Health Benefits and Uses of Cumin Seeds

Posted on Updated on 22 November, 2017

Indian spices are well known for not only adding distinctive flavors to the dishes but also for their unique health benefits. The traditional dishes from India have some of the healthiest spices as their primary ingredients. Cumin plays an integral role in many of the conventional preparation of the Indian dishes cuisine. Cumin actually is the tiny seed of greenish brown color that comes from an annual plant belonging to the parsley family. The plant originally came from the Mediterranean region. Typically cumin seed has a striped oblong shape containing nine oil canals and ridges. The seed has tapered ends with tiny stalks, and the whole body is covered with small bristles which are not very visible in naked eyes.

Cumin has a unique bitter taste, but its aromatic oil content makes it a perfect spice for not only Indian dishes but also for delightful North African, Chinese, and Mexican cuisines. Indians use it also as an essential ingredient of the curry powder. The Cumin seeds are usually roasted are lightly fried before use to remove its moisture and enhance the aroma. The seeds are also available as the grounded dry powder.

As mentioned already, cumin seed provides excellent health benefits apart from offering refined tastes and aroma to spicy dishes. This seed is used in culinary for centuries, and it is an excellent source of iron and antioxidants. It also improves the immune system and helps in digestion. Cumin is also good for your skin and helps remove hair loss problem. It possesses about 100 different chemical compounds ranging from vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fatty acids. Cumin has a rich history of medicinal value that is mentioned in ancient literature.

Some of the inherent health benefits of cumin seeds are stated below:

Use of cumin for skin disorders: Cumin can be used as a skin care products. It helps in different skin related problems such as:

Treating the Skin Boils

Skin boils represent the blocking of the pores through which foreign materials and toxic substances are eliminated from the body. When these poisonous substances such as microorganisms accumulate close to the pores of the skin, it results in skin boils. Having dishes containing cumin as spices can help you reduce the chances of occurrence of skin problems including rashes, boils, and pimples. Cumin actually contains bioactive detoxifying compounds such as phosphorus, thymol, and cuminaldehyde which prevents toxic formation inside your body and also aids in the removal of toxins through your excretory systems instead of through boils. Applying grounded cumin seed powder mixed with vinegar on the skin can also help treat them.

Treating Related Skin Problems

The high vitamin E content of cumin helps it to make your skin become healthy and have a nice glow. It also contains essential oil, antifungal and disinfecting agents that aid in protecting your skin from microbial infections. Application of cumin paste topically on different skin rashes including psoriasis, eczema, pimples, or boils can be extraordinarily beneficial and facilitates faster healing. Similarly, application of dry cumin powder can serve the same purpose. The cumin powder can be used along with your face pack as well to remove many skin problems. Cumin adds to the dietary fibers thus aiding in eliminating toxins through excretion and cleaning the digestive tract. This, in turn, helps you to have a healthy and glowing skin.

Anti-Ageing Properties

Cumin also contains the anti-aging property thanks to its high vitamin E content. Vitamin E as a potent antioxidant prevents premature aging and its symptoms. It neutralizes harmful effects of free radicals in your body (come from pollution, stress and unhealthy diets) thus lessen the appearance of skin damages or signs of aging such as age spots, wrinkles, and skin sagging. This potent combination of antimicrobials and antioxidants makes cumin an ideal ingredient to make your skin healthy and glowing even in the old age.

Treating Body Heat and Skin Itching

In case you are troubled by itchiness in the skin and body heat cumin seeds are ideal for you. Just put a few cumin seeds in hot water and bath with the same water after cooling it. You will feel refreshed and relaxed with the itchiness gone.

Treating Burning Sensation on the Skin

If you are suffering from burning sensation on your palms and soles then take one teaspoon of cumin seeds and mix it with 4 liters of clean water. Boil it gently and then have this water throughout the day preferably after the meals. Keeping it lukewarm will give you more benefit, or take it cold.

Making a Face Pack with Cumin Seed Powder

You can make your own healthy and chemical free face pack in the home by mixing cumin and turmeric powder in the 1:3 ratio. Both the powders should be finely grounded. Additionally, you can use honey instead of water to make a face mask that can be peeled off after drying. Honey gives an additional smoothness and soothing feeling to the inflamed tissues. Honey also keeps the spices moist and prevents it to get too much dried.  If you use water, you have to wash it thoroughly after the pack gets drained. The combination works great and is particularly useful to treat skins that are blotchy and acne prone. You can also add yogurt to the mixture and apply jojoba oil on your face after washing off the mask.

Use of cumin for your hair problems: Keeping your hair in good condition requires essential nutrients, and cumin seeds have a whole lot of them to give your hair the perfect replenished look. Some the benefits of cumin seeds to prevent hair damage are:

Treating Problems of Hair Loss

Excessive hair loss can cause thinning of hair and even baldness. Cumin seeds (particularly the black version) can be ideal to prevent excessive hair fall. Mixing cumin oil extract with olive oil and applying on your hair can help in regrowth of your hair. You can use the oil to the bald portion of your scalp as well. Along with the oil massage, consider consuming some cumin seeds for better results.

Having a Long and Shiny Hair

wavy hairs

Cumin seeds are also ideal for long and bright hair. It gives an excellent volume and lustrous look. Prepare a mixture of cumin seeds (about one and a half tablespoon) and water (about three-fourths of a cup) by boiling it. After cooling, the combination at room temperature removes the seeds with the help of a sieve. Add one raw egg yolk to the mixture to form a homogeneous paste and massage it on your scalp along with some olive oil. Keep it applied on your scalp for half an hour and then rinse it off properly. Your hair will have a nice shiny look. Repeat the treatment every alternate week to maintain a healthy hair.

Use as an anti-dandruff: Cumin oil can be used as an anti-dandruff and for aromatherapy because of its great diuretic, antioxidant, carminative, and stimulant properties.

Other potential health benefits: There are countless health benefits of cumin seeds. Some of them are:

Helps Reduce Blood Sugar

Consuming cumin seeds on regular basis can control your blood sugar level and maintain the blood volume. It is excellent for diabetic patients. However, too much cumin seeds can cause your blood sugar level to fall more than necessary. So, monitor your sugar level regularly while taking cumin seeds. It also rich in iron and is useful for patients suffering from anaemia. Use it in your daily cuisines or better take it in the morning with some water (make cumin seed powder after roasting it lightly). You can also make cumin seed water as described above and take them after meals.

Cures Asthma

home remedies to treat asthma

Cumin seeds are good for asthma patients as well. Thymoquinone, a compound present in cumin seeds helps to minimize the process of inflammation (the primary cause of asthma attack) and controls other mediators responsible for asthma. The compound also acts as a bronchodilator, thus helping asthma patients to breathe easy.

Boosting the Immunity and Digestion

Cumin seeds boost your immunity and help you fight against diseases with the help of its antioxidant properties. It also aids in digestion by stimulating enzyme secretion in your stomach. The presence of vitamin C makes it an ideal candidate to help you protect against a frequent cough and cold. It also has antifungal properties. Cumin seeds are useful for other respiratory issues and kidney problems.

Helps to Maintain Proper Menstrual Cycle

Cumin seeds have the unique characteristic of retaining the right menstrual cycle for women of all ages. So if you want to keep your menstrual cycle healthy, then consider having some cumin seeds daily.

Can Prevent Cancer

Cumin seeds contain essential compounds to fight against cancer such as thymol, thymohydroquinone, dithymoquinone, and thymoquinone. These compounds are not only suitable to prevent cancer but can also be used to treat breast and colon cancer.

Boost Your Metabolism

Cumin seeds keep your overall metabolism process in the right order. Cumin helps to keep your body in perfect shape and make you feel energetic.

So, having some cumin seeds daily and using it as spices in your daily cuisine can keep you healthy and sound.