Learn How to Get Rid of Lizards

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Are you tired of seeing lizards passing by your walls daily? Or are your children complaining by the scaring animal? Lizards, though most of them being harmless, can be one of the most traumatizing animals in your house. Lizards love moving on home’s wall just for their food; to feed on insects available in the house that include; spiders, flies, and mosquitoes. When viewed from this perspective they seem to be advantageous, though their ugly looking body will always make you unsettled at their presence. With this, I will give you the best ways in which you can get rid of these lizards out of your home by use of natural means.

With the natural way it means there are also some artificial ways such as purchasing the lizard repellents which I don’t prefer them to you since they are costly and, in addition, they might also harm your pets e.g. the kittens. On the other hand, the natural ways provide a perfect solution without any harm and very cheap per se.

The natural ways to use so as to get rid of the lizards from your home include; the followings:

The Garlic Smell


Lizards will not withhold any garlic smell which keeps them away despite it being loved by humans. Hang some of the garlic on the walls especially at the area where the lizards have been mostly seen. This will keep them away once they smell the garlic. You can also prepare a garlic spray if you do not prefer hanging of the garlic on your wall by getting a garlic juice and then mixing it with a small amount of water in which you can then spray on the walls of your house.

Ensure that Your Home is Clean

clean home

The first thing you should realize is that lizards can only appear at your house if their food is available at the home. Presence of insects indicates that the home might be unclean since most insects such as cockroaches are attracted by the dirty house. By increasing the cleanliness of your home, you will decrease the number of insects which then keeps away lizards from the home vicinity.

Use of Onions


As the garlic, the onion will also keep away lizards from your home and your house through the smell of the onion. Peel the onion and place some peelings on the wall to keep away lizards. You can also squeeze the onion peeling together with water to come up with a mixture that you can spray on the wall to ensure that the smell keeps away lizards.

Use of Eggshells


This is one of the most effective ways in keeping away lizards from your home. It is very cheap as you will just require to use the eggshells by just avoiding to throw them away after you have eaten your eggs. Though being a traditional method, it still remains to keep away lizards. The eggshells normally deceive lizards that there is another animal in the house and a bigger creature for that case.

Use of Cat


A cat will always keep away all moving creatures in your home not only keeping away rat. Being a very effective way, cats will both be your loving pets and also assist in keeping away the lizards. With a cat, you will be assured of a lizard-free home. It will be suitable to the cat lovers.

Use of Peacock Feathers

peacock feather

This is a very exciting method of keeping away lizards from your home. Lizards fear peacocks since they eat lizards whenever they meet. You can put the feathers around your home entrances including the house doors which can act as a décor for your home but deep within you, it has a better purpose of keeping away lizards. Lizards will keep away if they see the feathers as they will be deceived to the feathers being the peacock itself.

Use of Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray

This spray can just be made at your own room and very cheap. You will just need a spray bottle, black pepper powder, chilli powder and water. Just spare some of these food flavors and use them to keep away this creature. Use two teaspoonful and one teaspoonful of black pepper and chilli powder respectively and fill them into the bottle with water. Shake the mixture thoroughly, then you are good to go. Spray the room to keep the creature away as the contact of the spray with the lizard’s skin, leads to irritation leading them to run for a friendly environment.

Use of Coffee Powder


This is a remedy that will completely eliminate the lizards by killing them. Make some balls from the coffee powder combined with tobacco powder and then place the balls at most places of your home especially at their hiding places. After eating the coffee balls, the lizards will either die or run away from the home as they detect threat.

Use of Icy Cold Water

Icy Cold Water

From their normal living, reptiles do hibernate in times of winter. This is due to the sudden temperature changes in which they are not used to. When you see the lizard on the wall, splash the icy cold water on its body which immediately causes it to be immobile due to the sudden decrease in temperatures. You can now take it and throw it away or you kill it according to your preferences.

Use of A Mousetrap


This will kill the lizards in a similar way to how it kills rats. Set the trap at the most efficient place where they frequently pass through. You can add a bait on the trap so as to attract them easily. In case the lizard pass through the mousetrap, they will be trapped and now you can through it away.

Keep Your Room Dark

dark room

On daytime, let your room remain dark as lizards tend to move to areas with more light so as to enhance their feeding. This is not a very efficient method since, on the other hand, lizards love to reside in dark places hence might hide themselves in the house.

These home remedies to get rid of lizards naturally from your home, provide effective and friendly solutions. You will not be required to be a professional in preparing or using any method making these methods the best compared to the use of the commercial repellents which could be harmful to any living creature in the home. With this, you are assured of a comfortable and exciting stay in your home you will really love.