Home Remedies to Lighten Hair Naturally

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Lightning and highlighting can be exciting and attractive. Over a decade, it has become a trend to get hair lightened, highlighted and colored but have you ever thought the consequences of using such chemicals on your hair? Highlighting, bleaching, lightening of hair with chemicals temporarily can cause permanent damage to your hair. You might have to crop your unhealthy hair if you use chemicals on your hair regularly.

How about a method whereby you get lightened and highlighted hair without any such damage? Wouldn’t that be great? There are a number of ways to do that naturally so that you get to pull off the kind of hair style you want without damaging your hair.

Let us take a look at those home remedies to lighten hair naturally and easily.

Methods to Lighten Hairs to All colors:

Any Outdoor Activity or Swimming:

Sun often works as a powerful bleach. All you need to do is sit outdoors for a long time. Sun rays bleach and lighten your hair color naturally. Don’t forget to put sunscreen to avoid body tanning. You can also go swimming. Water has a bleaching effect, and you will notice your hair color has lightened.


Vinegar is again known for its bleaching properties. You can use vinegar once in a while as a substitute of shampoo to bleach your hair. All you need to do is wet your hair while you take a shower, apply vinegar on your hair and then rub gently just the way you use shampoo. Rinse it with water and get lightened hair.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda has bleaching properties. When you go for a shower, you can sprinkle some baking powder on your hair and rub it on your hair properly. Rigorous rubbing of baking powder on your hair will automatically lead to a lightening of its color.  Baking soda bleaches and lightens your hair.

Honey Mask:

A honey mask on hair can lighten your hair. You need to apply honey after mixing it with distilled water. Apply it on your hair, keep it for half an hour or more and wash it off. For best results, you can dry it in the sun until it gets sticky and dries well. Get instant lightened hair.


Have you ever thought why sea water bleaches your hair? The main element in sea water that causes the bleach is salt. You can simply mix some salt in warm water and apply it on your hair. Let the mix be there for 15 minutes and wash it off. This naturally lightens your hair.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Half and half, water and hydrogen peroxide mixture can work wonders when it comes to the lighting of your hair color. Mix both these elements and apply on your hair. Keep the mix for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off. You get naturally lightened hair.

Ways to Lighten Hair and Get Blonde Highlights:

A Cup of Coffee:

Highly recommended for brown hair. You can brew a strong cup of coffee, cool it by refrigerating, pour it into a spray bottle and spray it all over your hair. You can then go and sit in the sun and wash it off after some time. You get natural lightening and highlights.


A very old way of lightening hair, this comes right out of grandma’s diary. Chamomile tea, usually brewed strongly, needs to be poured all over your hair uniformly. After you have applied it, go out in the sun, dry it for half an hour and wash it off.

Dried Marigold Petals:

Get a cup of water, one cup of apple cider vinegar and a few dry marigold flower petals. Boil them and filter to take out the leaves. Apply the whole solution by spraying it on dry hair. You can air-dry it to get lightened and blonde hair.


Boil a ¼ cup of chopped Rhubarb and 2 cups of water together. You need to strain the liquid and get rid of the leaves. After the solution cools down, you can apply it on your hair and wait for 10 minutes and wash it off. Keeping it for too long might result in your hair getting sticky.

Methods to Lighten and Get Red Highlights:

Cinnamon Mask:

You can use cinnamon in a number of ways. You can either make cinnamon tea and apply it on your hair or use cinnamon by mixing it with half a cup of your conditioner. Apply the mix on hair and leave it for 3 or 4 hours. You can also leave it overnight to get the perfect color. Cinnamon has medicinal properties and acts as an anti-oxidant. It saves your hair from the harmful rays of the sun.

Beet Juice:

You must be knowing that beet has juice which is red in color. You can use it highlight your hair red. Mix it with distilled water and let the color soak it. Put it on your hair. Let the color get soaked in your hair for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.

Any Red Berry or Red Tea:

Red berries like raspberries or blackberries and pomegranates can be used to color your hair. You can also find red tea, dip a number of these fruits or tea bags in a cup of water and use the color to highlight your hair. Keep it for half an hour and then rinse off with water.

Benefits of naturally lightening your hair:

  • You must not worry about the time. You can keep the color till whatever time you want until you get the perfect color you want. This is so much better than commercial colors that can turn into a disaster if kept longer.
  • As discussed earlier, they don’t damage your hair and have no side effects. Moreover, they make your hair healthier and voluminous.
  • They are less expensive, less time consuming and easy to maintain. You don’t need to rush to parlors or spend a fortune to get your hair lightened and colored. You can just use things from your kitchen.

Follow the above tips and lightened hair at home naturally. Turn heads this summer with beautiful and vibrant hair colors and highlights.