How to Awaken the Root Chakra

Posted on Updated on 13 September, 2017

The root chakra is the very base of the system of chakras or energy wheels in our bodies. When the chakras are balanced or awakened and function properly, we have a peaceful and harmonious life. The root chakra is the first of all the chakras and is associated with red color. The first chakra is related to all the necessities of human existence like food, water, shelter, comfort, mental peace, acceptance, and trust. When blocked or weakened, the Muladhara can manifest into several problems in life, making one feel lost his place and purpose in this world. Also, since the root chakra is the very foundation of the entire chakra network, if its imbalance is left unaddressed, any subsequent imbalanced chakra cannot be adequately healed.

What is Muladhara Chakra?

The Sanskrit name for root chakra is Muladhara where Mula means ‘root,’ while Dhara translates to ‘support.’ Being the basis of the chakra network, this is the energy center where our survival instincts are formed, i.e., the fight or flight response is created. The root chakra is the foundation of grounding, stability, and vitality. The chakra is associated with the element –  earth.

Where is the Root Chakra Located?

The root chakra spirals at the very base of the spine, at the floor of the pelvis and more precisely around the first three vertebrae.

Characteristics of Root Chakra

The root chakra is associated with the basic needs of life necessary for survival, security, and safety. For example, the necessities like food, shelter, physical self-identity – all come from the Muladhara. This chakra is the founding energy on which we create our life. Not only does it supports our growth but also gives us the feeling of safety and security as we gradually expand our being exploring the various aspects of life. The safe and secure feeling can be physical as well as metaphorical like financial security, housing, and the likes.

A Balanced root chakra

A balanced root chakra makes you feel safe in your surroundings. You will feel safe in life as you will have the sense of purpose in life and will experience harmony in finance, relationship, and career. A functional root chakra makes you feel content, emotionally stable, happy, positive and peaceful. Often a person with a balanced root chakra exudes a serenity that is contagious and has a calming effect on the others around him.

Imbalanced Root Chakra

Imbalance in the root chakra can manifest in the form of health disorders, most of which are related to the lower abdomen and the lower part of the body. One may complain of urinary issues and various kinds of bowel disorders. Some people may suffer from muscular problems in the legs and hips.

Males suffering from a blocked first chakra often complain of prostate problems. Individuals with over-active root chakra display aggressive behavior and draw a false sense of security by proving themselves superior over others. Over active root chakra often leads to impulsive behavior and overindulgence in materialism and harmful sexual inclinations.

On the other hand, people with under-active chakra, find it hard to assert themselves in the world and find it difficult to connect to others. Sometimes, one may feel disconnected from his own body. An overly blocked Muladhara can prevent one from having the energy to go forth and interact with the world. They may not even feel motivated enough to do so.

Typically, a person with a weakened root chakra switches from one project to another and his mind is always racing with different thoughts. The person doesn’t even have the energy or the drive for self-care. This naturally drains out the person, and he/she feels lethargic, demotivated and uninterested.

Individuals with a Muladhara imbalance may also exhibit depression or may suffer from anxiety issues. Panic attacks, nightmares, stress, financial issues could plaque an individual with root chakra imbalance. These apart, reduced immunity, anemia, weight gain or loss, irritable bowel syndrome, and laziness are also symptoms of a blocked root chakra.

Ways to Awakening the Root Chakra

Balancing the root chakra means releasing the excess energy from an over-active chakra or stimulating it with more energy if it is underactive. Here are some useful methods of bringing true balance to a disturbed root chakra –

Yoga – Yoga has several postures which are especially useful for the root chakra. Perform the yogic postures like Sukhasana, Balasana, Malasana, Uttanasana, Tadasana, Sun Salutations, Warrior-II, Bridge pose, and Savasana. Set positive intentions like trusting yourself, letting go, feeling purposeful, creating personal balance, releasing anger and fear. With every inhale, focus on your positive intention and release all negativity with the exhale.

Meditation – Root chakra meditation is an effective way of bringing balance to the disturbed root chakra. Although there are several meditation techniques for correcting the Muladhara, the most common practice is to relax in a seating posture with the back straight and imagining the red root chakra. It is a visualization meditation which concentrates on the location of the root chakra and focusing on its red color. Since the first chakra corresponds to smell, many meditation instructors emphasize the importance of an emphasis on the nose when meditating on healing the root chakra.

Affirmations – Affirmations when practiced alongside other effective methods like yoga and meditation, is a great tool for chakra awakening. Some affirmations to awaken your sense of grounding and connectivity to the world include – “I belong to this beautiful world,” “The world is a safe and an excellent place to live in,” “I am in divine peace with the people and things around me.”

Mantra chanting – Chanting the single syllable mantra “LAM” while focusing on the root chakra during meditation can have immensely healing effects on the root chakra. This mantra can be chanted vocally or in mind.

Color therapy – The idea of color therapy in chakra balancing is to introduce more of the color in your lifestyle that corresponds to that particular chakra. In case of the root chakra, it is red. People who wish to heal the root chakra can also wear more of red clothing. You can eat more of red foods like red apples, tomatoes, etc. Plus, the color can have a more enhanced impact in your life through makeup like a red lip and nail paints, jewelry like ruby or garnet necklace, ring or earrings and so on.

Gemstones – Crystals like azurite, smoky quartz and citrine and gemstones like bloodstone, garnet, yellow topaz are known to balance the disturbed root chakra.

Mudras – The little finger and the ring finger are interlaced and folded into the palm of both the hands while the middle finger is extended to make the fingertips touch. This is an unusual mudra used during meditation to heal the Muladhara.