How to Get Rid of Headache Pain & Tension

Posted on Updated on 29 March, 2017

How to Reduce Stress and Headache Pain Naturally

A headache is a very widespread problem that can occur to anyone at anytime. It is not considered as a genuine issue. Usually, it may remain to continue to few hours and then it may vanish itself, or you can try some home remedies to cure it.

Where Do You Feel the Effect of Headache?

It is a situation of pain in any part of your head which may effect and cause pain in the neck. It may involve pain or itching in facial tissues.

What are the Causes?

Various factors can lead to a headache. The common reasons behind a headache is a situation of confusion, low or weak visions, personality changes, weakness in the body, stressed situations, feeling any mental pressure or getting trapped in unfavorable circumstances. The all are the common reasons behind a headache, but sometimes it may occur without following any reason.


It cannot be described as only as a rule as having any problem in the head. There are many types of a headache, and every a problem needs a different treatment. So, it’s important to understand which kind of a headache do you feel. The Followings are the types of Headaches:-

  • Cluster headaches
  • Pregnancy headaches
  • Rebound headaches
  • Sinus headaches
  • Tension headaches
  • Cough headaches
  • Migraine rebound

Remedies to Relieve Headache Pain

A headache may seem to a very simple problem as it’s not any serious health issue, but those who are suffering from it know very well how impatience is to bear the same. So, here are some helpful remedies that can help you to cure your headache.

  1. Press and massage over the affected area

You can rub with using your thumb to press the area where you feel the most pain on it. You can massage with your fingers using some massage oil or olive oil. That’s the most proven ways to feel relaxed and comfortable. Massage will increase the blood circulation and make you easier.

  1. Use a Caffeinated Drink

You can try a cup of strong coffee as caffeine can reduce blood vessel swelling and helps you to cure it. Caffeine also poses some ingredients similar to the painkiller. But sometimes the reason behind this painful condition may result in excessive intake of caffeine.

  1. Essential Oils Can Help You a Lot

Essential oils have properties to cure your health problems. Lavender oil provides immediate relief in a headache. Just pour a few drops of lavender oil on your forehead and gently massage with your fingers. It smells has properties to cure your headache. You can also use lemon grass oil if you feel that tension and stress cause it.

  1. Have a Stroll

You can go for an evening walk in some park. Nature’s power always has magical properties. The cool air of the evening may help your headache to cool down. It refreshed and energized your mood and mind, which automatically lead to cure it.

  1. Prevents Before it Happens

Some habits of the particular action can cause you a headache. So you need to find out the things that cause you a headache. It can occur when you are empty stomach or have not eaten your food properly. So, try to avoid the situations.

  1. Eats Some Nuts

Try to eat some almonds. Almond is a natural remedy and healthier option to treat this disease. It contains ingredients named salicin which has painkiller properties. Almonds also boost your energy level and remove any weakness from your body.

  1. Do Some Physical Exercise

Our work routine kept, and our professional life has lesser our body movements. So, do some physical exercise and make your body active. This will help proper blood circulation in the body which can help to cure a headache. You can also try yoga, as yoga is blended of both physical and mental activity that makes your body and soul relaxed.

  1. Drink Fish Oil

Studies have proven that fish oil helps to reduce pain in the head. Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acid, which is quite healthy for your heart. Fish oil has many benefits to our health, and it helps to reduce inflammation, blood clotting and also lowers the blood pressure. You can drink fish oil to reduce the level of pain. Fish oil is easily available in the market. You can also buy fish oil capsules.

  1. Water flavored with Natural Ginger Root

Gently slice the 3 or 4 pieces of ginger root and boil them in 2 cups water with proper covering them. Let them remain on slow heat for 30 minutes. After thirty minutes,  remove them from heat and transfer the water in a mug. Now sip that water slowly.

  1. Hold a Pencil between Your Teeth

This simple trick has worked for many. You just need to grab a pencil and hold that pencil between your teeth tightly. It will activate your smile muscles and relax your jaw. It will put a strain on muscle connecting to the jaw, which will help you to cure paining head.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water on a daily routine will help you to make you strong and hydrated. Water is also useful to cure it. When you feel started a headache, you should immediately drink one or more glass of water.

  1. Eat Healthy Diet

You should eat a healthy and nutritious diet to avoid any health issue. More intakes of fresh vegetable and fruits in your diet lower the chances a headache. And even when you feel pain, you should immediately eat something healthy. You may eat salad or take fruit juices.

When your headache doesn’t get cured with any remedies or pills, and it continue to last for many days, then it may be considered a serious problem. There are chances that it’s an indication of a serious health issue. As a constant headache can be a sign of cancer, tumor or any other disease. It’s advised to visit your physician for proper treatment and guidance.