Home Remedies for Bruises

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Bruises are commonly caused due to abrasions or injuries. Bruises or lesions occurs with different colors like purple, green, pink, blue and black. Bruises are also known as contusions. Sudden leakage of blood from the blood vessels can cause dark black- blue marks. It mainly appears when your body comes directly in contact with the rough surface. Bruises usually occur when the organs of our body hurt hardly and destroy the blood vessels.

Symptoms of Bruises

Bruises sometimes create severe pain and inflammation in our body. If the bruises not treated properly, it will get darker with time. The symptoms of bruises include-

  • Irritation.
  • Itching in the particular area.
  • Severe pain.
  • Redness and swelling.
  • Sometimes it causes fever in our body.

Natural Remedies to Heal Bruises

Some most common and natural remedies to treat bruises are listed below-

Ice Therapy

Ice has the best natural properties that help to cure skin damages and marks completely. It usually heals damage or breakage of blood vessels. The cooling effect of ice calms skin injury and other health injuries. Ice therapy also helps to control the leakage of blood. Ice can assist you to heal your wounds, scars and dark marks effectively. Regular use of ice can take bruises away from your skin or body.

How to apply ice on your wounds:

  • Take a small sized cotton cloth, wrap the ice cubes in the cloth.
  • Apply that wrapped cubes on your injury for at least 5- 10 minutes. Remember, do not apply ice for more than 10 minutes. Excess of ice therapy at a particular time may worsen your wounds.
  • You can also use cold water cloth on your abrasion.
  • Alternatively, take two steel spoons and keep them in the freezer for 15- 20 minutes and apply those chilled spoons on your affected skin. This will surely help to miniseries blood clots.
  • Perform this remedy on a regular basis to cure your bruises faster.

Elastic Bandage

An elastic bandage is the best first aid for bruises or any skin injuries. It helps to stop lesion or contusions from spreading. Whenever you notice any bruise and mark on your skin, wrap that area of skin properly with an elastic bandage. Elastic bandage not only helps to stop the mark from increasing but in fact, it also aids to make the process of healing bruises speedy.

How to follow this remedy:

  • Cover your bruised area properly with an elastic bandage and leave it for 30- 40 minutes.
  • You can also wrap the cotton cloth tightly on the affected region of your body. This will assist you to get rid of blood clots and lesions faster.
  • Pursue this natural remedy of curing bruises or lesions.

Hot Water Bottle or Heating Pads

Heating pads and hot water bottle works very effectively and efficiently to remove the scars, contusions, and bruises from your body. It aids cure bruises rapidly. The healing effect of hot pads is very beneficial for our body, as it keeps our body free from bruises and pain that occurs due to bruises. Most commonly, heating pads are very helpful in healing all type of skin injuries.

How to follow this remedy:

  • Place hot pads and bottle filled with lukewarm water on your bruises.
  • If your notice swelling and redness on your injured or affected area. Place cold compress first and then heating pads to cure the injuries effectively.
  • Also, you can also bath with lukewarm water to calm your injury.
  • Alternatively, soak a cotton cloth in water and place it on your bruises.
  • Mark that, do not use too hot water on your injury. Always use lukewarm water for faster improvement.
  • Practice this effective natural remedy regularly for useful.


Vinegar contains anti- inflammatory properties that help to heal the marks of bruises effectively and properly. It is the best remedy for injuries. Vinegar aids to lessen the flow of blood and also contributes to minimizing blood clots. It is beneficial for healing injuries speedily. It supports to take away the blood which has pooled effectively. Whenever you notice or observe bruise mark on your body, immediately apply vinegar with warm water.

How to implement this remedy:

  • Take two spoons of vinegar and mix it in lukewarm water properly.
  • Apply that mixture on that particular area which is affected.
  • Alternatively, take a piece of cotton cloth and wrap vinegar in that cotton cloth.
  • Cover you’re bruised with that vinegar cloth to treat bruises and blood clots properly.
  • Regularly perform this home remedy to get away from bruises and other skin marks or contusions.


Pineapple contains bromelain enzyme that aids to treat bruises in a best effective manner. Bromelain enzyme keeps our skin and all over body healthy. It is usually helpful in reducing blood clots. Pineapple helps to improve and repair skin properly. It aids to strengthen our body to wrestle with bacterias that cause bruises and blood clots.

How to follow this remedy:

  • Take at least 500 mg of bromelain to cure skin wounds in a proper manner.
  • Consume pineapple at least two times a day to improve affected skin.
  • Regularly consume bromelain until your wounds heal.

Vitamin K Products

Vitamin K products can assist you to repair skin quickly. Its skin healing agents helps to fade bruises and dark spots rapidly. It mainly helps to fix the tissue breakage in the body. Moreover, Vitamin K foods are also very helpful in treating many health injuries. Try to consume a large amount of vitamin K foods and fluids to heal health problems completely.

How to follow this remedy:

  • Add vitamin K foods like broccoli, sprouts and green vegetables in your diet to promote healthy skin.
  • Also, you can also buy vitamin K creams, ointments and moisturizers from medical store to cure contusions.
  • Apply vitamin K products every day on your inflamed area for speedy recovery.


Chocolates carry anti- inflammatory qualities that aids to restore good skin health. The bioactive cocoa compound present in chocolate is very much effectual for our skin and whole body as well. Moreover, chocolate makes our tissues strong that assist in maintaining health properly.

How to follow this remedy:

  • You need to melt the proper amount of chocolate and place that hot chocolate properly on the affected region.
  • The thermal effect of chocolate helps to relieve pain and lightens the bruises very faster.
  • Carefully pursue this natural remedy to fade the bruises faster.
  • Do not place too hot chocolate on your skin, it may be harmful or can hurt your body.


Papaya fruit contains papain enzyme that is very advantageous for our skin. Papaya assists in removing the stubborn bruises from your skin.  It keeps our skin shinier and brighter. Moreover, papaya treats several skin problems like abrasions, scars, stretch marks, etc. and is also helpful in treating immune system.

How to follow this remedy:

  • Cut the small slices so papaya fruit and gently rub on the affected skin.
  • Alternatively, add papaya fruit in your breakfast and salad to raise the quantity of calcium in your body.
  • Regularly, eat papaya fruit to get rid of many skin problems.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C foods and fluids are best to treat health problems or issues. Vitamin C products contain anti- healing properties to cure the skin injuries and bruises in a best effective manner. Additionally,  It aids to improve our skin health as well as the overall health of our body.

How to follow this remedy:

  • Consume vitamin C foods such as oranges, mangoes, sweet pepper, and broccoli, to overcome bruises speedily.
  • You can also buy vitamin C creams and ointments from the drug store and apply them regularly on your infected skin to reduce inflammation.

Arnica Oil

Arnica oil is an excellent and best natural ingredient that aids to control the marks of bruises and treats injuries effectively. It has most amazing skin healing agents that help to fade the contusions very easily.

How to apply Arnica oil on the affected area:

  • Take 2- 3 droplets of arnica oil in your palm and apply it gently on the affected skin.
  • Massage with arnica oil for 10- 20 minutes.
  • You can apply arnica oil 2- 3 times in a day to remove bruise marks speedily.
  • Alternatively, you can also mix any other essential oil like lavender oil in arnica oil to effectively treat bruise marks on your skin.
  • Pursue this remedy on a regular basis to control contusions.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a powerful element which can help to cure the contusions properly. The healing properties of aloe vera aid to alleviate the pain which occurs due to bruises.

How to perform this remedy:

  • Take an aloe vera leaf and extract gel from it.
  • Apply aloe vera gel very softly on your bruised area and leave it for at least 20- 30 minutes.
  • And then rinse the affected area with lukewarm water.

This article is the best guide for you to treat bruises. Properly follow the herbal remedies to improve skin health within weeks and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.