How Drugs Affect the Brain Cells

How Drugs Affect the Brain Cells

Drugs are a substance which is taken into the body and later, alters the bodily functions of a person. Now, initially, drugs were made for the betterment of our lives. The manufacturers thought to make our lives easier and did the adequate research and came up with the drugs that were required for certain processes. However, many drugs like cocaine, Ketamine, and marijuana have been discharged from this list because of many cases of substance abuse.

The doctors would later refuse to administer these drugs to their patients because it had appeared that the drugs were very dangerous to the brain.

Indeed, drugs have been causing the brain to act a certain way, and they wind up slowing down various activities that the brain takes part in. Your speech will be slurred, and your judgment will be impaired. It will be tough for you to communicate and or decide on a sure thing. Studying will become very confusing as to the fact that you will not be able to grasp concepts quickly in class or anywhere else.

But, the question is; How in the hell does this happen?

The answers do not lie far from this world for they are right here;

Drugs are designed to tap into the regular brain communication and stop the nerves from functioning properly thereby hindering the body from receiving communications from the brain. Sometimes, this is good. Maybe if you talk of painkillers. But other drugs like cocaine can be very dangerous because it completely blocks the pain receptors from giving its ‘message’ throughout the body. This can cause one to harm himself in every which way and not give a damn. Alcohol will slow down your way of thinking and, you may be difficult to understand because everything you say may not come out clearly.

Also, you may be wondering why one may feel the need to take more drugs. These traces us all the way back to the question of why people take drugs in the first place. Many take drugs because they are depressed and they want to derive some pleasure out of it. Now, we all know that the chemical produced after one uses a drug is called dopamine. It’s a reward or pleasure chemical. And once a person is addicted to drugs, the dopamine produced will be so much and that’s how somebody gets high.  So, when a user is not high, he/she will feel flat. Almost as if life has nothing to offer. This is because the dopamine produced will be at the normal and now, the person will not be able to enjoy the most pleasurable things in life.

All that will drive a person to use a drug repeatedly. Have you ever met those people who smell like booze all the time? Those are the guys who are now forced to take the alcohol or poison of choice to feel normal. They can’t keep it going without booze or whatever substance they’re taking.

That is a full effect on your brain. The drug will make sure that you can’t live without it. Your mind is dependent on the drug. And now, you won’t be focused on the betterment of your life but on the search for new drugs that can get you a really good high. Guys, be true and stay alive.