Home Remedies for Breast Lifts

Home Remedies for Breast Lifts

Natural Home Remedies To Firm Sagging Breasts

The entire firm, round and uplifted breasts act as the eminence to the feminine allurement. Every woman wishes to have a perfect pair of boobs all their life, but several reasons result in making your breast lose, shapeless and saggy.

Reasons for Sagging Breasts:

  • Aging Effect.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Post-Pregnancy Effects and Breastfeeding.
  • Quick Weight Alterations are irrespective of gain or loss of weight.
  • Not wearing the right size and perfectly fitting bra.
  • Deficiency of nutrition in the body.
  • Improper Diet.
  • Excessive intake of harmful drugs, alcohol, cold drinks and other unhealthy food and beverages.
  • Last but not the least diseases like breast cancer and other issues related to respiration too reaches out the sagging in breasts.

Usually, the sagging of the breasts starts after 40 years of age in women. But due to the factors mentioned above, the sagging may start earlier, resulting women to compromise on the most important asset of her body.

Though it can be uplifted with the use of several creams, beauty products, artificial surgeries and there are much more ways to do the needful with the help of science and medication. But before reaching out to them, you can try few home remedies for breasts upliftment that can provide you with useful results without any harmful side effects.

Effective Home Remedies For Breast lifts:

  1. Diet:
  • The sagging breasts if found as a result of weight gain, yo can make your breast firm again by planning a well-balanced diet programme.
  • Make sure not to reduce the weight at a faster rate as it may not allow your skin to achieve firmness.
  • Confine your calorie intake to 1500 calories a day.
  • If the sagging is due to other reasons like deficiencies and weight loss, then plan the diet accordingly. By not increasing the calorie count but including the necessary nutrients along with required fats and carbohydrates.
  1. Yoga and Exercise:
  • Swimming :

Swimming is the most effective natural way to achieve the firmness in your breasts and add a good shape to it

  • Stretching :

The stretching exercises making maximum use of your arms also help in getting the lifts in your saggy breasts. Few of them are described as under:

  1. i) Fold your arms and hold tight against your chest and follow with deep breathing that is the proper inhale and exhale. Hold the position for 40 seconds and repeat the process twice or thrice.
  2. ii) Join your palms above your head and stretch the arms to your maximum limit. Hold the position for 30 seconds. Repeat the stretching and holding to perform minimum five

iii) Making the repeated circular to and fro motion with your arms helps you lift your breasts by making the breasts firmer

  • Weight Training:

Lifting weights and carrying out the exercises for various parts of the body help you to achieve the strength in muscles and perfect shape in your body. You can perform the bench press, chest press, dumbbell fly and various other exercises for toning your breasts and get rid of sagging.

  • Pushups:

Regular pushups if carried out thrice a week with increased number of repetitions and performing 3 to 4 sets is a good exercise and serves you with the effective outcome.

  • Yoga:

Practicing yoga on a regular basis helps to tone your complete body. Certain postures in yoga help you to tighten your sagging skin around the breast and makes it tight and firm giving a perfect shape to your body that too in a short span.

  1. Massages and Masks:

Getting the massage on a regular basis helps you to retain the muscular strength, regulates the blood flow in the connective tissues and provides you with smooth and toned skin. It is the age old adopted home remedy to improve your sagging breasts.

  • Massaging with Natural Oils:

Natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable oil, almond oil and other essential oils are very useful for providing the desired results for breast firming and to remove sagging. You just need to carry out the breast massage with any oil of your reference and massage for 20 to 25 minutes in a circular motion on each side.

  • Ice Massage

Another essential ingredient that is readily available at your home and benefits for making your breasts perkier is ice. If not oil you can carry out breast massage by using ice cubes by rubbing them in a circular motion. It should not be used for more than 10 minutes a day but should be practiced on a regular basis.

  • Fenugreek Massage:

Massage your breasts with Fenugreek scrub for breast lifts. Make the scrub by mixing water and fenugreek powder. Massage for around twenty minutes twice a week and you’ll achieve round, tight and firm breasts.

As we use facial masks to get our facial skin toned in a similar way some of the masks helps in tightening by working on your skin cells and firm up your sagging skin around your breasts.

  • Cucumber Mask:

Grind the mixture of cucumber, egg yolk, and olive oil. Cucumber has excellent properties to firm your skin. The presence of vitamins and proteins in egg helps you to get rid of sagging. Apply the mask all around your breasts and let it rest for a duration of an hour. Wash your breasts with lukewarm water to remove the mask. Use the cover regularly to achieve the expected outcome.

  • Egg Mask:

Take a white portion of egg and mix it well with honey until it attains the foamy structure. Apply the mask for minimum twenty minutes. Then wash off with normal water. This mask shall be used once or twice a week to get the results.

  • Yogurt Mask:

Take a bowl of curd,  add to it few drops of fenugreek oil,  a portion of egg white and oil containing vitamin E. Mix the ingredients to form a thick textured paste. Apply it to your breasts and rub it gently for some time. Allow the mask to rest for 30 minutes. Wash it off with cold water.  The mask if applied once a week helps you attain desired results.