A Complete Guide to Getting Rid of Gnats and Fruit Flies At Home

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018


Gnats and Fruit Flies leads to a lot of harmful diseases and further cause a lot of serious health problems. Fruit flies as the name applies can be easily found in fruit and vegetables. On the other side, Gnats are found in moist soil. Removing Gnats and Flies can be quite annoying, and it has been seen that people use various toxic insecticides to finish them, but this method tends to be very dangerous regarding health. So, I have come up with the complete guide that can help you to avoid Fruit flies and gnats at home.


Honey can play a vital role in getting rid of fruit flies and Gnats. Honey has a delicious smell which potentially attracts the Gnats and Fruit Flies. To start the process, you can follow the tips that are mentioned below:-

  • Take an index card and attached a toothpick to it.
  • On another side of the index card, you can coat it with honey.
  • You can put the card in the soil or the place where the grants and flies are likely to come.
  • Once the card is filled with the flies and grants, you can replace them with a new index card.

Vegetable Oil

The vegetable oil is used dramatically as a home remedy to get rid of Gnats and fruit flies. To start the process, you can take the help of the mentioned steps:-

  • Take around ¼ the cup of vegetable oil and perhaps put it at the edges of the place where Fruit flies and grants are likely to come.
  • It Is recommended to use tape so that it can close the holes.
  • Leave the solution overnight.
  • In the next morning, you will find the Gnats and Fruit flies sticking to the tape that you might have attached.
  • Repeat the above mentioned procedure for a few more days.
  • After a specific interval of time, you will notice that your house is free of flies and Gnants.

Buy the Gnat Trap

This is one of the best as well as the easiest ways to prevent gnats. Buy the trap of gnat. It is designed primarily to get rid of the fungus gnats; it helps to avoid the gnat the moment they come from the soil. You don’t need to depend on the pesticide to get rid of these gnats.

Pour Bleach in the Sink

If you want to keep away the drain flies, then this is the best method to try. Most of the times, pouring the bleach might not be the great idea as the gnats might breed from the drainage system as well. If you are going to try this method, don’t straight away pour the bleach in the sink, it is better to dilute a little with water. Many people found success while trying the method of ammonia to kill the gnats off the drain. Make sure to cover your mouth and eyes while striving these methods as it can harm you as well. Make sure not to mix ammonia and bleach as it can lead to deathly toxic fume.


It is the best method even for so many other problems that works as the homemade technique. If you are going to try this, then you’ll need vinegar of apple, dish soap, a container, sugar as well as water. In the bowl, mix two spoons of vinegar with one spoon of sugar, few soap drops, and 1-liter water. After mixing all the ingredients, place them around the corner where you find most of the gnats. These small insects get attracted its smell, and when they come near to liquid, they’ll be dead instantly. You may also keep several small containers all over your house so that you know that where these insects are coming from.

Products of Fogging

It is one of the efficient ways to get rid of flies and gnats. If there are so many of them with whom you are dealing then fogging is only the better idea. Many fogging products are there which are useful for indoor as well as outdoors; you’ll find them anywhere in the market.

Red Wine

It is similar to vinegar; it is best to attract the flies as well as gnats to the smell of red wine, then as soon as they’ll come in contact with them, they’ll get drown away there only. Alternatively, you can also mix the wine with dish soap from which the flies as well gnats will not fly away. You don’t need to buy the expensive wines as the cheap ones will also do the same work. Put the wine in many small containers, wrap it up with a cloth and make the short holes so that the flies can get into it. If you already know that from where gnats come, then it is better to keep the container there, keep it for the night and see the magic yourself.

Rotten Fruits

Just like vinegar and red wine, keep the rotten fruit in the container, put a cloth or plastic over it, make the holes so that they can get into it and watch how they get trapped into it.

How to identify the fruit flies & gnats?

Despite being so small in size, they can become a headache if they come into the garden or household. It will lead to more problem if they start growing. Most of these flies as gnats are small in size as well as black in color. If the soil which is in your garden is poor, then the gnat or flies are likely to take place from that, and it can also come into the household. Also, another kind of gnat is the dry fly which usually produces in kitchen or bathroom. These reproduce quickly, so it is better to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Gnats are black in color while the fruit flies are little brown in color and has the brown face. It would be challenging to tell the difference unless you see it with the help of a microscope. Some of the other things which you can do to get rid of them is that cover the trash bags, clean the utensils correctly, change the soil which is of poor quality and get rid of the damp areas. Only, you can save yourself from them, so it is better to follow the methods and ingredients mentioned above.