Home Remedies for Dog’s Bad Breath

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

If you are the owner of a dog, then it is 100% sure that you might cuddle with the pooch whenever you get a chance. The time keeps on passing; our dogs end up being a family member to us, so we also show them our affection and love just as much as we do to our lovable humans. But what you do when your dogs breathe stinks? It is the standard issue among dogs to have a bad smell. It gets unpleasant for the owner to get too close to him. You don’t need to worry as there are solutions that will fix the problem entirely. Not only purchasing the products will take this away, but there are natural cures that will help your dog to get rid of it. Explore the home remedies for the bad breath of your dog and enjoy his amazing breath when you cuddle with him again.

Less Chicken and Meat

No doubt, your dog loves meat and chicken but do you know that it is not so good for your dog’s breath? It is the best home remedy that you can do, just give up on the small amount of meat that you give to your pet. Fill his diet with vegetables or rice, so that he doesn’t get low on his nutrients. Rice is best for your dog to eat.

Food Choices for Dog

While here talking about food, another great home remedy for bad breath is to consider the choices of dog food like kibble. Take an eye on the ingredients and aromas: if the food contains extracts or fish that smell bad that you might have to consider the food again. After that, reduce the amount of wet food your dog consumes with the dry one.



Why don’t cure your dog while keeping your pup happy? One of the primary causes of bad breath is getting a plaque that comes with a foul odor. Make sure if you are giving your pet a bone to chew, then remove the particles of food from the teeth after he eats it. Consider giving a beef bone on the occasions; your pup will love this.

Keep the Bowl Clean

Another condition of bad breath is how your pup’s bowl is. As the home remedies are concerned, many times the solution is to take extra care of the things in which he eats or drinks water. By cleaning the bowl on a regular basis, you won’t let allow the bacteria to get into your pup’s mouth. This remedy is more reliable than you think this might be.


It is vital that your dog enjoys balanced and healthy diet just like humans do so that he can come and breathe near you without the smell of his bad breath. It is also important that you include probiotics in the diet of your pup. It has the power to make the digestion better and blocking the intestinal problem that he might be undergoing. Not only probiotics, but enzymes also help your dog get what he needs for better breath. Try the solution and see how it will work for your dog.



It is time to keep the things green and fresh. You might get surprised to know that parsley is the best home ingredient for bad breath and it has best effects. You can chop up the small pieces of parsley & add it to the puppy’s food, or you can also make the spray to stop odor. Boil parsley and create the infusion. After cooling it down, pour in the bottle and spray to your dog’s mouth.

Drink Lots of Water

Offering your dog lots of water is essential considering his health. Dogs also need lots of water for their body just like humans. The bacteria that are causing bad breath will get eliminated if your pup’s mouth remains wet. Ensure that the bowl always gets clean and is full of fresh water.

Consider Brushing Teeth Regularly

Humans aren’t the one that only needs to brush their teeth to maintain healthy cavity and stay away from bad breath; pups need that too. A toothbrush is needed that will be having the soft bristles so that the dog’s gum don’t get damaged and also the toothpaste that is vital only for dogs. The toothpaste of the humans contains fluoride, and it will harm your puppy. Brush the teeth of your dog with the circular movements and take care of the gums. If your dog is choosy, then let him tastes the paste first so that he gets used to it. Once he gets comfortable, brush his teeth and keep them shining.

Homemade Toothpaste

Why but paste if you can just make at home? There’s an awesome recipe for the toothpaste of a dog that contains organic ingredients that are mixed and form a paste. Everything that is needed is bouillon cube, fresh parsley, baking soda, and salt. Put one spoon of water in the bowl and let the cube melt, add six spoons of baking soda, one spoon of parsley and half spoon of salt. After mixing all of them, the paste is done. Bad breath of dog and plaque would be gone.


carrots Did you ever know that carrots are best for the teeth of your dog and help to deal with bad breath? Carrots are healthy chew toys for your dog and help to prevent plaque from getting back again and again. A carrot does the wonders while it comes to the oral cavity. By chewing a carrot, the dog will be stimulating the saliva and washing off all the food particles. Carrots are better for the pups who are teething. It is better to keep that in the fridge and then give it to your dog to chew.

DIY Treats for Dogs

Treats can be exciting to make at home and also act as a healthy snack for your lovable dog. You can try giving some breath mints that are made from mint leaves, rolled oats and water, some treats of peanut butter and banana or pancakes of a doggy. We guarantee that your pet would love this and you’ll give yourself a treat.

Vegetables and Fruits Treats

If you don’t have time to cook the healthy treat for your pup, consider giving healthy vegetables and fruit treats. Make a slice of carrot or apple in the small pieces and give them as a reward or snack. Also, you can chop the parsley and add to the food dog for some extra zing. Some of the dogs can be choosy, but many of them will love these natural snacks. You can even search online for all the vegetables and fruits that are best for your dog to eat.

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar It is considered as the hero of all the foods and is best for dogs. Not only this ingredient will give the health benefits to your puppy, but your pup will also get rid of the bad breath. Add half spoon of raw organic apple cider vinegar to the bowl of dog and see that how his breath will get tolerable.

Brown Rice

Like said above, digestive problems can be the cause of bad breath in dogs. By giving your puppy a whole lot of grains, the process of digestion will be eased, and the breath will get fresher. Brown rice is recommended as a grain that you can cook slightly and add it to your puppy’s food.

Chewing Toys

It is like bones that help your dog stay away from bad breath. The toy will help in getting rid of the plaque that is the main reason for breath odor. You can consider a toy like a rope from which your dog’s teeth will keep on moving. Make sure your puppy has many toys especially if the puppy is growing up. They’ll be having loads of fun while they’ll get to play with you and the breath will get fresher naturally.

Coconut Oil

coconut oil You might have used coconut oil on yourself because of its antifungal and antibacterial qualities. Because of all these reasons, it is the best solution for your dog’s bad breath. It does not only prevent terrible smell, but it is also beneficial for immunity, better metabolism, and digestion. It will strengthen your dog’s bones, skins, and even brain.


lemon Lemon doesn’t only smell sturdy and nice, but it also kills the bacteria that are present in the mouth of a dog. Just add few drops of lemon in the water that your dog drinks. You’ll notice soon that your dog’s breath is fresher than before and also thanks to its bleaching properties that his teeth are too white. Make sure to add juice on a regular basis.


yogurt The study has proved that taking natural yogurt two times in a day reduces hydrogen sulfide which is the factor of bad breath. It is also considered as the source of calcium which keeps teeth and bones healthy. Treat your pup with two or three cups of yogurt daily. If your dog doesn’t like it alone, then mix it with the brown rice or his favorite food.