How to Get Six Pack Abs- An Ultimate Guide!

Posted on Updated on 13 April, 2018

When the term physical attraction comes, then it is quite evident that six packs abs get a lot of attention primarily by girls. Moreover, getting six-pack abs is no cake walk, and it requires a lot of dedication and patience. You would be getting a thousand articles about how to get six pack abs, but they are more sought of a trap to ruin your hard earned money. There may be an odd article that would legitimate but barring few of them all a scam. One golden rule about getting six pack abs is that they are mostly made in the kitchen. It means you need to take the right form of nutrition and then the exercises follow. So, let us now move to the foods that can be beneficial in getting six pack abs.

Foods for Getting Six Pack Abs

We are very well aware that getting a six pack abs is a combination of right nutrition and exercise. So, here are the lists of foods that can help you in getting six pack abs.



Eggs are a vital source of protein, and they help in boosting your metabolism and in turn help you to build muscle and lose stubborn belly fat. Every morning take five boiled egg whites to get the desired result.

Boiled Milk

boiled milk

Boiled milk is known to have vitamin D and calcium present in it which can potentially decrease your belly fat and give you instant energy. Every morning drink a glass of boiled milk without cheese to reach your ultimate goal of getting six pack abs.

Green Tea

green tea

The first thing that you should do while waking up takes a cup of green tea. It is known that green tea contains an antioxidant known as catechins which helps in losing belly fat. In a recent survey, it has been known that people who consume Green Tea daily tend to lose more belly fat as compared to a person who doesn’t drink it.

Brown Bread

brown bread

Brown Bread is an ultimate source of protein, and it can profoundly help you in getting six pack abs. They also contain essential fiber that can help in reducing overeating. Take four brown bread in the morning and consume it with egg white.



Oats are considered quite beneficial for the health, and they are rich in fiber and low in calorie. Furthermore, oats are also rich in protein, and it can also assist in regulating the sugar level in the body. It can also help you in avoiding hunger as it keeps your stomach full for many hours.



Chicken is quite a healthy source of obtaining protein, and it can be quite beneficial in getting lean muscles and six-pack abs. It is preferred to eat boiled chicken, and it is recommended to consume it during the afternoon as you would be able to utilize the energy to the full potential and efficiently gain more muscle mass.



Fish are considered one of the best sources of obtaining lean protein, and it can potentially help you in getting six pack abs. Fish are also a rich source of obtaining essential fats that are needed for the body. One more thing about fish is they are available in various types, and thus you would never be bored with the taste.

Protein Shakes

protein shakes

Protein shakes are a source of instant energy, and it can help you in getting a ripped body and six pack abs. Protein shakes contain lean protein and carbohydrates which may be required by your body. A protein shake can further help you in preventing muscle breakdown and further help in boosting the blood circulation into the muscles. A lot of options you can get regarding protein shakes, but it is recommended that you select a shake that has the higher constituent of protein present in it.



Salmon is food that has a significant constituent of protein present in it. Consuming the following food can result in the direct supply of protein in the body. It is recommended to consume salmon in the roasted or the boiled form.

Soya Bean


Soya bean is known as radical food which can potentially help you to get muscle mass and perhaps help you achieve six-pack abs. Soya beans don’t contain any form of fat which can help you in fat loss goals and also give you instant energy that you may require doing the workout.



Lentils prove to be quite beneficial regarding bodybuilding as well as building six pack abs. It is a rich source of protein which can help in slow digestion and does avoid overeating. So, Lentils should be on your list for obtaining six pack abs.



Chickpeas provide a rich source of carbs in the body and hence it should be included in the list of diet for six-pack abs. Chickpeas are also an excellent source of fiber that is necessary for the body. In addition to fiber, it also provides the body with vitamins, proteins, magnesium, potassium, and iron.



This is food that is on the list of every bodybuilder. Beef gives the direct source of protein to the body which can be beneficial for obtaining six pack abs. Furthermore, beef is also an incredible source of vitamin, Iron as well as a coenzyme that might be required for the body. It can also boost your testosterone level as well as be beneficial for your heart.



Yogurt is considered as food that can help you in fat loss goals as well as help you develop ripped six pack abs. It can help you with proper digestion and further relieve bloating and gas that might be formed in the body. It can also act as a delicious post-workout snack as it gives you instant energy.



Berries are beneficial as they help in reducing belly fat. They are quite rich in antioxidants and fiber which can help to avoid hunger as well as improve the blood flow in the body. Furthermore, it can help in an improved workout which can help you in getting the desired result.

Exercises that can help You Get Six Pack Abs

Getting a six pack abs is the dream of everyone but not everyone can achieve it. It requires very intense training combined with an excellent diet. Moreover, the exercises need to be performed in a proper technique and form, and any mistakes in it can hamper your six pack abs goal. So, here are the exercises that can help you achieve six-pack abs.

Cable Crunches

cable crunches

Cable crunches assist in developing the lower as well as upper abdomen. To start off, you would need to attach overhead pulley with the hope. Further, hold the ropes in both the hands and then kneel down. After this, bring the rope close to your forehead and then bend down. Further, keep your back rounded while the muscles crunch when you bring the head close to the knees. Try to hold on this position for few seconds and then further return to the original position slowly.

Hanging Knee Raises

hanging knee raises

Hanging Knee raises is a very exercise which can be quite useful in developing the lower abdomen. To start off, you would need to grasp the chin-up bar with an overhand grip. Further, make sure that you are hanging in a straight with both of your feet together. Then, try to bring close to the best while both the legs are together. Pause at this position for few seconds while keeping your lower abdomen tight. Then, slowly lower down the feet as it was during the starting position.

Exercise Ball Pull In

ball pull in

It is entirely a useful exercise which is used to develop the lower abdomen. To start off, you would need to keep legs on the ball and both the hands on the floor with shoulder distance apart. Further, push the ball back by the help of your feet making a push-up position. While during this, keep your abs contracted. Further, come back to the starting position while contracting your lower abdomen.

Seated Leg Tucks

seated leg tucks

It is a useful exercise that is used for developing the upper as well as lower abdomen. To start off, you would need to sit on the bench in the crosswise position. Further, you need to raise your legs slightly and further lean backward and then bend the knees while contracting your abdomen. Hold on the following position for few seconds and then bring your legs to the starting position.

Reverse Crunches

reverse crunches

This is one of the best and effective exercises to get six-pack abs. To start off, you would need to lie flat on your back. Further, bend the lower leg and then bring the knee close to the chest. Squeeze the abdomen when performing this exercise. After pausing for a couple of seconds, you can release it back to the starting position.

Foods to Avoid for Six Pack Abs

You should be aware that there are certain foods that you should avoid if you wish to get six packs abs. Six pack abs require a lot of proper nutrition as well as intense training. These foods don’t have any calories and add a layer of fat to your body which can be quite a hindrance for you to achieve your desired goal. So, here are the lists of foods that you should avoid for six-pack abs.



Sweets are quite unhealthy for the body, and it can cause a lot of diseases such as diabetes. Apart from this, it should be avoided if your ultimate goal is getting six packs abs. Sweets contain a high proportion of sugar and don’t include any protein or other healthy nutrients. Furthermore, it can significantly increase the blood sugar level which can lead to fat storage.



Alcohol is known to contain a significant amount of carbohydrates, and it has empty calories present in it. Alcohol can further cause a hindrance to the balanced diet which can ultimately result in you not getting six pack abs.

Fatty Foods (Saturated)

fatty foods (saturated)

Fatty foods are not a good source if you wish to get good six packs abs. Fatty foods are categorized into two types such as good fat or bad fat. The bad fats constitute saturated fats, Tran’s fat, etc. You should avoid foods such as pizza, burger, milk, cheese to name a few. From time to time, these foods have a proven record of causing a hindrance in getting a six pack abs.

Processed Foods

Processed foods lack healthy nutrients, and thus they should be avoided under any circumstances. These foods are rich in carbohydrates, fats and artificial ingredients that are indeed very bad and further are not included in the balanced diet. So, avoid foods such as chips, cold drink, and a hot dog if you want to have six-pack abs.

Junk Food

Junk foods are really bad for health, and thus they should be avoided. Junk foods are known to contain a high level of sugar, salt, and fat, and therefore they don’t follow the balanced diet. They are also known to increase the blood sugar level in the body. So, foods such as pizza, coke and ice cream should be avoided.

Peanut Butter

peanut butter

Peanut butter is known to have a lot of health benefit, but at the same time, they contain a high proportion of saturated fat as well. We are well aware that saturated fats are not at all healthy for the body and thus they should be avoided.

Processed Carbohydrates

processed carbohydrates

We are well aware that carbs are good for the health, but not all the carbohydrates provide the rich nutrients. Processed carbohydrates are not known to be healthy, and thus they should be avoided. Processed carbohydrates tend to break down quickly which can potentially lead to weight gain, and hence you stop the intake of foods such as French fries, fruit juice, etc.

White Flour

white flour

The products related to white bread and white flour can make you fat and ultimately result in hampering your goal of getting six pack abs. White flour does not contain nutritional value, and they are further converted into sugar similar to ice cream and cake. So, it is recommended that you avoid eating White Flour if you wish to have toned six-pack abs.



Sausage is the processed food which is quite rich in fats and calories. If you are looking for a toned six pack abs, then you should avoid processed meat such as sausage.

Ice Cream

ice cream cone

Ice cream can help you to cool off, but it is advised to quit it if you wish to attain a six pack abs. Ice cream is known to be quite rich in flavors, artificial sweeteners as well as calories which can certainly make you fat. So, it is advised to avoid so that you can get a good physique as well as six-pack abs.