Home Remedies for Anorexia

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

It is most commonly known as Anorexia Nervosa. It is psychological as well as a life-threatening eating disorder. It means having an extremely lower body weight, as compared to the stature, which includes BMI and it functions as per an individual’s weight and height. This disease initially begins with an extreme loss of weight, followed by unreasonable fear of regaining weight. It distorts the perception of an individual about his/her body weight and self-image. Those who suffer from this disease exemplify a fixation regarding their thin figure and unusual eating disorder. It also leads to lack of appetite and self-starvation. This can turn fatal at times if not taken proper treatment at the right time.

Types of Anorexia:

There are two types of Anorexia:

  • Restrictive: – It fiercely limits the amount of consumed food by the individual. This leads to ingestion of a minimal amount of food, which is far below than their body’s actual caloric requirements. This further becomes a habit, and the individual slowly starves themselves to an extreme level.
  • Purge/Binge: – This will create an urge to purge, whenever the individual starts eating something. This is a result out of having overwhelming feelings, hence creating a guilt feeling in the individual. The individual will have suffering experience while consuming any food. It may give them the sensation of vomiting, having abusing laxatives or conditions after extreme exercising.

Symptoms of Anorexia:

Its symptoms include – chronic dieting, obsession with fat and high-calorie food, ritualistic eating pattern, amenorrhea in women, lethargic or depression state, lanugo development, thinning or loss of hair, isolation from social gatherings.

Home Remedies to Treat Anorexia Naturally at Home

  1. Eating Natural: Completely stop the intake of fast food or unprocessed packaged food products. Keep concentrating on having more raw and fresh fruits. Many fruits and vegetables have tremendous effects in curing Anorexia. These are:
  • Fruits – Citrus fruits like oranges, lime, sour grapes have considerable effects in getting rid of the problem of anorexia. They have the cleansing property and thus help in detoxification of the body. These are also the great appetizers and helps aid in digestion which is one vital reason to get anorexic. Apart from the citrus fruits, apple also boosts the digestion process and contributes to keeping the digestion easy. Fibrous fruits, if taken in good quantity, prove to be an ultimate source to cure anorexia.
  • Vegetables – Among vegetables, beans and leafy vegetables help to keep anorexia at bay. They help in digestion and keeping the body more relaxed. In short, fibrous and healthy diet is a reliable source to cure the condition of anorexia.
  1. Ginger and Garlic: They both are considered as the appetizer stimulators. The method to have them are as follows:
  • Ginger – Finely chop the ginger or crush it properly. Add a pinch of rock salt to it. Consume this mixture around half an hour before every meal. You can also add few drops of lemon and make juice out of it by adding asafoetida and black pepper.
  • Garlic: It is hard to consume garlic as such due to its extremely pungent taste. Therefore, finely chop a garlic clove and boil it in water. Gulp the water after adding lemon and a pinch of rock salt. Drinking it two times a day for a week will start giving you unexpected results.
  1. Massage: Massage helps in lowering the stress and anxiety. They are scientifically proven stress buster. A gentle massage with natural oil can relieve the pressure and make the symptoms of anorexia a lot less. Getting a massage with a trained person can help relaxing the joints and the body. When stress is at bay, you would feel an urge to eat healthy and more.
  2. Yoga: There are certain Yoga postures which are proved to stimulate the appetite. Even the emotional causes of anorexia get slide away if one includes yoga in the daily routine. Positions like crab pose, mountain pose, pigeon pose and goddess pose are extremely helpful in treating not just anorexia but all sorts of eating disorders. Learning yoga from an expert will make a difference in your life.
  3. Meditation: Is there anything prompter than meditation to relax your soul and mind? Well, it is proven scientifically that meditation helps in relieving the stress and combating many health issues out of which anorexia is one. One can practice meditation by sitting, standing or even lying position. But you need to practice hard to concentrate and meditate really. If practicing meditation alone is not working, you can participate in a group or register yourself for a class for the same.