How to Fight Stress, Anxiety & Depression Naturally

Posted on Updated on 4 April, 2017

Natural Ways to Fight Stress, Anxiety & Depression

If you often feel gloomy even in an environment where everyone is happy and lived up, then you may be suffering from depression. If you are suffering from depression, the things and activity that you would enjoy once might not seem to be interesting anymore. It’s a state of mind when you continuously feel sad, don’t feel like you would enjoy any activity or anything would promise to create a state of pleasure to you. The patients also lose their love for food and often feel lethargic and lazy without an intent to do anything. They often have thoughts of being worthless and feel guilty. They have difficulty in thinking and concentrating. They have problems while deciding. In some serious scenarios, they also lead to the thoughts of death and suicide.

Sometimes we may feel above feelings when we have gone through a trauma or a serious condition and its ok to feel sad and loose intent to live. But when these feelings last long and you are not able to overcome it then you must seek professional advice to surpass them.

There are various measures you could take to get you out of this mental condition. Of course, medication is required in some conditions, but these things would also help you revive yourself early.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Studies have shown an improvement in the mental condition of people who eat diet lavish in omega three fatty acids. The top-rated food with high content of Omega 3 fatty acid is fish, but you could also alter this with foods like flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts, seafood, soybeans, and spinach.

In case you are already suffering from depression then Omega 3 supplements should be taken in conjunction with proper medication. It does not help alone.

Omega 3 fatty acids are required to be taken from outside sources as your body is not capable of developing them on their own. It should be part of your diet. It is seen that people who enjoy seafood in the course of their daily diet are less prone to disease like depression.

Results of taking these supplements may vary from person to person since depression is dependent on the number of factors like your surroundings, your lifestyle, the current situation of your life, your past experiences and even your genes. You may be carrying this in your genes, or someone from your family might have been suffering from such disease in history which might be just passed on to you without you facing any original depression condition or situation yourself.

Include Exercise in Your Daily Routine

Exercise increases the level of a chemical called dopamine in your body which helps in preventing and treating depression. Before starting a new exercise regime, one must seek doctor’s advice as different sets and forms of exercise apply to different people depending on their age and physical fitness.

Exercising can add that jest to your life. It not only molds you to be a better person but also enhances a positive outlook towards life. It also helps you keep healthy and avoid various other health issues. It often helps our body release certain chemicals which make you feel good about yourself. A good round of exercise would help you keep your brain calm and away from outside worldly issues.

Depression is often a condition when you feel unworthy and have low confidence in yourself. Exercising helps in getting you out of this condition and feel more confident and good about yourself. It keeps your mind off from negative thoughts and worries. It also regulates your sleeping cycle. Many times people have a mental disorder because they don’t get enough sleep. Exercising can help your body have enough activity level to charge your brain to have a sound and healthy sleep.

This installs that positive attitude in your life and keeps you motivated to live your life to the fullest. This kind of change in attitude helps a person to get out from the depression condition and lead a healthy life. It also gives you a chance to meet and greet new people who would share their outlook towards life with you and might help you change your perception towards life.

Start Doing Yoga

Yoga is the best form of exercise which one can adapt to feel calm and relaxed. It works in three ways by breath control, physical body movements, and meditation.  Tell your yoga instructor that you suffer from a mood disorder and he will be able to help you elevate it and improve it.

Breath control helps in proper supply of oxygen to your brain and body which helps then function properly and stay healthy. Many times our breathing is not regulated, sometimes we take small breathes which is not appropriate to perform complete oxygen level to our brain and body. All this is checked and controlled while you involve yourself in yoga. The first lesson one would learn while doing yoga is how to control his breath and proper ways to breathe. Doing this aptly for an hour you spend at yoga center would be enough for you to heal yourself completely within a span of time.

Then comes poses which are a stretching your body and muscles in different forms to make them more flexible and tolerant to injuries. Our body is a temple and yoga helps us keep this temple well maintained. Yoga is a result of ancient studies of human body movements and formation and can heal one with just a few moves combined with breathing control. This often stretches and relaxes all the cramped-up muscles in your body and make your mind more calm and healthy. You would feel a positive feeling when you would complete a cycle of yoga.

Yoga is not constrained to just physical well-being but also helps cure you of spiritual outlook. Meditation is one such phenomenon which is part of yoga that would help you heal from a religious aspect. It trains your brain with positive thoughts and helps you achieve a positive outlook in any condition in your life.

Sleep Heals

Our body heals itself while we sleep and this is paramount for the total wellbeing of a person. A sound sleep is necessary for healing your mind and body. If you get a healthy sleep, you are less likely to be overcrowded with negative thoughts and stress. You are more capable of dealing with stressful situations when you sleep well. The stress is less likely to leave you in a negative situation.

Try to create a healthy condition for your sleeping environment. Keep your phones and computers away from your bedroom to keep it from distracting you when you are trying to sleep. Taking a glass of warm milk, which could help instigate a sound sleep. Keep it dark and comfortable so that you can enjoy your sleep without any worries and disturbances. Install an air-conditioner to help you keep your room temperature optimal for a sound sleep.

Following a set routine for your sleep is always healthy, and one must never try to disturb this cycle. It becomes difficult to re-instate the cycle once disturbed. You should try to enjoy at least eight hours of sleep daily to keep yourself fresh and kicking in the morning. Often people think that they could stretch a bit to cover some more in the night and end up having a lesser sleep. This may seem that you are covering more in first few days, but when it continues, it results in lower productivity. Your brain does not get enough rest, and it gets up tired. This tired brain is not healthy enough to get you going and produce the same amount of work with the same efficiency which again adds to stress and anxiety.

Avoid Alcohol Intake

Often alcohol consumption increases the adrenaline levels in our body which give us a high. When their standard reduces to normal conditions, our body again demands it to re-instate the same state of the brain. When we do not put it back, the body goes into a state of depression. Yes! Alcohol consumption could be one of the reasons of your depressed mood. Avoid taking alcohol and with time body will re-instate itself to natural conditions. If you have been taking alcohol since long, you could seek professional advice on how to quit it.

Alcohol consumption trains our brain to ask for it again and again and only quitting it could help us cure this condition. Alcohol is a natural depressant, and famously a lot of people drink it to drain their sadness. So, its absence causes people suffer from major depression and mental disorders. It may cause so much damage to your brain that many anti-depressants might not work. If you already suffer from depression, then alcohol consumption is a complete no for you.

Eat Healthy

You must have heard that a healthy mind exists in a healthy body and our body is made up of what we eat. Eating unprocessed and junk food would lead you to various problems. A diet high in sugar may cause fluctuation in blood sugar levels which impact the neurons that direct the functioning of the brain.

Our body is a composition of various chemicals which it produces through the food we inject into it. If you feed it with junk diet, then it will produce the dangerous chemicals which in the long term will anyhow harm your body. Taking a well-balanced, healthy diet will help you keep your body functioning well and in a controlled manner.

You should eat whole foods which are rich in fiber and digest slowly in your body. Most of the junk food pumps up a high sugar level in your body which gives a kind of high to your brain. You will feel excited and overjoyed when these sugar levels are high, but as soon as it comes back to normal levels, your body would enter a state of depression or sadness demanding more of such food, and hence the cycle of these unhealthy food cravings begin.

Enhance the Intake of Magnesium

Magnesium is a kind of salt which need to be taken from outside and cannot be created within our body. Magnesium is salt that regulates various functions in our body and would instigate proper functioning of the brain and vital organs in our body. You must take extra care to enhance your intake of foods like nuts, pulses, banana, spinach, soymilk, etc. to regulate the appropriate level of magnesium in your body.

Deficiency of magnesium might be a cause of your depression. Get a blood test done for magnesium deficiency when you are detected suffering from depression. Magnesium deficiency can lead to many other mental disorders as well like insomnia and anxiety.

Magnesium levels can be decreased due to high intake of certain foods like coffee, energy drinks, and alcohol. You must avoid too much intake of these things to prevent any problems in your body.

Drink mineral water, studies have shown that around thirty percent of your magnesium requirements are fulfilled by drinking two liters of mineral water.

Magnesium does not only help in avoiding getting into a state of depression, but it also helps you cure and recover from depression more easily and faster if you are already suffering from it.

Align Your Life Goals and take Responsibilities

Having goals in our life is imperative. Set yourself small, near term, long term, professional, and personal goals. Work out a plan on how to achieve them and work towards them. When you engage yourself into these aims, you will start leaving behind those negative thoughts which often instigate depression. It gives a reason in your life to live.

Take on that extra responsibility. Everything in life requires extra effort. You may seem to find to cope with this change in your lifestyle a bit confusing at first. You might have to disturb your sleep a little bit early in the morning. You may not be able to find that extra time to lure over your life miseries. You may miss that extra glass of alcohol which you use to take to overcome that sad situation. You might have to meet and greet new people from different outlooks. You might have to listen about your mistakes and would require improving on them. It might all look almost impossible in a first instant. But a little extra effort would help.

There is just one life and should not be wasted worrying and being sad about what we have lost or do not have. We should invest to make the most out of it.