchen and bathroom for your use every morning.