How Pornography Destroys You?

Posted on Updated on 9 October, 2017

Pornography is one thing that can satisfy you completely. This is one thing, in modern society that serves as a replacement for sex. It will satisfy your every carnal need. Now, the whole deal with this porn is to give a person who has poor luck finding a soulmate (wanker) the entire idea of sexual intercourse so that they can get satisfied. I tell you, this is very disgusting. It is an uncouth habit that needs to be kicked. People pay for this stuff. If you don’t believe me, check the sites people tell you of, and you will find advertisements for premium membership. So why would you want to have membership on a porn site? Why? I honestly don’t see why it is a business and their stars are called stars. But anyway, it is what it is. The leaders of this world just care about their elections and polls and all that stuff. But I think they should play their role in looking at also the tiny things that destroy tomorrow’s leaders. Speaking of destroying, here are the things about pornography that destroy you:

  1. It’s Just All Fake

Oh yes! porn will lie to you. All these funny moves you see in pornographic films are a load of crap. These things are very nasty in real life. These are the types of things that make you hooked to porn. It makes you start thinking that that nonsense arouses women. And now, you will begin to demonstrate them on a man or woman and trust me; you will not like it. Do you think pornography is actual sex? Filmed there and then? No! It takes days and even weeks to make a single movie. Therefore, pornography is a lie.

  1. Your Personality Dies Out

Now, when you get hooked to pornography, it sweeps everything from your brain. Your friends can no longer see the cool, calm, collected person everybody knew. This is because he has been taken over by a desperate and thirsty person who would do anything to get their rocks off. You will be very hard to recognize because of so hooked that you have forgotten who you are. So, why do this? Honestly, there are better uses for the internet, computers and even that money they spent on the video.

  1. You Become Dead in the Bed

Now, when you are hooked to pornography, it satisfies you, and when somebody watches that stuff, the urges come at a very unusual time of the day, and that person will have no option but to beat off. Now, when your wife or husband decides that they want to engage, you will be completely just a waste of space in that bed because of the way you’ve been showing yourself an appropriate time. Consistently. Now, you no longer satisfy your partner but just satisfy yourself.

  1. Shyness

Now, if you watch porn like the way one smokes the gifted marijuana, you will most definitely lose that confidence of yours. The fear you will have of talking to the opposite sex will be tremendous. You will always have bad luck with them, and you will be afraid even to look them in the eye. You will be assured of dying alone.

  1. It Can Turn You Gay/Lesbian

When I was told this, I never believed it until I saw somebody who turned gay like this. It all plays out like this; You meet a person of the same gender who enjoys the daily watching of the adult films. And you will one day both decide to try it out with each other, and that changes your sexual preference. This is how you become gay. Honestly, therefore I ensure that I never become an addict.

People, I tell you today that this is not a rant. This is an appeal to you. I understand that the adult industry is a business. So, I tell you to stop watching this stuff. If you must watch, you will have to minimize on this. I cannot call for these sites to shut down because it is how somebody somewhere puts a roof over the family’s head and puts food on the table. Don’t let yourself get hooked or you will mess up your brain.