Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Posted on Updated on 16 March, 2017

7 Health Benefits of Olive Oil That You Have Never Known

Olive oils have become a rage these days. They not only rule our kitchens but are also taking over the cosmetic world. When you go shopping, it becomes difficult to choose from the huge range of olive oil varieties available in the oil section.

You can get four types of olive oils on the market:

  1. Virgin olive oil is the most popular variety among them which is used as a cooking oil. It is known for its surprisingly low acid content.
  2. The extra virgin olive oil is the best for our body and therefore, quite expensive.
  3. The pure olive oil is an amalgamation of virgin and refined olive oils and has a high acidic content.
  4. The Lampante oil is typically used as a fuel.

We all know that olive oil has a great impact on our skin and hair. It moisturizes and improves the health of our skin and can be used to improve our hair quality. But, what we might not be aware is that olive oil has many health benefits.

Being the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil is an essential nutritional backbone for the world’s longest-living cultures. Did you ever wonder why people from the Mediterranean region have lower risks of heart disease, blood pressure, and stroke and have longer life expectancies compared with Northern Europeans and North Americans? Believe it or not, olive oil is the secret behind the Mediterranean health.

Here is a list of 7 incredible benefits of olive oil:

  1. Olive oil kills Cancer cells

Olive oil’s phytonutrient- oleocanthal reduces inflammation, which decreases the risk of breast cancer and its recurrence.

  1. Olive Oil Diet Lowers the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Cooking with olive oil promotes a low-fat diet that prevents various diseases including diabetes.

  1. Olive Oil Can Prevent Strokes

According to the researchers in France, it has been proved that older people who consume olive oil in their regular diet are less prone to having stokes.

  1. Olive Oil Keeps Your Heart Young

A diet rich in olive oil and monounsaturated fats improves the arterial function of elderly individuals.

  1. Olive Oil Helps Prevent Osteoporosis

Olive oil supplementation positively affects the thickness of bones, helping prevent Osteoporosis (a disease of decreased bone mass).

  1. Olive Oil May Protect from Depression

Olive oil also contributes to our emotional health benefits. According to Spanish researchers, a diet rich in olive oil may protect us from mental disorders like depression.

  1. Olive Oil Reduces the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Various studies related to Neuroscience have proved that extra virgin olive oil can help decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

The Mediterranean diet is known for its impressive health benefits that help you fight against the metabolic syndrome. Therefore, doctors always recommend a Mediterranean-style diet to all their patients. The main characteristic of this diet is the use of olive oil in regular cooking, daily consumption of vegetables, whole grain cereals, fruits and low-fat dairy products. It also includes weekly consumption of poultry, legumes, fish and a relatively low consumption of red meat.