How to Awaken the Sacral Chakra

Posted on Updated on 3 September, 2017

The second energy center spiraling inside our body is called the Sacral Chakra or the Second Chakra. The energy chakra or the wheel resides in the lower abdomen and is known as the Svadhishthana in its root language – Sanskrit, which translates into “one’s very own place,” or the true self. It is associated with creativity, pleasure, emotional aspects and sensuality. Being related to warmth and feelings, it reflects the color orange. If your sacral chakra is awakened and balanced, you will radiate warmth and will be able to express your emotions freely.

Where is the Sacral Chakra Located?

In the lower abdomen, the chakra is located at the very center, some three inches below the belly button. According to what some experts say, the chakra is rather located in the back where the lumbar vertebrae are present. Other experts also suggest its location be in the genital area, more specifically to be a level of the ovaries in females and the testicles in males.

Characteristics of Sacral Chakra

The element of sacral chakra is water, and so, it is characterized by the very characteristics of water which are flexibility and flow. This means, although the second chakra is orange it could also reflect white or light blue color like the water on rare occasions. Also, the orange of this chakra is more translucent and exudes transparency. Relationships, emotions, feelings, sexuality, sensual pleasures, creativity, fantasies, knowledge of the inner and the outer worlds are all related to the sacral chakra. Even the lymphatic activities are influenced by the functioning of the sacral chakra.

A Balanced Sacral Chakra

When the second chakra is open and perfectly functioning, we feel motivated which is the driving force of living our life to the fullest, taking pleasure in the sensory enjoyments in a balanced and healthy way. It is the cradle of creative expression of the inner self and expansion of personal identity and universal connection to the outside world. In other words, you experience a harmonious relationship with the world which based around nurturing and care.

Imbalanced Sacral Chakra

When the sacral chakra goes to slumber, i.e., to say it is imbalanced, we become too dependent on other people or other substances for our existence and consider it as our easy means to pleasure. In other words, the emotions take over us, and we lose connection with our true self. Overindulging in daydreaming, sexual obsession or the lack of it like dissatisfied in sexual life or low sexuality and feeling stagnant in certain feelings or emotions are some of the symptoms of an imbalanced sacral chakra.

Addiction is yet another state of imbalanced second chakra where one could exhibit addition to particular food or substance or television or games. One can also feel jealous, envious and anger is owing to the imbalance in this chakra, with a tendency to overreact at times.

On the physical plane, the imbalance could manifest in the form of infertility, multiple miscarriages, ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, ovarian cysts and prostate and testicular issues.

Healing the Sacral Chakra

One of the best parts of sacral chakra awakening is to come to realize all those positive things that make you the happiest. This makes it pretty easy, to begin with, the healing of the sacral chakra and letting the blocked energy flow freely. If you feel you have a blocked second chakra, try indulging in the simple pleasures of life. May be you just enjoying singing and dancing? Take a swim, go for a run in an open green space, do some simple yoga stretches or exercises that you like. Let’s explore more.


Meditation is a great way of activating your sleeping sacral chakra. Simply sit back in a comfortable position in a place and at a time where you are least likely to be interrupted or disturbed. Visualize the color orange and observe the feelings that come up from time to time. Simply, let these images or emotions float by without dwelling on them. This way your negative emotional baggage will pass away gradually, and more space will be created for you to express yourself more positively.


Yoga is one of the fundamentals of healthy mind-body and soul connection and holds true for balancing the sacral chakra as well. Sun salutation yoga which is a combination of 12 poses, is said to be one of the effective-most yoga to regain balance. However, these yoga postures are ideally practiced on an empty stomach and early in the morning for best results.


Acupressure is also much recommended for holistically bringing balance in your physical and mental issues arising from the imbalance of the sacral chakra. There are certain rigid parts on our body which, in this case, mostly around the abdomen, could trigger physical ailments or mental issues. These could be released with acupressure.

Healing Scents

This apart, you could also indulge in aromatherapy and massages to relax your body and mind. The essential oils used in aromatherapy and massages help clear the blockage in the sacral chakra encouraging the sexual, sensual and creative expression. For example, sandalwood oil promotes self-esteem, spiritual love, sexuality and regulates the reproductive hormones. Clary sage, on the other hand, is the quintessential oil to correct women’s reproductive issues. The citrus essential oils encourage and uplift the spirit while bay laurel reconnects you to the inner-self.


Gemstone therapy also offers a great cure for imbalanced second chakra. The effects of the gemstones like carnelian, amber, calcite orange or hematite have been well verified.

Mudra Healing

The mudras or healing hand gestures are also very useful in balancing the chakras. The sacral chakra can be addressed using the Shakthi Mudra. To do this, simply bring the palms in front of the chest and press together the fingertips of the ring finger and the little finger. Fold in the thumbs to the palms, inside the middle and the index finger. The knuckles of the fingers can be then pressed together and simply kept separated. This mudra is to be practiced with meditation to help open it up.

Therapeutic Vibrations

Sound therapy combined with meditation rewards amazing results for healing the chakras. The mantra sound resonating with sacral chakra is VAM. When this mantra is chanted, i.e., repeated on and on while meditating on the orange color of the sacral chakra, it can be divinely uplifting. Also, you can listen to the various relaxing music with binaural beats that correspond to the frequency of sacral chakra. These vibrations are meant to open the chakra and align it.

Thus, as you can see the sacral chakra can be easily unblocked, and the abundance of creative energy be freed. And, once that happens you can experience that divine joy in expressing the treasures of the inner self and connecting to the world on a deeper level.