Happy Birthday Quotes for Mom

Mother is the beautiful creation of God and gifted to his loved ones. Mothers love is like a blessing. She is beautiful, talented and is multi-tasking. Whatever position we are today is because of her blessings and upbringing. Every mother requires gratitude on her birth anniversary, sending her birthday message can make her very happy.

Below is a list of birthday messages for Mother:

1. I am pleased and proud to have a mother like you in my life. I am nothing without you. Happy birthday beloved mom.

2. Your beauty increases with the increase in your age. Happy birthday to the most beautiful mom.

3. I cannot share your love with my siblings. I love you from the bottom of my Happy birthday, Mom.

4. On the occasion of your birthday, I pray for your health, may your blessings be always on us. Happy birthday, mom.

5. On your birthday, may all your dreams come true. I promise to give you all happiness in life. Happy birthday, mom.

6. Happy Birthday to the world’s best person, who is kind. May God fill your life with happiness?

7. You are a fantastic person and your love for us is unconditional. You have kept the family united by your behavior. Happy Birthday to you Mom, stay blessed.

8. You are the person who always had faith in me, worked on my weakness and made that my strength. You have ignored my failure, and showed the path of success. You have always been my strength. Happy birthday to world’s best Mom.

9. On the occasion of your birthday, I want to express my love for you. Happy birthday, Love you to the moon and back.

10. On your birthday I am going to do all those things which can bring a smile on your face. Happy Birthday,

11. You have given me so much, even those things which I have not even Thank you for everything. Happy Birthday, Mom.

12. On your special day, may god shower his blessings on you, give you high health, happiness, and prosperity. Happy Birthday,

13. On your birthday I want to fulfill all your dreams and make you happy. Happy birthday,

14. Mom your birthday is significant for me, as it reminds me of all your kindness, love and warmth which you have given me. May you live long. Happy birthday.

15. Whatever I am today, is because of you. I Wish you a happy birthday mom.

16. You are the Pure soul, and all are happy and celebrating your birthday. Stars, moon all are enjoying and celebrating your birthday. Happy Birthday,

17. Your advice has been a source of inspiration to me, you have been a real Thank you for everything Mommy, have a happy birthday.

18. You have been my mentor, my guide who always taught me the right Happy Birthday to you Mom.

19. You are my lifeline, without whom I cannot imagine my life. Happy Birthday, Stay blessed.

20. On your birthday, I want to express my love for the women who have sacrificed all her life for her house, her children. Wishing you a happy birthday as you are indeed the best mom on earth.

21. You always celebrate my birthday with all happiness, You make cake and cookies. I also want to celebrate your birthday same way. Happy birthday, Mom.

22. You are the precious gift that God has gifted me. Happy birthday, Mom, stay blessed.

23. You are like an angel as you have so much warmth in your love. I love you from the bottom of my Happy birthday, Mom.

24. May God fill your life with happiness, peace, prosperity, and wealth. May all your dreams come true.

Happy Birthday Mom

25. I remember my old days when you use to find lost books for me, dressed me for school. Helped me to learn my lesson. I cannot imagine my life without you mom. Happy Birthday to you.

26. You always taught me to be on right path. You always taught me to speak right; you always taught me to be kind and helpful. Happy Birthday to world’s best mom.

27. Whenever I achieve success in life, I always remember your blessings. Happy birthday, mom.

28. Happy Birthday to the extraordinary women of life, e., my mom. Love you so much.

29. You have always been a source of inspiration; you never get fade up,

30. You are always energetic. Thank you for being my mom. Happy Birthday to you Mom.

31. You are the one because of whom I see this beautiful world. I can never pay off your debts. Thank you for everything Ma.  I Wish you happy and blissful Birthday.

32. Happy birthday Mamma, I always pray for your good health, keep smiling always.

33. No matter how far I am from you, you are always in my heart. Happy Birthday to you.

34. Mom, you are darling, thank you for filling my life with all brightness. Happy Birthday to you mommy.

35. Happy Birthday to the most loving, caring, amazing, kind-hearted Love you always.

36. Mom you are world’s best mom, no can be even close to you. I am so lucky to be your daughter. Happy Birthday to you.

37. Your presence is there in my heart; no one can even dare to be close to you. Happy Birthday to the best mom.

38. I always want to thank you for all the qualities you have given me which have made me a right Happy Birthday to the most talented Mom.

39.On your birthday, I always pray for your long and healthy life. Happy Birthday to you Mom.

40. I want to thank you for everything you have given I want to show you gratitude on occasion of your birthday. Happy Birthday to you.

41. Following your advice has always taken me towards the right direction, you have been my guide, my mentor. Happy Birthday,

42. Thanking you would be very small in place for all your efforts. Happy Birthday to the purest soul.

43. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful women I have ever met. Happy Birthday beautiful

44. For me, your birthday is a festival, and I want to enjoy this day with you all my life. Happy Birthday, Mom, stay blessed.

45. I have arranged all your favorite food and decorated the house with your favorite color All I want to see the smile on your birthday. Happy Birthday lovely Mom.

46. You have given me unconditional love, blind support. Now it’s my turn to take care of you. Happy Birthday, Mom, stay blessed.

47. On occasion of your birthday, I promise to keep a smile on your face always. Happy Birthday,

48. I Pray to God to shower his best blessings on you and may your life be full of happiness. Happy Birthday dear Mom.

49. When you open my heart, you could find your image there, love you from the bottom of my heart. Happy Birthday,

50. No one has as much patience as you have, no one has kindness as you. Happy Birthday to best Mom.

51. Wishing you a birthday full of happiness, cheers, fun, and blessings.

52. Your presence has made my life very happy, cheerful, confident and satisfied. Happy Birthday to loving Mom.

53. Happy Birthday to the sweetest mother on this earth. Stay blessed always.

54. I am always thankful to God for blessing me with a mom like you. Have a happy

55. I have been arrogant to you, mom, but still, you have forgotten Thus,  on the occasion of your birthday, I want to make you realize that I love you very much.

56. If I am going to thank you, words would be less. All I want to say is happy birthday Mom.

57. Thank you for all your support, it’s time for me to pay you back and provide you unconditional love and support. Happy Birthday,

58. The Person on whom I can trust blindly, the person with whom I share everything. It’s you, my lovely mom. Happy Birthday to you.

59. I never feel afraid, and I never feel low, because I know you are always there for Happy birthday to world’s best Mom.

60. Thanking you would be very small for you because you are a fantastic Happy Birthday, Mom.

61. You have always protected me from dark, bad atmosphere, lies and all those who were not good for us. You are an inspiration. Happy Birthday to you.

62. You are a pure soul who has never done anything wrong, never hurt anyone. Happy Birthday to the best mother.

63. No matter how rude and arrogant I become, you have never been rude and harsh on me. Happy Birthday,

64. I share all things with you, as you are my best friend also. Happy Birthday to you Mom.


Mom is the best creation of God, and we should always respect our mother. She does all possible ways to make her kids happy and to keep her family is united. She spends her whole life thinking about her family. If we remember her birthday and show her gratitude and send some birthday messages, it is going to make her very happy.

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