How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes at Home

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Mosquitoes are the insects that are well-known as vectors of disease. They have been for 3,000 years, and approximately 3,500 species of mosquitoes has described in recent records all over the world. Mosquitoes are blood-sucking pests that belong to a fly family. They bite humans inducing irritation. Their bite involves both the types, immediate and delay hypersensitivity that causes itching, swelling, redness, etc. Delay bite reaction takes around a week to have symptoms and stays long lasting while quick bite’s response stays for few hours. Delay reaction can lead one up to life-threatening if not treated on time. Several diseases (or fever) caused by mosquitoes are malaria, viral fever, Chikungunya, yellow fever. Dengue fever, and much more. So, keep mosquitoes away to protect yourself from life hazardous disease or illnesses. So, to maintain mosquito’s absence or generating them use following natural methods:

Neem Oil

neem oil
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Neem has antibacterial, antifungal, antiprotozoal, anti-viral tendency. Therefore, it is the best mosquito repellent component. Neem seed oil smell keeps mosquitoes far and has its effect for 8 hours approximately. Apply this oil by mixing equal amounts of coconut oil on exposed parts of your body. Neem seed oil also uses as pesticides to keep bugs away from crops.

Lemongrass Oil

lemongrass oil

It has both properties, insecticide as well as repellent. It is more beneficial and gives strong results than another herbal pesticide. Apply it on the skin by adding soybean oil to it. Both together, work and enhance oomph and longevity without causing unfavorable side effects. It will be more serviceable if you spray around your home, using a spray bottle full of water and few drops of lemongrass oil in it.



Consuming garlic covers almost all body disease. Garlic cloves have a component named as “allicin.” Allicin is the essential oil of garlic that has a strong and pungent smell. Mosquitos hate this scent. This scent is highly allergic to all the mosquitos or parasites and prevents the many diseases spread by them. So, smear this oil on your outer skin. You can boil crushed garlic with water and spray it around your house. This method has durable validity.


It is used to keep environment pollution free. It fights against impurity when it discloses to the environment and hence kills mosquitos and restrict their generation. That’s why sprinkle coffee grounds or power in still water neighbors your living region. It kills mosquitos and also their eggs even before incubating.

Lemon and Eucalyptus

Lemon and Eucalyptus

Lemon as well as eucalyptus are the enemies of mosquitos and prevent you from their bites. Cineole is a substance found in and an excellent source of eucalyptus oil. Its nature is antiseptic and repellent that provides mosquito free atmosphere. So, mix lemon oil and cineol and spread this mixture on your body surface. Or, you can place lemon slices with cloves on it, on your entry gates, windows or elsewhere near your house.


basil leaves

It has antibacterial and antibiotic properties. It acts as a mosquitos repellent as it does not allow them to come near it. Plant basil around your house that will make a vicious trap for mosquitos to keep them away. You can use basil oil for your skin. Drop basil in your home cleaner and clean floors, windows, etc.

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil
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Lavender flowers attract humans, but it welcomes all insects and mosquitos. It has a high and impermeable smell that loathe mosquitoes entry. It operates as a room freshener. So spray lavender oil in your home or directly on your skin. You can use this oil by adding in a body or facial cream.

Peppermint Oil


It is a panacea use to get rid of mosquitoes. It damage flies family members (insects, parasites, bacteria, and mosquitoes) and treats as an insecticide. Crush the peppermint leaves between palm and obtain its oil. Then pet these leaves on mosquito bite that heal and prevent you from fevers or diseases. You can just apply the oil on your skin or can use it with any other remedy. But if you are allergic to this oil, never try this.

Dry Ice

It attracts mosquitoes towards it to kill them because it releases carbon dioxide and mitigates the supply of oxygen near them. To get rid of mosquitoes put dry ice in a container by making certain distance away from you and then burn it. When a class of mosquitoes comes to it close the container that will undoubtedly lead them to death. This process is a time-consuming method but pretty much effective than others.



Camphor obtains from the extract of a tree. Mosquitos do not stay even a half minute near it. It is a superior toxin and natural repellent of parasites. It provides a mosquito free environment in a friendly way. Because it made of oil, you can rub it on your skin. But if you are hypersensitive to camphor then a very acceptable option is to light a camphor in your bedroom for just half an hour.



This oil obtained from distilled oil of various varieties of grass. It prevents the landing of mosquitos in nearby regions. It is a natural repelling agent. It can use as a vaporizer. But many prefer candle infusing using citronella oil.

Remove Stilled Water

Mosquitoes home is mainly unmovable water. They live here in the stagnant water. They lay eggs daily in a large quantity and multiply rapidly. So the very first procedure against mosquitoes is to drain standing water. Check tires, puddles, pails, container, cooler, etc. because these are the place where water is motionless. And you store water yourself, cover it all the time.

Mosquito Net

Mosquitos bites can lead one to several diseases so, use net while you are sleeping. Though it is not a complete method to get rid because a crowd of mosquitoes attacks human. Thu, it is quite safe.


Salt is also known as sodium chloride. It has a superpower to insist mosquitos to run away. Make a paste of salt by adding few drops of water in it and apply it on the skin. You can spray of salt water near you and your house that will also be worthwhile.

Mosquito Trap

To get the absence of mosquito, make a trap for them at home by cutting a plastic bottle in half. Fill it with warm water and then pour the mixture of yeast and brown sugar. Paint or wrap the container with black tape or cloth around it. Place this at dense mosquito part. You will find lessen mosquito staying. Remember to change the bottled water within two weeks.

There are also little things to do that cause significant effects to keep area mosquitos free.

  • Keep clean your house and nearby areas.
  • Plant more and more herbs near your home or in the garden.
  • Do not allow their entry by keeping doors and windows closed.
  • Be cautious of still water for the time.
  • Use LEDs, yellow light, or sodium lights.
  • Kill flying mosquito immediately after seeing them.
  • Do regular trimming of garden grass.
  • Use dustbin instead of throwing away of the garbage.