Home Remedies to Get Rid of Shoe Odor

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Does Odor from Your Shoes making You Feel Shy?

Shoes are the most critical footwear worn on formals, especially for students and office going professionals. After a long day schedule when you are back to home from work, you find them smelling very badly. It is due to sweating of feet, so shoes are to be cleaned very regularly to prevent bacteria or fungal infections. This odor from shoes makes you feel uncomfortable while you are in a meeting or with friends or in a group of people. Also, this scent leads to several other infections; hence it is a better idea to clean them using either by the products that are available in the market or using home remedies. It is also necessary to take specific tips to prevent smelling of shoes.

Natural Home Remedies to Prevent Odor from Shoes

To prevent, lousy odor from shoes there is many preventive measures. But it is a good idea to use home remedies instead of running around the products that are available in the market. Here is the list of the products that are available handy in every home. So let’s check out the products and how people use those products


white vinegar

Vinegar is one of the well known ingredients that every kitchen has. The use of vinegar in most of the natural remedies is what people know. It is used to remove odor from the shoes by using in the following ways:

  1. Firstly take a glass then mix half of distilled water and remaining with vinegar.
  2. Now mix well with a spoon and pour it into a sprayer.
  3. Then spray it in shoes entirely even under the sole and leave it overnight.
  4. It absorbs the odor from the shoes, and you can store this mixture to spray whenever it is necessary.


clove oil

Cloves are another ingredient with the strong smell which as the ability to cure anything. Cloves are also used to remove odor from the shoes. The use of cloves in the following way is prevalent in many homes.

  1. Take a handful of cloves on a small cloth and tie it tightly.
  2. Put this fabric inside the shoes and leave it all over the night.
  3. These cloves will remove the bad odor from the shoes when you see the next morning.



Teabags is another ingredient used, so why to throw them in the dustbin after dipping in tea. Hence take the best use of them to remove odor from the shoes by below process.

  1. Black teabags that are present in your home after making the tea people must not throw instead can place inside the shoes.
  2. Place two separate tea bags in each of the shoes and leave it all the night.
  3. Remove them from the boots and clean if there are any stains in the footwear.
  4. So complete odor will disappear, and shoes people can wear without any bad smell.

Coffee Seeds


Coffee seeds have the delicious aroma, which removes all the bad smell. To reduce the adverse odor from the shoes, below mentioned process is to be followed.

  1. Take some coffee seeds and place them in each of the shoes.
  2. Leave it in the night and remove them from the boots in the morning.

Apart from the above remedies, there are plenty other, by which odor from shoe people can remove.

Tips to Follow for Removal of Odor from Shoes

Shoes smell wrong, and the main reason for this is too much of sweating in feet. So there are some tips to follow to reduce the sweat and odor from the shoes.

Regular Cleaning of Shoes

Shoe cleaning is one of the most important things, which should be done once in a week. Wash the boots with hot water and detergent thoroughly. Then put them in the sun or dry them using the fan which is the most crucial step. Only by drying the shoes correctly before wearing prevents in lousy odor from the shoes. So that bacteria in it will die, and sweating will not take place at all

Clean Socks are a Must

Daily washed socks people must wear, instead of using them for 4 or 5 days. Socks are to be removed nicely with detergent and warm water. Once the socks are washed, they are to be dried thoroughly before wearing them. The socks are to be cleaned separately instead of with all the clothes. So the sweating in the feet will be reduced which will lower the odor from the shoes.

Feet Washing are Necessary

Shoes when worn in wet feet, then it will be sticky and causes more smell. Hence it is utmost essential to remove the feet properly using soap and warm water after long day use. It will be a better idea to soak the water in tub pour the essential oils, rub the feet nicely with the pumice stone. Then wipe them carefully and dry. So the sweating stops and any bacteria present will be killed.

The above mentioned tips are the most important compared with others. Once these are followed mostly sweating of the shoes can be stopped.

Importance of Shoes

Shoes also play most important role in the sweating of feet which results in the smelling of shoes. Hence before choosing the shoes, it is must check the following things:

  • The material of the boots plays a most crucial step in the odor of the shoes.
  • Branded shoes are essential while wearing daily.
  • Sole of the shoes is also another important thing to be remembered before purchasing the footwear.
  • It is better to use shoes for the shorter period if possible, rather than for long hours.
  • Size of the boots also is essential, because tight shoes cause much more problem rather than the one which is loose.
  • Design of the footwear is also another critical factor.

Sensing Some Relief

All the above remedies and tips help in removing the odor from the shoes, to be safe from the fungal infections and bacteria.