How to Get in Shape Fast

Posted on Updated on 19 December, 2017

Now you have an important reunion or event coming. You need to get in shape quickly but not sure what to do.

We understand. We have been in that situation ourselves. Don’t worry; it is possible to get in shape quickly. We have put together the following guide to help you achieve the impossible.

Before you know it, you will be in better shape and be the envy of all your friends. Take the time and read through the following steps. Then make a promise to yourself to use them to help you get into the shape you want. Getting back into shape is not that difficult to achieve.

The Nine Steps to Getting Into Shape

#1. Set realistic goals: You do not want to defeat yourself before you start. Unrealistic goals do not help. Set proper goals that you know you can achieve

#2. Set up a reward system: Even if you are spending the money, rewards help motivate a person as they struggle to get into shape.

#3. Keep your exercise time manageable: Do not set aside too much time at the beginning for exercise. Build up to longer times as you proceed and progress.

#4. Include cardio exercises: Getting in shape is not focused on how your body looks. You need to work on the inside as well. Your heart, lungs, blood flow all need to get into shape.

#5. Reduce sitting time: This does not mean you do not sit at any time of the day. Just reduce your television watching, movie watching, and exercise or do other activities. Keep moving.

#6. Old-fashioned exercises still work: You do not need to exclude those childhood exercises you hated in gym class. Squats, jumping jacks, and other old-school exercises were used because they work.

#7. Don’t forget push-ups, sit-ups, burpees and other full body exercises: No need to be sophisticated and do muscle isolation exercises. These can come later when you are in shape.

#8. Add some light weights to your regime: Remember you are not working out to be Mr. Universe or Mrs. Muscle. You are just trying to get into shape. Don’t overdo the reps or the weight. Take it slow and build up to heavier weight.

#9. Include exercises that increase flexibility: One of the problems that weightlifters encounter is that their flexibility is gone when they lift too much. Being in shape does not mean you can’t move properly.

These are the nine steps to help you get back into shape quickly. Just remember not to overdo your schedule. Start exercise 3-4 times a week and build up to more. If you overdo it, you will discourage yourself and quit before you achieve your goal. You won’t become the envy of your friends if you quit.

Change Your Diet

But there is more to getting into shape than just exercising. To be healthy, you need to eat right. It means you have to say no to those fast food urges. We now the aroma of the fast food industry is enticing, but you have to be strong and drive by the McDonald’s or another fast food outlet.

#1. Eat right: You do not have to go organic or vegetarian to get into shape. Eating meat will not make you unhealthy or fatter. Just make it a balanced diet.

#2. Don’t go to the extreme: You do not have to adopt an organic or vegetarian diet. Just make better food and portion choices. Don’t be like those people who order a double ¼ lb. burger and super-sizes the rest. Then ask for the coke to be diet because they are on a diet. Just cut it down and do not overeat.

#3. Eat three times a day: skipping a meal or two will not help you get into shape. It will make you more tired and lose more energy. Just be intelligent and make sure your meals are healthy, well-balanced and the right portion. Like your car, your body needs fuel all the time to work right.

#4. Give yourself a food reward: when you achieve designated goals, then take yourself out for an excellent meal to reward yourself for your achievement. But don’t overdo A bowl of ice cream, not a gallon. A healthy meal not ten tacos and a burrito.

#5. Don’t forget the fluids: Your body will dehydrate as you exercise. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, so your body can work at its peak levels. These do not have to be energy drinks, but you should include lots of water.

Stop Making Excuses to Yourself

We have given you nine proper steps on how to get back into shape physically. We have also provided you five healthy eating tips that will make sure you lose weight and become healthy. The rest is up to you.

The more excuses you make, the less time you have to get into shape. There is no time like now to become the person you always wanted to be physical.

You can Get Into Shape Anywhere

The good thing about getting into shape is that you do not need to be a member of a gym. You can exercise anywhere and anytime and still achieve your goals. That is one of the better aspects of the old school exercises. You can do them in the privacy of your bedroom.

Time is not the Issue

Even if you have a busy schedule, you can set 15 minutes aside each day to exercise. As we said, you don’t need to exercise for an hour or more at the start. Build up to your longer exercise time. Make sure you adjust to the new addition to your schedule before taking a big part of it away for exercising.

Some Final Words:

Getting back into shape is not hard. You just need to do it right, so you can achieve the look you want. Patience is the key.