How to Eat Healthy Without Sacrificing Your Life for It

Posted on Updated on 9 December, 2017

Eating Healthy – A Busy Person’s Way

In the hectic modern world, it is not just difficult to have a healthy lifestyle – it’s virtually impossible, as researchers have proven in a recent study (available at ). If you are not some psycho who can survive on a paleo diet or eat thin air for lunch, chances are you are not doing that great in the healthy eating domain.

And yet minding what you eat is important, especially if you at an office. How to start eating healthier without sacrificing your life to that purpose? There are a few ways that won’t demand a lot from you.

Drink Water

Put a bottle of water in your bag and carry it around or put it on your table at work. The sheer consumption of clear water will make your digestion work better. Water also washes out toxins and other unpleasant substances from your body – those that you might have accumulated through hamburgers and other junk food. If possible, take a glass of water with lemon instead of coke when you go to lunch. Remember that feeling of being stuffed with food and hating yourself for it? Soda contributes a lot to it.

Eat Vegetables Whenever You Can

If there is a choice of side – fries or veggies – try taking vegetables at least some of the time. It might seem a minor change, but it does influence a lot your general health. Don’t go overboard though – barring some food all together will only make you crave it. Moderation is key to healthy eating. Besides, a salad is still the easiest option for a weeknight dinner. Add some boiled and chopped chicken breast in there and voila – you have an incredibly healthy dinner.

Listen to Yourself After Eating

The body can tell you a lot about what’s good and what’s not good for you. How do you feel after that extra slice of pizza? Or that big spicy medium rare steak? If your answer is “not so well,” then you should probably try other options. Some things are just as good – you just need to experiment.

Eat Fish from Time to Time

We are talking actual fish, not fish fingers or anything like that. You might not have time or willingness to cook it at home, but next time you are eating out, take a look at the fish part of the menu. Fish contains a lot of things that are good for you and can hardly be found in the same amount anywhere else.

Don’t Refuse Yourself Anything – Just don’t Overdo It

A burger, a slice of pizza, a glass of wine – we all want it from time to time. And it’s good for you, mentally, to indulge. Not all the times though. If you feel that a burger will make you happy – have it! If you think it will make you happy every day of every week, well, you might be having real problems in your life and stress eating won’t help it.