What is Greek Yogurt & Its Health Benefits

Posted on Updated on 17 April, 2018

Greek or strained yogurt is a new type of yogurt, which is getting famous in the US and many other countries nowadays. Greek yogurt is much thicker and tastier than ordinary yogurt. Although there isn’t much difference between strained or different types of yogurt, yet its taste is superior to other kinds of yogurt.

Greek yogurt obtained by removing the whey from the yogurt. The whey can remove in many ways, but mostly it is removed with the help of cotton cloth or filter. Once whey separated from the yogurt, it is ready to be served as Greek yogurt. So it’s a more purified form of yogurt without whey.

The health benefits of yogurt are well documented, as it is a good source of calcium and protein. Its primary health benefit is that it contains bacteria that help aid digestion. Provided you stay with the low-fat varieties, it is food that burns fat, as multiple studies have shown that participants lose weight across the whole body, and particularly in the stomach area, when eating 200g of probiotic yogurt a day. If you are trying to lose or control your weight, and who isn’t, add one or two servings of yogurt to your diet each day.

Individually, one type of yogurt has taken on a particular prominence, and that is Greek yogurt. These are the benefits of taking Greek yogurt



As stated earlier, It has substantially more protein than regular yogurt. This additional protein will make you feel full and suppress your appetite longer.Compared to regular yogurt, Greek yogurt is high in protein. Also, it is suitable for lack protein in their diet like as those who are vegetarian; Greek yogurt can be advantageous for them.  As the yogurt undergoes a straining process that sucks out all the water content contained which results in thicker and creamier yogurt texture, makes a cup of Greek yogurt to hold up to three times as much as protein as the regular yogurt.

Lower in Carbohydrates

If you are trying to avoid high carb foods, Greek yogurt will typically have almost half the carbohydrates of regular yogurt. The straining process involved eliminates the sugar content. Hence the yogurt is the best choice when it comes to health as the sugar content is less.

Easier to Digest

Because of these fewer carbohydrates, It is easier to digest. And for people who are lactose intolerant, the lesser lactose content, that is the sugar in dairy products, will cause less digestive issues.

The additional probiotics aid digestion, which means you’ll also have a healthier digestive tract and fewer intestinal problems. Probiotics also help reduce yeast infections, especially in women who are taking antibiotics. And the additional calcium is helpful for building healthy bones.

Greek yogurt has probiotics (some regular yogurts do have) that do an impressive number on the stomach and digestive tract. That tart and tangy taste also mean there’s much less sugar in the Greek version, which happens during the straining process that removes the simple carb-laden milk whey from the fermented dairy product.

Fage, Chobani, and others have more than double the protein of regular yogurt, which makes it an excellent aid in building lean muscle mass. Although Greek and regular yogurt are considered healthy portions of a breakfast plan, there is little doubt that the fat-fighting prowess of Greek yogurt takes the cake in the overall health department.

Yogurt has shown to provide alleviation for some of the below-mentioned conditions.

  • Colon
  • Cancer
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
  • Lactose Intolerance
  • Allergies
  • Certain Types Of Infections

Less Sodium

According to the USDA, Greek yogurt has 50 percent less sodium than regular yogurt but still gives the yogurt lover a full-bodied taste.

All Natural

It’s all natural, with no sugars or high fructose corn syrup added, which means it’s much lower in calories than other yogurts. Greek yogurt is also higher in probiotics and calcium because it is more concentrated.

Aids Weight Loss

Perhaps the best about Greek yogurt is it helps you lose weight faster. Eating yogurt is beneficial for weight loss anyway because it contains calcium and protein. But the concentrations of these two nutrients are even greater in Greek yogurt which helps speed up weight loss.

Any proper nutrition and weight loss program focused on plenty of protein. It’s necessary if you want to increase muscle mass. The building of muscles is essential as it helps in burning of energy for better metabolism. And Greek yogurt contains almost twice as much protein as those sugar-filled yogurts you’ve been eating.


Many have tried their hands on making their own homemade Greek Yogurt face mask.  Using Greek Yogurt with live cultures like acidophilus helps skin look vibrant, healthy and more evident.


Eating yogurt might also enhance and boost your ‘gut’ health that includes the intestines, stomach, and digestive tract. A recent report says that having a healthy gut might be linked directly to mental disorders, including depression and other conditions that might affect a person’s mood.

The walls of the digestive tract that are important for holding bacteria inside the digestive tract without letting it go into the bloodstream. Recent research says that a ‘dripping gut’ or a stomach that is letting out bacteria into the bloodstream, might influence levels of depression in certain individuals.

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Curbing the Appetite

A recent study found that many people are obsessed with food and people in taking reacted differently to thoughts of food in the evening, as opposed to during the daytime.

Muscle Growth

The protein content present in Green Yogurt is one of the leading features yogurt lovers have made the switch. Protein is not just beneficial for a wide range of body processes, but essential for supporting lean body mass. Especially after a workout, Greek Yogurt can also act as a retrieval option to repair and enhance muscle growth.

Bowel Regularity

The bacteria present in yogurt serves as great probiotics. Though our body includes both good and bad bacteria, probiotics (which considered as good bacteria) might balance out the harmful bacteria. Also, studies have proved that probiotics help move food through the gut and aids bowel regularity. Probiotics might treat common conditions related to the digestive tract, including IBD (inflammatory bowel disease).

Bone Growth

bone growth

Greek yogurt also enhances bone support as holds sufficient amount of calcium. In the presence of calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus strengthen teeth and bones. Bone health is valuable in all life stages and is urged especially in growing kids, aging adults, and menopausal women.

Aids Urogenital Health

Like the digestive tract, the urogenital also needs a balanced bacterial environment. Making use of probiotics (1) has been to replace an equalized system for many factors – birth control pills, antibiotics, etc. fixing bacterial balance can prevent and treat various conditions women undergo, including yeast infection, UTI, and bacterial vaginosis.

Both regular yogurt and Greek yogurt are excellent for your health, and if you go with the low-fat varieties, they will undoubtedly be a factor in weight loss. But whether or not Greek yogurt is what you should be eating, it pretty much depends on personal taste.

The Greek yogurt variety has a creamy, smooth and thick consistency. For that reason, it will taste more substantial than yogurt, but for some people, it may be too much. The remarkable point is that both types of yogurt are so right for you. It is essential that you make one of the varieties a staple in your diet. That should be the one you like the best.

Greek yogurt will be an excellent choice if you are trying to avoid high carb foods.