Homemade Pregnancy Tests

Posted on Updated on 8 May, 2018

Experiencing symptoms of pregnancy? Pain, periods missed, vomiting, breast enlargement or any other symptoms that are giving you signs of pregnancy. Before making an appointment with your doctor just test yourself what all these signs are saying or indicating you about your pregnancy conditions. Like new tests, there are tests of testing pregnancy in the past that can be a good method for you to verify the pregnancy before rushing towards to the doctor. Here are some of the home-based that can help you identify the signs of having the pregnancy.

Dandelion Leaves Pregnancy Test

dandelion leaves

These leaves are one of the homemade pregnancy tests methods which can be useful for women to find about their pregnancy test whether it is positive or negative.  Dandelion leaves which are also known from some other familiar names like Blowball, lion’s tooth, puffball, white endive, etc. are one of the herbs from the sunflower family which is medicinal.

How to Use:-

Cut the Dandelion leaves and put them in the plastic container and make sure they do not come in contact with sunlight keep them under the place where the sunlight is absent. Drink plenty of water before testing this test makes sure your bladder is full, and you urinate on leaves and they get fully submerged in your urine. After 10 minutes’ look at the Dandelion leaves if you see red bumps on the surface of the leaves, then it means test is positive.

Pine Sol to Test Pregnancy

Pine sol is one of the ingredients that can be obtained from the surface of pine trees. In this homemade pregnancy test method, you can collect different sol materials of pine tree which can be helpful for you to conduct this test at home.  In this test, you can use the mixed elements of different parts of pine trees like cones, needles, and twigs which can be the most important aspect of your test. Pine tree parts are the elements that change color if a liquid is poured on them and if that liquid contains any acid in it then they reflect the assorted color.

How to Use:-

Mixed all the elements of pine trees together that is cones, needles twigs and place them inside the solid plastic container. Then drink plenty amount of water let your bladder get filled then after 5 minutes just urinate on that mixture and leave it for 10 minutes. Now check the mix if the substances of the mixture have changed their color, then it means the pregnancy test is positive.

Bleach Pregnancy Test Method

clorox bleach pregnancy test

Bleach is also used to detect the pregnancy of women. Bleach is a very common element that is used by women in various day to day living requirements. This homemade pregnancy test method needs an ample amount of care when it is performed. It is always prescribed that it is better to carry out this test outside your bathroom in open because if performing this test cause foam or fumes then it is difficult for a person to breathe. So, it’s better you carry out this test with care and in an area that is open in dimension and ventilation gateway is enough according to fumes.

Direction to Use:-

This test is simple to perform but needs care when it is done. You just have to mix the bleach with your urine in a container and leave it for seconds to see the reaction that occurs. If the mixture of bleach and your urine starts creating foam, then you should prepare yourself as you have to share a happy news with everyone. The foam indicates that the test is positive.

Toothpaste Pregnancy Test Method


Yes, you saw it right a toothpaste can be the test method for your pregnancy if you are having any doubts in mind. As we know, toothpaste is used to clean teeth’s, but it is a pregnancy test conductor too. You can perform this test easily in your bathroom with simple steps.


Mix the white and foamy toothpaste with your urine in a plastic container. Let the toothpaste get dissolved in it and wait for the reaction. If the color of your white toothpaste changes into blue and frothy, then embrace yourself to be a mommy as your pregnancy test is positive. The only disadvantage related to this test is that there is no amount mentioned of urine and no time described that when the paste will change into frothy.

Vinegar Pregnancy Test


Vinegar is the most commonly used product in day to day life.  It is used for various purposes, but it is also a pregnancy detector of past time. You can quickly clear your pregnancy doubts by using vinegar as a homemade pregnancy test and can come up with the clear mind that what surprised is planned for you in the future. You just have to perform this simple test by using vinegar and all your double mind questions will be answered in a small amount of time.

How to Use:-

Just mix the vinegar with your urine in a cup and mix it well and it will form some bubbles. Do not get scared after seeing them as they are harmless for you and it’s just a reaction of the mixture which will appear when you will mix the vinegar in your urine. If the color of the mixture changes then the result of your test is positive.

The disadvantage of this test is same as toothpaste check the required amount of both the elements is not described.

Wheat and Barley Pregnancy Test


Wheat and barley knew as Egyptian test are also one of the methods to detect the pregnancy. Ancient Egypt people believe that wheat and barley can tell about the pregnancy in an easy way.  This test is also performed very simply and tells about the pregnancy very clearly.


Pour your urine on wheat and barley seeds and wait for the reaction to occur this test can take time as the results of the test depend on the fermentation of the seeds of wheat and barley. If the seeds of wheat and barley start to get fermented, then it means the result of the test is positive. It is also said that Egyptian people believe if the seed of wheat grows then it is the indication f baby boy and if barley seed grows, then it is the baby girl.

Sugar to Test Pregnancy Naturally


Sugar test is one of the most common tests that is used for detecting pregnancy in women’s. Sugar is a component which dissolves in liquid substance quickly, and changes occur in the state of an element.

How to Use:-

Just pour sugar into the cup and put your urine on it. If the sugar starts to dissolve, then it is negative as it shows no signs of change in it. But if sugar begins to make clumps then your pregnancy test is positive.

Mustard Powder Pregnancy Test

mustard seeds

Mustard powder is the element of homemade pregnancy test that is related to your menstruation cycle as well. If you see that you have missed your periods according to your expected monthly date, then this method can be very useful to you for detecting whether your periods are late due to some other reasons or it is a chance of pregnancy.

Direction to Use:-

If you need to perform this test, then you just have to follow two simple steps that will give you the result which will make your doubt clear about the pregnancy.  Fill the tub with hot water in the bathroom and just add some amount of fresh mustard powder in it. Let it get mixed with water and when you see it dissolving just soak your whole body into it for 10 to 15 minutes. After this just take a shower from normal plain water and wait until the next day. If on the next day your menstruation starts normally then it means your result is negative and delay in menstruation cycle is due to some other reason but if it does not start then, it means you are expecting a child.

Soap Pregnancy Test Method

Soap is the most typical product of daily use whether its handwash or for a shower. But this soap is also a pregnancy detector this is not known by many people, and it is a surety that simple pregnancy test can be performed with a small piece of soap.

How to Use:-

You can just conduct this test by using soap or a piece of soap in the bathroom. Take a piece of soap first make sure it is dry a bit not covered with water. Collect your urine in a container and pour that urine on the piece of soap and wait for the reaction to take place. If the soap tends to make froth foams, then it means the test result is positive. Similarly if, soap makes bubbles when you pour urine on it then also it indicates the sign of pregnancy.

Tuna Juice and Vinegar Pregnancy Test

This test usually contains two elements which need to be adjusted together in a proper amount. To get the better result about your pregnancy. It can easily perform at home for you, so you have to get Tuna Juice and Vinegar for it and mix them together with suitable for further steps.

Usage Directions:-

Firstly take Tuna Juice in a cup and make the amount of Tuna Juice around ¼ cups to do a homemade pregnancy test. Now add ¼ cup Vinegar to Tuna Juice and let them mix accordingly. Next step includes your part you have to pee in the different cup and pour your pee in the cup where Tuna Juice and Vinegar is mixed. Let the reaction occur and see what response says about the color. If the color of the mixture changes into yellowish-red, then the result is negative, but if your mix color changes into green, then you are pregnant.

Urine Collection to Test Pregnancy

This is the easiest way to detect your pregnancy and make your mind clear about it by just collecting your urine. Yes, your urine collection can also tell you about the pregnancy, and it is very easy to perform this test at your place. Urine of your body tells various things about your different aspects of your health so now just make an easy call to your pregnancy doubts and get the answer straight away from his simple test.

How to Use:-

While waking up from sleep or at any time of the day, you can perform this test at your place.  Collect your urine in the container, jar or bottle then place it on the plain surface. Do not touch it and place it away and left it for 24 hours. After this check out the product which you have used for urine collection i.e. (container, bottle or jar) if you see a  layer of a thin white element on the surface of your urine then it means the test result is positive and if the color does not change then, it is negative.

Peroxide and Tylenol Mix Pregnancy Test

This is also a simple method to detect the pregnancy of women. If you think you missed your periods or they are delayed from the due date, then you can remove your doubts by this method also as it is beneficial in revealing the truth. Maybe there are chances that your periods got missed due to some other health reasons as well but if the doubt is arousing in your mind go for this method.

How to Use:-

In this method of detecting pregnancy you just, have to collect the first urine of the morning in a cup and place it on a surface. The Add Peroxide and Tylenol in equal amount in another container then pour this mixture into the cup of your urine and wait for some seconds. If the whole mixture of urine, Peroxide, and Tylenol changes into blue, then it means the result is positive.

Wine Pregnancy Test

Wine test is also known as the medieval test as it has been used for detecting pregnancy in women’s from medieval time. During the medieval time, there were no such techniques or methods that can identify the signs of women’s being pregnant and can tell about it clearly so women in that days used wine to detect their pregnancy and it is also one of the convenient methods to get the confirmation of the pregnancy.

How to:-

Women’s in medieval time used to mix their urine with a glass of wine and note down the changes in the urine to confirm their pregnancy. This method applies the application of dissolving which means if the urine of women get mixed with wine the result is positive and if the urine is clear and do not dissolve then the result is negative.

Onion Insertion Pregnancy Test

onion juice

Onion insertion a tuff method which is also known as the Greek method of detecting pregnancy. It may be crazy for the women’s of nowadays, but ancient Greek women’s are identified by this insertion method for gestation. The doctors in Greek in those days believed that during pregnancy the vaginal section of women is highly absorbent and it consumes all the elements of onion and carries it into the bloodstream of a woman.


The doctors in those days used to place or insert the onion in the vagina of women and left that onion for a night to see the result next morning. They believe if the women are having foul smell of onion from mouth next morning after the test then the result is positive.

Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

baking soda

If she is pregnant and is anxious to know the gender of the unborn baby, this may help you to satisfy your curiosity with this homemade pregnancy test with baking soda to determine the sex. Yes, that’s right, baking soda! We use it daily to bake light, airy pancakes and muffins, as an antacid, quicken cooking process, tenderize meats and reduce the acidity of certain foods. Imagine how cool will be a pregnancy test with baking soda.

How to Use:-

Put the baking soda in a glass and add some drops of a urine sample to it. There could be two reactions from the mixture: Either it will fizz up means active, or it won’t show any reaction at all this means negative.

Latch Pregnancy Test

One of the oldest and earliest tests discovered by ancient Egypt archaeologist. Women would have taken a bag of whole wheat and urinate on it. If seeds germinate means, the women will be pregnant. The science behind this is very simple women’s urine contains elevated levels of estrogen hormone, with which we can simulate seed growth. In ancient time it was assumed that if seed barely sprouted it will be a male child or if it is somewhat was grown then it would be a female child. The result is 70% accurate.

All these methods are very useful as a pregnancy test, and all can be performed in a home very easily so make sure you always use urine sample of a morning as it has less diluted substance.

Red Cabbage Pregnancy Test

red cabbage

Red cabbage test is not just a pregnancy test it is also a gender detection test. If the women perform this test, then they don’t only get the assurance about pregnancy they also get the knowledge about the sex of the baby.

How to Use: –

This test is very simply performed, and the result of this trial confirms the pregnancy as well as the gender of the baby. Firstly, put a pan on the stove and chop half red cabbage in it then add water to it that the chopped cabbage gets fully dipped in it. Allow the water to boil for 10 minutes and let it cool down at room temperature. On the other hand, take a jar and collect your urine sample in that pot. After the cabbage water cools down pour this water into another empty jar. Now pour your urine sample in it and wait for the reaction that shows changes in it. No matter what change comes, the change in color or no change in element means pregnancy. But if the color turns into red-pink then it is a chance of having a baby boy, and if the color remains the same as purple, then there is a chance of having a baby girl.

All these methods are very useful as a pregnancy test, and all can be performed in a home very easily. Make sure you always use urine sample of a morning as it has less diluted substance.

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