How Strategy Games like DOTA Boost your Reflexes & Brain Health?

Posted on Updated on 6 May, 2019

Strategy games like DOTA and league of legends are popular strategy games that involve using your ideas and to plan and strategize within the game. You get to control the entire plot of the game, and you can be a better player by learning tricks and moves from your opponents. A strategy game involves more of your brains than shooting or any other games.

Improve your brainwork

DOTA has a separate set of audience and gamers who only play strategy games. The concept of an improved brainwork has come into the picture because in DOTA, one has to really focus and create strategic ideas to combat the opponent or build a kingdom in the game. There are various methods to do it, and you need to decide how to do it better.  You have to develop your own strategies and plan each move; don’t you think it takes brainwork? It is simply a way to exercise your brain.


Programmers and developers love playing the game because they can learn from it. There is so much to learn from strategy games. Developers borrow ideas from Strategy games to apply in their own projects ad it improves memory as well. Learning is a constant process, and they need to learn from everything. These games help developers improve their coding abilities.

For creative thinking

These games help you a lot in thinking creatively as well. It is unlike the straightforward shooting games where there is less involvement of brainpower. These games are perfect for creative minds, as they like to explore their brainpower. Playing DOTA can enhance your innovative thinking, and you can become a lot smarter.

Improves your concentration power

The DOTA games, even DOTA betting, improve your concentration power because you need to invest your intelligence in order to play and survive in these games. Concentration is one of the most important aspects, and you need to provide a significant amount of time and energy to play these games. The better you can concentrate on playing the game, the better the concentration you will have while you are working or studying.

The game exercises your brain and develops your skills for sure. It might take you some time to get the hang of the game, but once you do, there are great possibilities of learning and exploring the ability of your brain. Hence strategy games improve your