Foods to Avoid, How to Get Six Pack Abs Fast Naturally

How to Get Six Pack Abs

Toned and flat abs are something that you always wish for. This is also true that everyone wants them. Many people think that exercise is the only way to achieve that six-pack ab, but that is not true at all.

You can do sit-ups and crunches until that cows come home and then you’ll never get that look that you want for your abs. The abdominal muscles of the body need to be near the surface of the skin. This means taking out all the layer of fat over those muscles.

Exercise does help you lose the extra pounds and will also go a long way to making your abdominal muscles strong, but without proper food, you’ll never be able to see the six abs that you have worked upon till now. The old saying “You are what you eat” plays an important role in achieving the six pack abs.

To require six pack abs, a dedicated training with proper nutrition is a must. Not all the foods are equal when it comes to the fat of belly with some causing problems than others. The following list of foods is listed below that you need to avoid if you want to gain killer abs.

Foods to Avoid to Get Six Pack Abs Fast Naturally

Peanut Butter

The butter is high in proteins but also very high in saturated fat. There is no doubt that peanut butter is high in protein, Vitamin B3 and E, folate, magnesium, antioxidants, and arginine. The biggest problem with this product is that it is high in fats.5% of the calories are from the saturated fat, and 35% of them are from the unsaturated fat. Fat is the reason that butter tastes so good, but it is also very unhealthy.

A little peanut butter then and now is fine but it should avoid. If protein is the reason for having peanut better then better look for the fish, skinless chicken, soy, legumes, and egg whites.

Sugar Food

The consumption of sugar and carbohydrates has the strongest association with fat. Remember, the sweeter a food is, the more fattening it will be. Sugar causes fat by creating a spike in the sugar levels in your blood, but if you are accessing too much of sugar, insulin calls on the liver to take up the excess.

Sugar is something that gives you calories without providing vitamins and minerals. You eat any sugar white, brown, powdered, fructose, etc. they all cause fat production in the body, so it is advised to avoid it.

Junk Food

Junk is great in taste, but it is the fact that it provides no nutrition at all as it contains an elevated level of sugar, salt, and fat. The junk foods are not an effective way to fuel the kind of workouts that are essential to tone the muscles. This is because of the increase in blood sugar.

Avoid foods like crackers, chips, cookies, pasta, pizza and ice cream as much as you can. A little of them is fine but having too much of them will make it impossible to achieve the abs.

Dressing of Salad

The dressing makes the things taste good because of the combination of fat and salt which are not suitable for anyone who is working hard to get those muscles. The better solution is to spend on green and fresh vegetables.

If you are on the 1400 calorie diet per day, then you can only eat 36 grams of fat. So, a single serving of the salad dressing can account for more than half of your fat intake daily. If you can’t have salads without dressing on it, then avoid that contain saturated fats and dairy products. Instead, look for the one that includes vinegar, olive oil, and mustard, honey or lemon juice.


Alcohol is another one of those drinks that fall into the category of calories. This isn’t food but a mixture of carbohydrates, sugar, and ethanol. None of the ingredients would help you develop those muscles, but its impact is worse.

Drinking is usually done when you are eating and let’s accept it; many people don’t make the best decisions when they drink. Alcohol is often served on the locations that provide processed food, fried food and sugar and also the hangover that occur as well. In the occasions, go for the wine or other beverage that is low in carbohydrates and sugar.

Dairy Products

Dairy is high in fat even if you think it is opposite. A natural mechanism in the body doesn’t kick in because they can’t count that how many calories are consumed. The body think that it contains only a few calories while it took quite a few.

Things like hormones and antibiotics can change the chemistry of your body and increase the fat rather than burning it. Look for the nut-based milk that is made from cashews and almonds.

So, these were some of the products that you totally need to get rid of to get that killer six pack abs. Now, after mentioning about the products, let’s talk about that how would you get them?

How to Get Six Pack Abs

Getting abs is just not impressive but is also the sign of the strong person. For this, diet and exercise both play the major role, but the main thing is a set of abs that everyone envies. In this guide, follow the points to get that solid six pack abs, a training plan that replaces sit-ups with the healthy core builders and some tips to keep your metabolism firing all day.

New Rules of Getting Abs

Work on the Whole Unit

Abs is not everything. Working on your abdominals, lower back and oblique prevents imbalance and as a bonus will let you lift bigger.

Reduce Stress

The stress hormone increases belly fat, so too much of that means you must be able to achieve visible abs. Reduce it and see the better results.

Train with the Anti-Movements

Core does the best work when resisting the movement; advanced core training focuses on the anti-movements.

Eat Better and Not Less

When talking about food, calories are less important than the quality.

Go for the Standing Up Exercises

Exertion happens when you are lying down, you’ll get used to using the core from all the angles.

How Should You Train Your abs?

Pull Up

People often think that pull up is the exercise for back and biceps and it certainly is. If done correctly, no kipping, no hip hinges and no flailing legs, pull-ups also require the core strength.

Hold a bar with a grip that is wider than the shoulder width. Pull the shoulder down and back, bend the legs across, cross your legs, squeeze your butt and brace the abs. Pull yourself up until the collarbone reaches the bar. Return to the same position.

Sets: 3, Reps without failure and rest 2 minutes between sets.

Medicine Ball Slam

Picking up a ball that has weight requires the posterior chain to fire like in a clean or deadlift. When you get the ball downward, make sure to fire your core hard while hinging at hips.

Gran a light weight ball and hold above your head. Throw the ball downwards at the ground as hard as you can. Be careful and bounce back.

Sets: 3, Reps: 20; rest 1 minute between the sets.

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Barbell Landmine

This exercise works for your entire body. You need to work out the abs a lot to sustain tension out of the weight.

Wedge the one end of a barbell in the corner of two walls or use the landmine attachment. Lift the barbell by the other end and hold it on your chest. Press the barbell from your chest with both hands. Keeping the arms straight, rotate from shoulders to one side, then vice versa. Return to the same position.

Sets: 3, Reps: 10 on each side and rest 2 minutes between the sets.

The Pendulum

This is the most challenging abs exercise that forces your entire core to hold as you move your legs from one side to another and it also hits the oblique.

Lay down on the floor flat and raise your legs until 90-degree bend at hips. Keep your legs straight and perhaps lower them to the right. Return legs to an upright position and then lower to the left. Repeat until all reps are performed.

Sets: 4, Reps: 10 to each side and rest 1 minute between sets.

Focus on your abs to do all the work.

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