Home Remedies for Ant Bites to Treat Naturally

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Many times, ant bites are extremely distressing and create the pain, which continues for some time. Ant bite is the itch creating the pain which is uncontrollable and tough to deal with.

Below you will find the corresponding home remedies:

Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is an excellent home remedy if you have suffered from an ant bite on the skin. Lemon will aid you to decrease the irritation and pain whenever ant bites you. In this home remedy, you only need to squash few lemon pieces and extract the juice from it. After that apply it on the area of skin affected b ant bite, you will find relief soon.


Vinegar is the other home remedy to cure the irritation and pains produced by the ant bites. Use of vinegar will even assist you to decrease the odds of infection probable to be caused by this problem. For this, you must combine the little amount of vinegar in the water and later apply it on the skin area affected to get fast results.


Ice is also a recommended home remedial solution which will decrease the itching and discomfort caused when the ant bites you. Ice will even press the swelling caused, and slowly you will feel better. When you apply ice, you will feel some cooling benefits to your skin.


Honey helps you to offer the soothe aids to your skin in the form of the treatment of ant bites. Honey is necessary to decrease the swelling and itching done by the ant bite. For this, apply few amount of honey on the area of your skin bitten by ant bites and leave it for few minutes, later rinse off. You will observe instant relief after using this home remedy.

Herbal Tea:

Herbal tea is helpful to cure the affected skin region of ant bite easily. Whenever ant bites you, polish wet herbal tea bag on the affected portion of the skin to attain the anticipated result instantly. Herbal tea comprises the anti-oxidant properties inside it; hence it will incredibly help you to decrease the swelling and pain done by the bite of an ant.


Cucumber is one of the easily available vegetables to cure the pain done from the ant bite. When you use cucumber, it will provide you the instantaneous cooling and respite from the frustration and aching done by the bite of an ant. Take a piece of cucumber and polish it mildly on the affected skin region to get relief.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda is considered to relieve you from infection of ant bite in the best way. This home remedy assists to cut down pain and discomfort done by the ant bite, stopping the chance of any taint. You first need to combine some drops of water inside baking soda and later apply the particular paste on the skin region; you will attain quick benefits soon.


Salt is the most easily available home remedy to relieve pain done by ant bite naturally. Applying salt will instantly decrease the swelling done by the ant bite. For this, take some amount of salt and combine the little quantity of water inside it. You must polish this mixture mildly on the affected portions of the skin to get instant relief.


Toothpaste is used to whiten the teeth and remove germs from teeth, but it is also the excellent home remedy for relieving from ant bites. Use of toothpaste will assist you to attain the direct cooling and respite from the ant bite. Apart from relieving, toothpaste also protects the affected area of skin from further swelling. To use it, take some toothpaste on the finger and put it on the affected region of ant bitten skin, then leave it for some time.

Fruit and Vegetable:

Vegetable and fruits juices extracts convey a soothing effect on the affected skin area from ant bites. The acidity present in such juices and extracts can assist you to counteract and heal the swelling as well as itching done by the ant’s formic acid. For these, there are certain fruits and vegetables applied to cure ant bites. If you have any succulents accessible in the kitchen, cut them in half pieces and mildly polish its liquids on the ant bite to lessen the itching and swelling.

Milk Paste:

If you want to calm inflammation from ant bites, you can prepare a paste by combining powdered milk and water in 1:2 ratio. Then add a pinch of salt, put it in your ant bites region to get results. The enzymes comprising in the milk powder has the capability to counteract the ant’s spite. Milk paste is one of the recommended and commonly used home remedies to treat ant bite itching and swelling. This treatment is very effective, so you must not neglect it but should follow it to avail the best results.


Onion is recognized for its medicinal values, and so it is included as a home remedy for ant bites. The anti-inflammatory characteristic of onion can decrease the inflammation and itching done by ant bite. For this, apply a fresh onion slice on the skin region where ant bite is affected to attain a relief from the bulge and inflammation caused by ant bites.

Hot Water:

Hot water is recommended an approach to treating ant bites at home but don’t make the water too hot that you get burned. You can make water hot to the level you can withstand the hotness without screaming. For this, place the affected region under the hot water and get quick results. Initially, you will experience that your itch has increased, however, after several seconds you will sense that the itch has been gradually disappeared. After applying hot water for 30-45 minutes, you will get relief from ant bites. You must not leave the skin under the hot water after several seconds of relief because there is no additional advantage by this. You will find that after few hours, the itch may return. However, you can reprise this treatment. You will observe that every time, your relief will continue for a long time and the effect of itching will be less.


The moment you get affected by ant bite, make use of ammonia to clean the affected area. A conventional produce comprising ammonia is Windex or similar window cleaner items that possess required properties to heal the ant bite. Ammonia will aid you to diminish the corresponding effects of the itching and swelling. Even a touch of ammonia on the region of ant bite will counteract the spite of ant instantly. Practically, this is one of the greatest effective home remedies that people must attempt applying at the comfort of your home in case if you are facing from this skin issue.

Concluding Note:

Ant bite is not a serious health hazard every time, but still, you might get pain if you have not treated it well. Particularly red ant is extremely dangerous in biting, and the red ant bite can let you feel frustrated as well as cause the itching in skin. You can try one of the listed home remedies to get better results as treatment of ant bites.