Health Benefits of Fennel Seeds

Posted on Updated on 16 March, 2017

How Fennel Seeds Create Wonders for Your Body

Fennel seeds, more commonly known as ‘saunf’ in India, are a common household name. It is an old age tradition to have a pinch of ‘saunf’ after a meal. While most might not think too deeply into this tradition, fennel seeds have unexpected health benefits most people are not aware of. Some of the most simplistic health benefits of consuming fennel seeds are;

  1. Antioxidant

Being an antioxidant gives fennel seeds a bag of health benefits on its own. Antioxidants help boost immunity, giving you a stronger and healthier body and immune system.

  1. Dietary Fibre

Consumption of fennel seeds after a meal can significantly help facilitate the digestion process of the body. The way this works is that fennel seeds contain properties that can help fasten the process of breakdown of the food molecules. This aids in the digestion process, in turn giving your body the required energy burst from the food you just consumed.

  1. Prevention of Cancer

The antioxidant properties in fennel seeds help increase growth and repair of damaged cells in the body. If regularly eaten in the required quantity, fennel seeds can play a role in the prevention of growth of cancer cells.

  1. Prevention of Heart Diseases

Due to its innate properties of binding fibers to bile salts, fennel seeds are helpful in preventing the absorption of unnecessary fat and cholesterol into the arteries. This helps avoid the risk of cholesterol and related heart diseases.

  1. Weight Loss

Soaking fennel seeds overnight in a glass of water and consuming that water throughout the day causes weight loss. The way this works is that the fennel seed infused water aids in digestion and also facilitates toxin removal. This greatly helps to remove the excess fat and also increases metabolism, thus aiding in weight loss.

  1. Increased Production of Red Blood Cells

RBC’s or Red Blood Cells are the living, breathing compound of any human body. Fennel seeds contain properties that help increase the production of red blood cells, which help make the body stronger and healthier.

  1. Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

With the growing amount of stress and tension taken by us these days, it is essential to maintain blood pressure and normal heart rate. Fennel seeds contain qualities which help lower blood pressure, keeping it at stable points.

  1. Beauty and Skin Care

Fennel seeds are regularly consumed by beauty conscious women as it is said to help facilitate toxin removal and aid in glowing, healthy skin.

  1. Diuretic

Fennel seed tea acts as a diuretic, which helps in flushing out excess bodily fluids in the form of urine. This serves as a significant toxin removal and helps keep the kidneys and other relating organs in proper working condition.

  1. Reduction of Asthma Symptoms

Fennel seeds are seen to be an excellent cure for asthma, bronchitis and lung and throat related diseases. Fennel seeds help in clearing sinus and congestion.

These are the top ten simplistic health benefits of consuming fennel seeds. It is recommended to consume fennel seeds either after meals or drink fennel tea, or fennel seed soaked water to extract the health benefits of fennel seeds.