How to Get Rid of Armpit Rashes

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

At times, an individual can identify bumpy, scaly and red rashes under the arm. These rashes can be irritating as well as discomforting. Anyone who notices any signs and symptoms of any rash on armpit may ask himself or herself what these rashes are. What causes them? Are they curable? And if curable how they can be treated? This article review contains all the answers to these questions. An individual should not assume any form of rash under the arm but should seek medical attention for diagnosis.

What is an Armpit Rash?

It can be defined as any change in the appearance of the underarm skin. Your armpit may turn reddish especially for the brown skin, swollen and bumpy, scaly or blistered. The rashes could be painful or painless depending on the cause and type of the outbreak. Armpit rash may begin at one spot and spread to the other parts of the armpit.

Moreover, armpit rashes may appear at one stage in one’s life and then disappear whereas there are some rashes which are prolonged, that is, the infection takes a long time to fade.  Duration taken for the armpit rash to disappear depends on the cause of armpit rash and treatment method adopted.

Causes of Armpit Rashes

There are several causes of armpit rashes which include;

Contact with Allergens

Some people are allergic to certain deodorants or laundry detergents. When the detergents or lotion come into contact with the armpit, allergic reaction take place causing lumps to appear under the armpit. The type of rash resulting from these reactions is called Contact dermatitis. Armpit rashes caused due to allergic reactions that are minor and temporary. Therefore, rashes caused by deodorants or laundry detergents disappear after a short period if one is not using the detergent or deodorant causing the allergic reaction.

Straining of Muscles

Straining of muscles can cause pain in the armpit. Individuals who are involved in sports and lifting weights are prone to this cause of armpit rashes. There are two types of muscles which are involved in causing armpit pain. They include coracobrachialis and pectoralis major. Coracobrachialis muscle is located in the upper arm. Throwing sports like javelin throwing and baseball can make the muscle to strain. Pectoralis major is a big chest muscle that runs up into the shoulder. Lifting weights and playing sports can cause this muscle to strain to cause armpit pain.


The varicella-zoster virus (1) spread an infection called shingles. The infection does not only cause rashes to appear in the armpit but also to the other body parts such as chest and on the back of your body. Rashes caused by this virus tend to be scaly and discomforting.


Some diseases expose an individual to armpit rashes such as breast cancer, measles, mumps, roseola, scarlet fever, and meningitis. Rashes resulting from the following diseases tend to disappear once the diseases are treated.

Swelling of Lymph Glands

Lymph fluid helps in fighting infections in the body. Lymph glands or nodes produce lymph fluid.  Lymph nodes are concentrated mainly on armpit thus exposing everyone to lumps on armpit. In case there is a blockage in lymph node, lymph node tends to swell causing lumps under the arm. The bumps resulting from swelling of lymph glands tend to be painful. Nevertheless, some infections such as flu can also affect the lymph nodes to swell.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Extreme weather conditions such as extreme cold and extreme heat conditions can cause rashes to appear under the arm. These types of outbreaks tend to be scaly or reddish. These types of rashes are temporary hence they disappear upon the change in extreme weather conditions.


Since armpit rashes can be painful and discomforting, treatment is of great importance. Since there are various causes of outbreaks as discussed earlier, diagnosis of armpit rashes (2) can be complicated. However, this does not mean that armpit rashes are not curable. The following treatment measures can be taken to get rid of armpit rashes.

Seize using the Irritants

As discussed earlier, one of the causes of armpit rashes is allergens. An individual should identify the deodorants or lotions causing allergic reactions in the body in the body and seize using them. Moreover, some individuals are allergic to certain foods. Allergic reactions, in turn, result in armpit rashes. Any person who has an allergy to deodorant or lotion, food, materials such as, reaction to metals are advised to avoid anything that can cause allergic reactions in their bodies.

Avoid Scratching the Affected Area

Some rashes are irritating tempting an individual to scratch. Since some rashes are as a result of infection as discussed earlier, scratching may expose an individual to a risk of spreading the rashes. Moreover, scratching the affected area may worsen the situation of the rash.


Moreover, another treatment method applicable is the use of medicine. In this case, an individual should seek medical advice. Since one of the causes of armpit rashes is Varicella-zoster virus use of antiviral, drugs can be taken to fight the virus. Moreover, armpit rashes can also be bacterial. In this situation, antibiotics are preferable. Oral medicines, as well as topical antibiotics, can be used depending on the cause of armpit rashes. Nevertheless, some rashes are very painful hence one should seek medical attention to keep the signs and symptom of armpit rashes under control.

Relaxing and Resting

As discussed earlier, armpit rashes can result from straining of muscles. In these situations, an individual is advised to keep off from activities causing strain to the muscles. As an individual is resting, he or she can make use of ice to aid in relaxing the muscles. Moreover, relaxing help an individual to resist scratching.

Treatment of Diseases Causing Armpit Rashes

Infections can be a cause of armpit rashes. In case of such situations, an individual should deal with the disease which is causing the appearance of armpit rashes. For instance, an individual suffering from measles can have armpit rashes and treating the disease will help you get rid of these rashes.

Home Remedies to Treat Armpit Rashes

There are several home remedies as well as tips to prevent armpit rashes. Home remedies are the immediate natural ways one uses without a medical prescription or doctor’s supervision.  Therefore, armpit rash may or may not be treated at home, in conditions where the armpit rash has not been intensely affected then there are home remedies to help you treat the rash using ingredients you may have access to at home. For example;

Consumption of Foods Rich in Vitamin C

vitamin c

Consuming more of vitamin C is advisable. The vitamin is found in popular fruits such as lemons, oranges, and even tomatoes.  This vitamin helps fight against skin infections.  Most people would prefer slicing lemons and apply the juice to the armpit skin hence killing the bacteria with the citric acid present.

Use of Ice Cubes

apply ice on armpits

In cases of itching, applying ice cubes aids in reducing the itching. You can rub ice on the affected area to get instant relief.

Avoid Scratching

Scratching the rashes may worsen the rashes as well as expose an individual to spread of rashes. Therefore, an individual should avoid scratching.

Use of lavender Oil and Coconut Oil

lavender Oil and coconut Oil

Mix a small quantity of lavender and coconut oils and use cotton to slide across your armpit help in soothing the rash and irritation. Mixing tree oil with water and using cotton help in dealing with the fungal infection and reducing itching.

Some Tips to Get Rid of Armpits Outbreaks

Good Hygiene

Practicing good hygiene every day is one of the preventive measures of armpit rashes. You must shower at least twice a day and ensure your armpits are fully dried.

Avoid Using the Irritants

For those using deodorants and realize they are irritating their skin and causing rashes should stop using them immediately. When you observe allergies you should seek medical attention before changing to another skin product.

Wear Loose Clothing

It is advisable to wear loose cotton clothing to ensure the armpit has fresh air. Wearing loose clothing also aids in reducing sweat accumulation especially in hot weather.

Maintain Less Hair on Armpit

Ensure your armpits are clean with less hair; avoid shaving when you notice some rashes. This may worsen the condition. But it is advisable to keep the underarm shaved and clean. This is to prevent heat rash from developing.

Take a lot of Water

It is healthy to drink a lot of water; this assists the body to flush out toxins present in the system naturally. This reduces the chances of getting armpit rashes.


This article review is of great importance to those who had questions about armpit rashes. Armpit rash can be so annoying itchy and inflammatory. Upon identification of armpit rashes, an individual should take action to prevent the rashes from both spreading and worsening. It is advisable that an individual should opt for home remedies instantly but if the condition worsens he or she should seek medical advice from a dermatologist. Note that scratching worsens the condition. Therefore, it is advisable not to scratch the infected area.  Moreover, since prevention is better than cure, an individual not infected should make use of the given tips to ensure that they are free from armpit rashes.