Health Benefits of Cloves

Health Benefits of Cloves

Cloves is one of the native Asian spices found and used in countries like India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and even in the parts of East Africa. Cloves are actually indigenous to Indonesia and now is known species used globally in traditional cuisines of Asia.

Before talking about cloves good properties, it is quite better to know a little about it. This aromatic spice was transported in other regions of the world during the era of 13th and 14th century from Indonesia to China, India, East Pakistan (Bangladesh), Persia, Pakistan, Africa and even in Europe. If we talk about today’s market of spices, then it is precisely one of the principal commercial crop of the world and people find it quite costly.

Often it triggers what cloves are, well, cloves are flower buds of a clove tree that is founded in regions of evergreen also called as Syzygium aromaticum. This is used in many forms like the ground, whole, roasts, crushed or in finely powdered form. Cloves is well known for its taste, flavor, and aroma. Which is one of the vital ingredient in Asian foods like curries, beverages, vegetable broth, cookies, loaves of bread, cakes, rice meals and more?

This is like fair enough about cloves introduction, now lets us discuss its health benefits to cure and care many health problems.

Nutrients in Cloves

Adding cloves to food not only adds flavor and aroma but also boost health as are rich in vitamins (A, C, B-6, K, E), minerals (magnesium, manganese, calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, zinc, and phosphorus ) and fiber. It is also nourished in antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Below are some amazing health benefits mentioned of eating cloves:

Blessing for Digestion

Cloves are boons for the healthy bacterias and enzymes that help in the regulation of digestion and its other processes. They are right to decrease the level of gastric irritations, burning and acidic issues, flatulence, nausea and other indigestion problems. Cloves can be consumed in roasted powdered form with honey to improve digestive problems. It not only promotes health in the secretion of gastric mucus but also benefits in the stomach, peptic ulcers.

Cure Cancer

Many health types of research found that healthy compounds in cloves are shields to protect against cancer.  They even cut off the cancer cells with a speedy recovery. Cloves also help in care-cure of other kinds of tumors. (1) Studies showed an impressive outcome that clove oil has a compound known as esophageal that helps in killing almost 80% of the cancer cells. By this testing, it was proven that cloves are inherited with anti-cancer properties.

Medical science is still working to find more health benefits of cloves over severe health issues. Cloves are also useful in curing and controlling lung cancer during its early stages which sounds fantastic. Another study in the same perspective found that cloves and its extracts are highly destructive to breast cancer cells.

The anti-carcinogenic nature of cloves protects the body from the germination of cancer cells, especially lung cancer.

Protects Liver

Cloves are rich in antioxidant properties, and these are actually ideal for curing many health problems and even protects organ failure. It helps in regulating free radicals and other lipids which boost the production of antioxidants in the liver.

It promotes liver health as composed of eugenol which is good for liver functioning, as decreases inflammation and oxidative stress. The dosage of cloves and its extracts is bound to limits as excessive use can lead to GST enzyme fall and makes liver prone to problems.

Controls Diabetes

Cloves are medicated spice that is being used in treating various sickness since ages, one of them is diabetes. Consumption of cloves will boost health to diabetic patients who are triggered with insufficient or no insulin problem. It will affect in normalizing blood sugar of the body.

Many health studies claimed that cloves help in controlling diabetic problem and it happens due to a compound nigericin which takes charge of insulin secretion and maintains the health of insulin-producing cells.

Boon for Bones

The healthy compounds of cloves like flavones, isoflavones, and flavonoids are boons to preserve bone density and other necessary compounds of the bone. It also ensures the decrease in bone stress, tensile that is one of the lead cause of osteoporosis. The rich composition of minerals in cloves provides incredible strength to bones. Cloves its extracts like oil is also being used to cure joint pains and stress in rheumatic arthritis.

Boost Immune System

Cloves are being in use since ancient times when Ayurveda was one lead medications treatment. It is a potent ingredient which is excellent in boosting the immunity. It supports blood cells count, purifies blood and also cure for hypersensitivity of the body. The antibacterial properties of cloves lower and even stops the growth of allergic mycobacteria. It protects the body against unhealthy pathogens that are leading promoter of communicable diseases.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Well, it is already mentioned that cloves are abundant resources in eugenol which are composed of anti-inflammatory properties that actually lowers the risk of inflammation. In fact, many other studies also concluded that eugenol is also potent with painkilling properties that work as the painkiller.

High Level Of Antioxidants

Cloves with antioxidant levels work best to shut off the oxidative stress, which is often lead carriers for chronic health problems. The natural ingredient eugenol is an antioxidant present in cloves.

Good for Oral Health

Cloves is one of the natural remedies to cure and care oral problems, is being used in natural mouth cleaning pastes and powders. Even cloves oil and other extract are good painkillers that relief cavity pain, swelling in gums, foul breath, awful smell of mouth and more. It also helps in moistening of mouth with the secretion of salvia in toothaches problems. Cloves benefits oral issues like gingivitis and oral cancers, ulcers effectively.

Best for Headaches

Cloves and its extracts are excellent painkillers that are best to treat pain including headaches. Using cloves in a hot beverage, or massage with clove oil will relax and relieve headaches. Adding few crushed cloves in milk with rock salt is a quick remedy to reduce a headache. Inhaling clove smell will also lower the stress and pain.

Rich in Aphrodisiac Properties

Cloves are the powerful stimulant ingredient that actually benefits both men and women in raising their sexual drive as it is rich in aphrodisiac levels. It boosts up the sexual potential of humans as even raise the erection strength.

Improve Respiratory Health

Clove oil is especially recommended to treat health issues related to respiration, as other means of consumption as the whole, fine powder or crushed can block the breathing pipes, which can be life-threatening. Clove oil is the smooth remedy to relief bronchitis, asthma, cold, cough and sore throat. Even massage with warm clove oil with enhance respiratory health-related with chest, sinuses and nasal. Guzzling of hot clove beverage will also be useful to cure.

Stress Reliever

Cloves are mood boosters and stress reliever. It reduces the effect of stress hormones and uplifts the mood swings, anxiety and other kinds of depressions. Drinking beverages with clove aroma and flavors work best, and even gentle massage will induce peace to the nerves.

Clove Oil For Skin Health

The antioxidants present in cloves supports skin detoxification process and reduces the production of acne, mucus, rashes, swelling, redness and other itching effects on the skin. Cloves also work in favor of getting youthful skin as radicals, and premature wrinkles will diminish. The anti-inflammatory level of cloves improves skin glow and heals it from beneath the layers of cells. Best way to use cloves for skin is either as oil or in other extracted form.

Prevents Mutation

The anti-mutagenic compounds in cloves fight against mutation that actually changes the genetics of DNA in permanent sequence. This DNA replication can lead to various hereditary disorders that can cause severe errors in genes.

Heals Wounds

Cloves are nurtured with analgesic, antiseptic, antibacterial properties that are boons to cure and heal wounds, cuts, injuries. The anti-inflammatory also supports in reducing the pain and swelling of the injuries.

Cure and Care for Stomach Ulcers

Many types of research done on stomach ulcers investigated that cloves are good sources to cure such chronic problems. Peptic and stomach ulcers on the lining of the esophagus are caused due to infections, stress, and genetics which are painful. Cloves are one of the potent remedies to treat such diseases and also boost the secretion of gastric acid which prevents other harmful acids in digestion.