How to get Pregnant with a Boy?

How to get Pregnant with a Boy?

Are you trying to get pregnant? Perhaps you have your heart set on a little boy – a blue nursery, a football or baseball player like his Daddy, a Mama’s boy. If you would know how to get pregnant with a boy, then there are various techniques you can effectively practice which will increase your chances.

Male and female sperm are produced in quantities that are roughly the same, so a way of increasing your chance of getting pregnant with a boy is by looking at the sperm characteristics and ensure that the male sperm is in better position to reach the egg than the female sperm.

Ways for a baby boy

Below are ways which will increase your chance of getting pregnant with a boy.

Determine your ovulation period

When you are trying to get pregnant, either for a boy or girl, you will want to ensure that you know when you are ovulating. There are various ways to predict when you are ovulating, and one of the most widely known techniques is to use an ovulation kit. You can also practice taking your basal body temperatures or check cervical mucus and position for other tips on how to track your ovulation.

Time As Close to Ovulation As Possible

It is well known that the male sperm are faster swimmers than the female sperm, but cannot last long. The female sperm will take more time getting to the egg and can stay around for a longer period. By timing intercourse close to your ovulation period, the male sperm will have the advantage of getting to the egg first. It is why you should learn how to track your ovulation period.

Eat Big Meals

The male sperm prefers an alkaline environment, which means an environment that is less acidic. It is the reason why it is recommended that you should eat more salty foods, soda, and red meat. So if you wish to get pregnant with a boy, you should consider having a big meal and eat like a man.

Use The Chinese Lunar Calendar

This gender predicting method has been around for centuries and is confirmed to be accurate by thousands of women. This technique uses the age of the woman and the month in which she got pregnant to determine the gender of the baby. So, when you wish to get pregnant with a boy, you should consider using the calendar to predict the month to conceive, in order to get the baby gender you wish to have. Also, there are some experts of the Chinese lunar calendar that confirm this technique to be 99% accurate. While not scientifically valid, it might be fun to try.

Have an orgasm

It has been discovered that having an orgasm is a technique that increases your chance of getting pregnant with a boy. The alkaline secretion released by the female orgasm helps the boy sperm to survive longer because it creates a less hostile environment, meaning that the boy sperm are assisted in reaching the egg first. It is also assumed that when you orgasm before your male partner, it increases the chance of getting pregnant with a girl. It is because the orgasm of the woman gives the male sperm a greater chance of reaching the egg.

Cough Syrup

Cough syrup containing an ingredient called guaifenesin helps increase a woman’s chance of getting pregnant with a boy because it thins the cervical mucus. It is this cervical mucus that then helps the male sperm get through to the egg. There are a lot of women taking over the counter cough syrup as a remedy to help them get pregnant faster. However, it increases your chances of getting pregnant with a boy.

Ensure Your Hubby Take a Cold Bath

It is also suggested that having a cold bath before intercourse will strengthen the male sperm because the boy sperm is more comfortable in a cold environment.

Ensure your partner wears boxers

Ensure that your hubby wears boxers. Keeping your husband cool and breezy ensures that the male sperm is comfortable, which is not a suitable environment for the girl sperm. It makes the testicles cool and breezy and will reduce the number of sperm, which then improves your chance of getting pregnant with a boy.

Make Your Man Drink Coffee

There are some women who claim that you can increase your chances of getting pregnant with a boy when the man drinks a cup of coffee before trying to conceive.

The scientific reasoning is that the caffeine helps in giving the male sperm an additional boost and makes them swim faster. In any case, a cup of coffee, chocolates or an energy drink before intercourse won’t do any harm – so why not try it?


While there have been claims that these techniques work, it is not guaranteed that they will work for you. It is important to note that the only technique that is scientifically proven to sway the odds slightly is the timing of intercourse.

Nevertheless, you can enjoy yourself while trying to conceive a boy, and no matter the gender you end up conceiving, the result is the same – a healthy and happy baby and an awesome addition to your family.