Natural Ways to Grow Your Beard Faster

Posted on Updated on 26 May, 2018

Nowadays beard is getting into more fashion, and manly looks, altogether big beards are also very helpful to men in keeping their consciousness high and focused. More long hairs on body keep your sensation high and make you more intelligent in a way. Also, its the natural growing part of the human body which makes a man looks like a man. So, here we are going to tell you some of the natural ways to keep your beard healthy and some trick to grow it fast and better.

Tip 1# Understanding the procedure: Before you act to eat or follow some trick to grow your beard fast you should realize that what is must and beneficial to grow your beard. So let’s talk about the eatery. Protein is the best source which can be very helpful to grow your beard fast. Natural protein like found in fish, nuts, and eggs can grow your beard like crazy and smooth because it has the exact kind of protein which is responsible for the growth of facial hairs.

Tip 2# Taking care of skin: You should also understand that belief will never grow your beard. If you think that trimming or shaving can help you, then it is just nothing more than an idea and will prove you as a stupid if you do so. Let your beard be free and hustle free for some weeks, and you will get a chance to groom it and giving your beard a style. Washing your facial skin with a natural scrub or cleanser can help a lot. It will take out the dead cells and skin will reproduce the new stem cells which are very good for the growth of the massive beard.

Tip 3# Do’s and Don’t: Always remember beard is something grows naturally, you should only use the natural ways to boost the growth of it. We advise that you should never use any chemical inhalers or oils to increase the growth of it which can directly harm your skin and hairs.

So always keep it clean by removing the flaky and dead skin using regular face washes and stuff. Always keep checking if there are any ingrown hairs on your skin which will never let new hairs grow. Rest matters a lot if you want to grow your hairs or muscles of the body, so always take proper rest.

Tip 4# Anxiety reduces the growth of the body and its hairs, so you should be regular to Yoga and Gym or any kind of detoxifying workouts. You can also use biotin capsules which are suitable for the growth of hairs and easily available at the medical pharmacies.

Tip 5# Try to be more vegan which will reduce the level of toxicity in your body and growth of stem cells will take place in the bool which will result in the high circulation of the blood and decrease the blood sludges, which can grow your hair massively.

Now some of the natural diets you which you can follow to be a beardo after you follow the above tricks.

Eucalyptus Oil


It is considered as the best oil for hair growth. This is the primary reason that people use it to grow their beard faster without doing hard. This oil reduces the inflammation in your scalp. Hence, it helps in stimulating hair follicles. Overall, you can say that it creates the compatible environment for hair growth.

How to use: All you have to do is mix few drops of carrier oil (almond oil or olive oil) with two tablespoons of eucalyptus oil. Stir the blend properly before applying on your hair scalp. Later, you can wash it with cold water after waiting for just half an hour.

Lemon and Cinnamon

lemon and cinnamon

Both of these ingredients boost the growth of facial hair and delivers you quick outcomes. Cinnamon is the kitchen ingredient that aids in facilitating your beard growth. Besides, it improves the appearance of your facial hair and makes them thicker, longer, and shiner as well. Whereas, lemon regulates the pH level in your scalp and desolates the factor that restricts the hair growth due to the presence of citric acid in it.

How to use: If you want to experience its benefits and resolve your problem quickly, you need to prepare a thick paste by mixing both the ingredients (one tablespoon of cinnamon powder and juice of a lemon) together. After that, smear this paste on your skin and let it stay there for at least 20 minutes. Then, rinse it with water. You have to follow this remedy for few days on your regular basis.

Indian Gooseberry

indian gooseberry

It is an ideal solution to use Indian gooseberry or “amla” for your beard it. Indian gooseberry actually does proper nourishment and makes your hair follicles function perfectly. It is fully packed with antioxidants and vitamin C. It roots out dirt as well as pesky dandruff from your hair and deals with the issue of hair fall in an excellent manner. As a result, it enhances the growth of beard and provides your beard a stunning shine.

How to use: You should involve gooseberry juice in your diet. In added to, you can massage your skin with gooseberry oil for few minutes and then wash afterward. It should be tried until you notice fruitful consequences.



It has lots of benefits for your beard besides its faster growth just because of antioxidant enzyme catalase. Using onion for beard enhances its volume and provides it along and dense look due to the existence of sulfur content in it. Furthermore, it makes you get rid of thinning and breakage of hair by strengthening them.

How to use: At first, you have to take a fresh onion to extract its juice. You can apply it on your face directly or by mixing with the little amount of honey. Interestingly, you can add few drops of rum in the onion juice to soothe its odor.

Sweet Potatoes


It is listed in the great beard boosters that help in achieving required results shortly. Sweet potatoes contain ample amount of beta-carotene. This component assists in the growth of cells present in the hairs of beard.

How to use: It is the fantastic idea to include sweet potatoes in your salad, or you can prepare a tasty and healthy soup. Additionally, you can extract its juice and consume it on your regular basis that delivers sound results within few days.