How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids with Natural Home Remedies

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Hemorrhoids bursting is a type of disease in which a person is suffering from Itching, burning, pain and swelling. It frustrates a person and seems to shameful in public. Most of the individuals apply creams, pills, an ointment that shows an adverse effect on their body and not the proper cure for themselves and this product cost is so high. Hemorrhoids a type of ‘Piles’ in which tissues or blood vessels inflamed at lower rectum. A person who suffers from Piles should not feel ashamed to tell about his disease to his friend or family or medical consultant, but a friend does not need to shy about yourself it is not a serious problem. You just need to aware of some remedies and precautions that get you rid out of Hemorrhoids.

Cause of Hemorrhoids

  1. Bleeding, itching, swelling, and anal pain take place on affected area.
  2. Too much pressure on surrounding the anus, and these internal veins affected by infection and medication that cause the blood vessel into the rectum.
  3. A long time is sitting affect Piles so much in which body do not move that cause obsession, diabetes or other health related issues.
  4. Pregnant woman sometimes affected by piles due to heavy weight that creates bleeding in anus area.
  5. When you take insufficient liquid terms in your meal like water, milk, healthy shakes, that cause constipation and body’s extra garbage did not pass over the cause.

Home Remedies to Cure Hemorrhoids

Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Aloe Vera has a type of cooling herb that gets relief from pain and bleeding due to piles. Aloe Vera gives the best result to control your pressure and manage your itching and burning.

Green Tea

Green Tea is a simple and easiest way to cure Hemorrhoids. Green Tea contains many anti-oxidants that help to reduces injury in the anus area and protect against bacteria and infection.



Garlic is an excellent solution for hemorrhoids apply it on the particular area that circulates the blood correctly and takes this in the liquid form, i.e.,.With boiled water or juice that reduces the bleeding and healing the particular area.


Potatoes may be sufficient for this. You can make a paste of potatoes and apply it on surface area till dry, It gives you fast relief from your pain and reduces the chances of bleeding.


Ice may be helpful to reduce the inflammation and bleeding into the rectum. Take the ice cubes in soft cloth or cotton and apply it on affected area that gives you more relief, it is very beneficial for burn and wounds.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is in a liquid or wipes form that is a type of natural treatment. Apply it with cotton on the anal area and feels you relief.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is very beneficial to cure you of hemorrhoids. Apply it twice or thrice in a day and gives you best results within one week.

Here is a big question that Is there a need for surgery to sort out from Hemorrhoids?

Take consult with your specialist or physicians that discussed with you about your problem. In rare cases, there is a need for operations or surgery. It may be sorted out from some healthy foods and with simple home remedies that have no side effects. Apply the above home remedies that give you a better result and feels you much better and these simple remedies easily available in your kitchen. Do not try to worry about this take positivity in yourself that gives you strength and fight from any problem.