Home Remedies for Shingles

Posted on Updated on 29 June, 2018

Shingles scars are also scientifically known as herpes zoster. It is a type of skin disorder that typically occurs because of a virus known as Varicella zoster. Once you are infected by the following, then you may notice red rashes all over the body.  The rashes can be quite painful and it can cause a lot of itching in the body.

After a period of time, the size of the scars increases and looks similar to a blister. In general, it takes about 10 days to dry. The itching and pain associated with it may end but they leave behind scars all over the body.

The causes behind shingle scars?

There are a lot of causes that lead to shingle scars. Some of them have been mentioned below:

  • When you come in contact with a person affected by shingles, then it can cause shingle scars.
  • Weak immune system due to aging as well as other diseases can cause shingle scars.
  • Side effects caused due to several other diseases.
  • Consumption of steroids can cause shingle scars.

Symptoms that are caused by shingles scars?

  • You may experience itching, numbness as well as pain in different parts of the body.
  • The rash may appear on your body part after a span of few days.
  • It can cause a headache, high fever as well as nausea.
  • The red welts will turn into blisters which are filled with fluid.

Effective home remedies for shingles scars?

The home remedies that are mentioned below have been tried and tested. The shingle scars look quite ugly and hence you won’t be able to walk around especially if you are having shingle scars in the face as well as neck.

Try out for the home remedies for shingle scars that have been mentioned below. It will further speed up the process of healing as well as soothe the infected skin.

Apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an effective natural remedy that is being used in a lot of problems and hence it can be used to treat the shingle scars as well. Apple cider vinegar comes up with a lot of properties such as antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory etc.

It helps in reducing the inflammation that is being caused and at the same time, it helps to soothe the painful rashes associated with it. If you consume apple cider vinegar on an oral basis, then it can potentially treat the rashes caused by shingle scars.

In addition, use of apple cider vinegar can also help in reducing redness in the skin, cure the plaque as well as reduce the inflamed skin.

How to use Apple cider vinegar?

  • The usage of apple cider vinegar is quite simple and all you would need to do is take 1 teaspoon of ACV two times in a day to heal the rashes.
  • One thing that you should note is you should not make pregnant women consume apple cider vinegar or it can be quite harmful to her.

Olive oil

olive oil

If the blisters and rashes come up on your skin, then it can certainly make your skin rough and harsh. To overcome, you would potentially need vitamin E which can also help to keep your skin healthy. Olive oil is a rich source of vitamin E.

If you rub olive oil around the shingles blisters, then it can reduce the size as well as promote the treatment quickly. Hence, it is quite an effective treatment for shingle scars.

The process involved in using olive oil?

  • You need to take a cotton swab and then dip it on the olive oil. Further, apply it to the areas that are affected by rashes and blisters.
  • After application, use common tape over it and then keep it for 30 minutes. It will potentially help you to overcome the problem.
  • Make use of this remedy for few days so that the recovery time from the following problem is reduced. In addition, it can nourish the skin to keep it healthy.


Salt is quite known for killing bacteria. Shingles can be cured rapidly if you sit down in a bathtub having salt in it. Hence, it is a quite good home remedy for shingle scars.

How can you implement this process effectively?

Fill your bathtub with water and add 100 gm of salt into it. Further, sit down in the bathtub for 20 minutes.

This will potentially help you to soothe the blisters as well as rashes. It will also help to dry out the blisters as well as the rashes associated with it.

Oatmeal bath


If your skin is feeling irritated or itchy due to shingles, then oatmeal bath can help to soothe it. In addition, it can effectively treat chicken pox as well.

The process involved in using oatmeal bath?

Take a coffee filter bag and put oatmeal equally into it. Further, put few drops of olive oil into the coffee filter bag. Make around 5-6 coffee filter bag.

You can close the filter bags using the rubber bands. Further, fill out the bathtub using hot water and then place these filter bags at a different location of the bathtub. Allow the water to cool down to the room temperature.

Now, sit in the bathtub for 20 minutes for effectively removing shingles. In addition, it will also help to soothe the pain and itching associated with it.

Petroleum jelly + aspirin

petroleum jelly

If you want to promote healing from shingle scars as well as kill the virus associated with it, then petroleum jelly and aspirin formula are quite ideal for you. It is a very good home remedy for shingle scars.

The directions for using the following home remedy?

To begin, take 1 tablespoon of petroleum jelly and add 2 aspirin tablets into it. Apply the following mixture to the area which is affected by blisters and rashes.

Keep the mixture on the affected area for over 20 minutes and then clean it using cold water. This will potentially help the shingles virus to get suffocated and at the same time reduce the chances of outbreaks.

Coconut oil

coconut oil

Coconut oil is another very good home remedy for treating shingles.  It has anti-fungal, antibacterial as well as anti-viral properties associated with it.

Coconut oil has fatty acids present in it which can help to reduce the inflammation. It potentially helps to boost the immune system of the body.

What are the things that you need to do to use the following solution?

Take a virgin coconut oil and put a cotton ball into it. Further, apply it on the infected area and keep this for 1-2 hours. Use this on a daily basis, such that you can get the best possible results for the same.

Boiled turmeric


Turmeric is regarded as the best natural antibiotics and it has been used widely across the globe. Turmeric has a lot of health benefits associated with it such as it helps in reducing the inflammation, reduce the ringworm, eliminate the depression as well as helps in improving the immune system. Turmeric is perhaps the home remedy that you can look out for treating shingles.

What is the process involved in the following application?

Take about 1 teaspoon of roasted turmeric powder and put it in 250 ml of warm water. Mix it well and consume it while you go for sleep. It will potentially help you to fight the virus as well as make your immune system quite stronger.

Tea tree oil

tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has been used widely in Ayurveda for treating a lot of problems. It is potentially one of the best options for shingles scars. It is also used in treating fungal infection, stomach ache, cold and flu etc. as it has antibacterial and antiviral properties associated with it.

It can also overcome different skin disorders such as rashes, ring warms, plaque skin patches, pimple etc.

The way through which you can use the following treatment?

#1. To begin, take 2 tablespoons of tea tree oil and mix 1 teaspoon of castor oil into it.

#2. Put the cotton ball into the following solution and then apply it directly on the affected area. Keep it around the area for 30 minutes and then clean it using cold water.

#3. Use this 2-3 times in a day for few days until you get rid of the shingles problems completely.

Garlic and olive oil


Garlic comes up with vitamin E properties and at the same time, garlic is useful for reducing the skin inflammation as well as itching. Thus, the following mixture is quite useful in treating shingles.

What are the ways through which you can go ahead with the solution?

  • Crush 10 garlic cloves in a grinder until it forms a smooth creamy texture.
  • Further, add 30 drops of olive oil into it and mix them in a right way. After this, use a cotton ball on the solution and apply it directly to the affected area.
  • Keep it on the affected area for 30 minutes and then clean it using lukewarm water.
  • Apply it 2 times in a day to get rid of the problem quickly and effectively.

Organic honey


Honey is one of the best natural medicines that have been used for a long period of time in the field of medicine. The following natural medicine comes up with anti-microbial properties that help to treat the infection and further help you to get rid of it. Additionally, it is also used to treat burn injuries.

In the same way, it can quite effective for treating shingles. It destroys the bacteria present in the blisters and boosts the healing process. It also has a soothing effect which can reduce the itching sensation and further assist you in getting rid of the following problem.

How does the following solution works?

#1. To begin, take 2-3 teaspoons of honey. Take a cotton ball and dip it into honey.

#2. Apply it on the affected area and allow it to sit for a couple of hours. Repeat it 2 times in a day for a week to get the result in your favor.

Licorice powder


Licorice is a substance that has been used in the field of medicine from the very old age. It is an anti-viral agent and it can also be used for healing wounds. Hence, it is also used as a very good home remedy for shingles scars.

How can you use the following method?

#1. Take some warm water and mix 3 teaspoons of licorice powder into it to form a paste-like structure.

#2. Further, apply it on the affected portions to boost the healing process. Repeat it 2 times in a day to get the best results.

Cold water

water intake

Cold water has a soothing effect which heals the shingles scars. It gives relief from the burning sensation as well as pain. In addition, the itching sensation is also reduced using cold water. This is the reason why it is one of the best home remedies for shingle treatments.

How to use the following method?

  • Take a bucket of water and add some ice cubes to Make sure that the water is cool to begin the process.
  • Further, soak a towel into the cold water. Squeeze the towel and apply it on the affected area.
  • Allow the towel to sit on the area for a period of 20 minutes. Repeat the process again if required.


Shingles can be quite annoying and they usually come up due to medicine reaction or stress. Follow the following home remedies that have been mentioned below for shingles treatment.

By the use of these home remedies, the process of healing will speed up which would potentially help to reduce swelling and itching. Use all the process regularly and the result will definitely come on your way.